The Wisdom of Luke Sullivan- THE SOLUTION

Tzydl Zhitelava said:
tooo true youthculture!! its tough for a staff when someone says "I'd love to NPC but i can't remember too many spells for casting and i can't swing pipe" and they're thinking...."lets send her out as a rock or a tree" heheheheheheh
No. I would never be cruel enough to send you out as a rock.

Mmmmm.... rock.
"Minimal, minimal, minimal, minimal, ......"

i would ADORE playing something very unimportant like that...or maybe just a woman who has a magic item that someone needs and they have to gamble for it..or something easy like that...heheheh or play a tree or a rock and everyone is trying to kill you or figure out what you are're......just..... a rock heheheheh