Those who wear latex masks (sarr, north fur fx, ect)

Haha I actually got that same spandex hood combo from north fur for my stag-kin and made a hood with antlers.

I'm actually starting to make my own hood and masks on etsy.
that's cool, could you link your etsy please? and if you have one, would be very interested seeing a pic of shedz once he is all done.

I just recently started playing a Sarr and I had a few questions in regards to Lyon Shell Masks and how they interact with glasses.

I would really like to purchase a latex mask but I don't want to invest in one and not be able to use it due my vision restrictions(I can't wear contacts, at all...)

Thank you in advance for replies.


I've never seen anyone able to wear a full-face prosthetic and wear glasses. That particular mask style will change the contours of your nose and cheeks, which will probably make it extremely difficult for your glasses to sit on your face properly.

Of the people I know who require vision correction, they all wear contacts with masks and switch to makeup if they use their glasses.


Oregon Staff
I wear the NorthFur wolf snout with glasses. For the most part, I am good. Usually I will switch to my sport goggles though. They sit better overall.