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Discussion in 'In Game' started by Lost_Nation, May 17, 2018.

  1. Lost_Nation

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    It would seem that there is still some connection from here to "Old Gaden". A path between these Wildlands and our old home still exists, tethered together perhaps by these dreams.

    When last we gathered together we were able to summon Sera Fiona, Ragnarok, Gertrude, Peter Dhugen, Kallith, Bruisey, Benjamin, and a few others from the lands that we lost.

    If any of our comrades left in the old world can hear these dreams, it would be good to hear your voices. We may be able to guide you across whatever dream bridge still exists to these new lands, we could certainly use the aid and company of our friends in this new place.

  2. Ragnarok

    Ragnarok Adept

    To be fair, I was in Terna so I walked. But yeah I was there when we got Gerty back, so I think day we could anyone back.

  3. Dart

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    Hypothetical question. Is there a way to send someone from Ravensong back to Old garden? You adventurers are lucky to have known two worlds.

  4. Lost_Nation

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    If I have the right of it, any connection that exists to Old Gaden exists only to the exact moment the volcano there erupted. I think to try to travel back would either trap you in that moment, or see you perish in the flames and lava. Dicey at best, deadly at worst.

  5. Dart

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    Now there's a way to go out.
    Thanks for the answers, Baeleon, now I don't have to die like a cat.
  6. Darkcrescent

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    Has anyone been able to confirm any of these yet? I see that Sir Victor and the Gryphon Guard had made their way to Wayside, and have not been able to go to either side. For others, I haven't heard.

  7. Johanna

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    20180921_184010.jpg 20180921_184123.jpg
  8. Dragonblade

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    an interesting poem/riddle, not sure what to make of it, does anyone have any suggestions?
  9. Johanna

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    It was a poem that was left by an adventurer about the travels from old Gaden to New.

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