The search begins


I now believe the junior Huskies have been taken. They have not shown up in a circle so they are at least alive as far as I know. I believe it was the werewolf pack I've been tracking but can't be certain of it. It just as easily could have been Royalists - the colors and symbol of House Husky are likely well known to the Northern Duchy by now and both Ghauld and Lilian proudly wear their tabards. The last anyone saw of them was Ghauld asking Lilian to come help him with something outside the tavern. Then the howling started.

I am spending my time before the next gathering searching for them. Others have pledged their help as well, if you wish to assist please coordinate with either myself or if you can't find me Matron Locke.

Thank you all for any help you are willing to provide.

Zihr of House Husky
Squire to Baron Marciano Gibbs of the Eastern Territories

Confirmed to be helping in the search . . .
Squire Zihr
Squire Bruisey
Matron Locke
Cap'n Bel
First Mate "Tarzan" Faraan
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While I am unable to help you personally search for your missing companions, I too know what it is like to be separated from one's family. If anyone can procure a Seek the Whole ritual scroll I will gladly cast it for you at no cost and supply the components if I can.

I wish you good fortune in locating your companions.



The town box has a seek the whole that I would be happy to donate for this cause.

Zen Mallowbrooks


Beryl, Zen - that is most kind of you both. Thank you. I may be looking for a Vision scroll to assist the search, and possibly a Whispering Winds so they will know we are looking and to not give up hope.

Zihr of House Husky
Squire to Baron Marciano Gibbs of the Eastern Territories


I'm speaking with the adventurers of wayside to see if anyone has a vision or whispering wind from our lands they'd be willing to send.

They're coming home safe and sound. Whoever took them has made a grave mistake. Their captors are going to bleed for what they've done.

-Matron Locke


I am able to acquire some help from the military and we have some of the best scouts around I will have them pick up the trail from where your family was last seen.

Lt Squire Bruisey Foemangler


I have borrowed a horse from Matron Locke and will be joining the search as well. I plan to search the area surrounding the villages that the werewolves were attacking.



I will join the search. If there is any place in particular you want me to search please let me know.


I'll be making a trip to Wayside in less than a fortnight if they're not found by then to bring reinforcements back, but until then I'm going to be searching for information as to their whereabouts with Locke. Everyone remember to take care of yourselves. Tea and food are on the house for everyone who helps with the search this month at my teahouse in Tilmere, and if you need a place to crash I have cots there too.


Squire Zihr,
If you believe the werewolves to be involved, there may be others gone missing along with them. Robert, the farmer who was bitten and who claimed his brother had been taken, contracted two mercenaries to guard him during Saturday's full moon in case he turned. However, when I visited the farm Sunday morning to check on them, all three (the farmer and mercenaries) were gone without a trace.

It is possible that they simply took my coin and left town, but it seems more likely that the farmer joined the pack. It may not be much of a lead, but perhaps a more skilled tracker than I could search the farm for clues as to the werewolves' location or pattern.

--Lady Knight Fiona Brynmare


Lady Knight Fiona -

Robert, Gregor, and ... the other hired guard ... came to visit me before they left for the farmhouse as I was preparing our evening meal. Gregor especially seemed interested in what I knew about werewolves, I even lent him the use of one of my silvered longswords. At the time their interest seemed motivated by their desire to ... well, live through the night I had thought, but now I wonder if they were deceiving me to test my knowledge and were working with or even members of the pack. I hope my faith wasn't misplaced, if they were innocents I pray they got away. It isn't too late for Robert, but it is far FAR too late for those that took my family.

Zihr of House Husky
Squire to Baron Marciano Gibbs of the Eastern Territories


I can lend 3 of my horses and my 4 hourse wagon but I am unsure if I myself can come.



Chicago Staff
Permanent Death come to uds all, you have my condolenvces. Vut keep in mind as long as there iz no body, pile of ash, or other strange goo there is hope. I hope to attend the next market if they hav yet be found, I vill help find them.

If not good bye...