Undead and Gifts of Life and Death


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You can find the Ritual Scroll text here: https://alliancelarp.com/forum/pages/rituals/

Within, Reverse Life Force has the following passage:
No Metabolism gives immunity to sleep, poison, waylay, wither, disease, and drain.

I would like to point out that since this is stating that these spells are no effect an undead who was hit by a Purify can NOT take a Drain to get out of it. As well a Wither won't restore a limb. Yet the rulebook contradicts it...hummmmm
In this particular case, my guess is the specific application mentioned in those effects override the general immunity a lack of metabolism provides, particularly since those effects specify their altered effect on Undead, but Constructs and Elementals also lack metabolism and have no such mention.

At risk of sounding condescending, it's a fairly common thing in games for the specific to trump the general in cases like this, and I expect that to be the case here.


The ritual only reverses Curing spells (the text specifies that word), not all Healing spells.

Purify would work normally on a living creature under the effects of a RLF.