[.11] Timeline for Magic Item Conversion?


Muir, that's why you incentivize them to retire those characters. Just gotta figure out what they want or need to make that leap. Every player and/or character has a something. Whether they'll admit it to themselves or not. ;)


Level-BP per Blanket
1-2 5
3-4 4
5-6 3
7-8 2
9-10 1
Every 5 levels after 10th, BP per Blanket goes down by 0.1 to a minimum of 0.2.
11-15 0.9
16-20 0.8
21-25 0.7
26-30 0.6
31-35 0.5
36-40 0.4
41-45 0.3
46+ 0.2

At level 52, I currently get approximately 0.35 Build per blanket. Going from 0.35 to 0.2 per blanket makes me sad.


Muir, that's why you incentivize them to retire those characters. Just gotta figure out what they want or need to make that leap. Every player and/or character has a something. Whether they'll admit it to themselves or not. ;)

However, I would totally support a cap. Hell, I would even be willing to cut my character down to the cap.

I much prefer hard caps to soft caps. Soft caps feel like penalties for succeeding, but a hard cap provides a top level of power that is equally applied. Also, as a power gamer, the constraint offers a challenge for optimizing a build without throwing in the (again, penalizing) increasing cost of something due to an attempt to soft cap the thing.


Alliance Logistics
Alliance Owner
Man you're in a national staff position. This kind of negatively doesn't help the game. A lot of players have given feedback about worries about building their character wrong. Including @Auric, if you think the owners haven't heard that you're wrong. There's a proposal up for voting right now to assist with it, as is further discussion taking place about how to further alleviate this fear.

Just pointing out what needs to be said. We (including this national staff member) don't know that a proposal is up for discussion (and how would know that).
So the better response would be, David thank you for bringing it up. We as owners have acknowledged that it can be an issue and are looking into it. Hopefully we can come to an agreement that can make all parties satisfied. Feel free to bring up any other issues that you might spot as we might have missed it.

Something kind of like that. We, the player base would love a response like that from an owner


Thank you Auric for posting the conversion table! Now..maybe we split this conversation? One to discuss new build rates and build cap and another to address the first question of magic item conversion.


All I can say is ARC and the owners are working hard on the conversion information but we want to wait until we are sure its ready for release we do not want to see folks work hard at conversion math just for the final variation to be something different. OR worse for folks to get in it with local logistics teams because there is confusion to which packet or rules are being followed.


Hiya folks,

I'm happy to share the basic idea. I don't want to put out specifics until the Owners have formally adopted changes from the current Playtest round, since until then things are still potentially in flux and I'd rather not go through several rounds of explaining, answering questions, and having people work on various conversions for their characters only to throw it all out the window and start over if the Owners make significant changes after the Playtest round.

Here's the outline of what's currently set up: (a) take an existing Magic Item with its existing extender, (b) calculate how many "Ritual Points" you get from rituals that are disappearing/changing based on their difficulty and Reagent cost, (c) spend those "Ritual Points" on Rituals to replace the ones that are disappearing/changing, (d) calculate the new duration based on how many months are left in the item's duration at the time of changeover. Rituals that aren't changing (say, Endure Elements) stay as they are today. Physreps (with some exceptions as per below) should also stay as they are today.

If you want to drop a Permanence down to a Preserve you can do so to avoid the Spirit Lock.

If your rep needs to change to fit the character (for example, you had a Sword but are dropping One-Handed Edged), you can change the physrep to a new one of the appropriate type. If you have enough Ritual Points that you end up with more than 20 Rits on the same item, the "overflow" points can go to a new item (as a new batch, so you need to buy a new extender out of the Ritual Points if you want it to last more than 1 year).

Catalyst and NPC Only Rituals cannot be purchased with Ritual Points.

I hope to put out a spreadsheet once things are final to help people figure out how this all works. The initial Logistics changeover will be a pain, but that's primarly a one-time thing.

Because it's a point-based system, if you purchase something for a 1.3 game, you'll likely get roughly equal value out of it when it converts in 2.0. Low difficulty and low Reagent cost will not give many Ritual Points; high difficulty and high Reagent cost will give more Ritual Points.

Hope that answers your questions!

-Bryan Gregory


@Polare Thanks for the over view. One quick clarification. If we have an item with 2 perms on it. Can we get points for the 2nd Perm? Do we have the option of using the 2nd perm as an extender on an overflowed item?


Thanks Brian!