Walking though the forest

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Rohnan left the blacksmiths and headed down a winding path in the forest. She gad a lot she needed to process.
Cato follows Rohnan into the forest calling to his student/friend. "Rohnan I'm here for you if you need it. If not I'll just walk with you."
Jinn slowly follows behind, not making much noise.
Rohnan waved her hand back to show that she heard but didn’t want to turn around and talk just yet and continued to climb her way through the forest. No place in particular in mind. It wasn’t much different than the same walk though the forest that Calan did after Phasos’ death.

When she finally did stop it was in a small clearing and she let out a scream that turned into a sob. Rohnan looked around for something to sit on and found a rock. She pulled out the letter and smoothed it out. She sat there rereading it, trying to analyze the words and to make sense of what it said.
"Does that letter mean anything to you at all?" Jinn asks quietly, as he approaches Rohnan and sits beside her.
Rohnan looked up half surprised to see that Jinn had followed her out here. “No, and that’s what makes it worse. It’s nothing bad, it’s good and happy stuff. But it just means nothing and I feel like it should.” Rohnan sighed knowing that she was explaining poorly.

“Its what that Sylvanborn said. Romilda? She knew my name. It’s a bit complicated but my dad changed my name after my mom left. Any very few people would know my original name, even less would use it enough so that they would have a nickname for it. either she’s authentic or one hell of a spy. And if she’s authentic that means that this letter is too and....” she swallowed hard trying not to cry. “And it means that my memory loss, it’s worse than I thought. And I am a horrible person”
"Your memory loss wasn't your fault, it was done to you. We always say magic is weird, and that's what caused all this. There is no way you could be a horrible person when it is this far out of your control. But you recognize your old name and that's something. This makes me believe that this Romilda is who she says she is, and that could be a good thing. She might be able to help you remember things, to unlock things stuck within your mind. From what I've gathered between you and Calan is that it was the more important memories that were taken first. So I have to assume that what's in that letter is some pretty heavy stuff. It has to be alot to take in, but it could be for the better."
“My memory loss might not be my fault, but how I handle it is.” She folded up the letter neatly and tucked it into a pocket. And sat quietly for a minute or so as she digested everything. “What has been the longest stretch of time it’s been between visits with your children?” She asked.
Jinn expression grew sad. "It was over 5 years, when I finaly returned home to the north two winters ago. But my daughter is a grown woman now, looks older than I do."

He pauses for a moment.

"You nor returning doesn't make you a terrible person, you didn't know. There was know way you could have. Whatever stole your memory obviously did take the most important ones first, there is nothing you could have done about this. You returned a different person and got caught up in saving the world. You never mentioned having kids before, so none of us even knew."
Rohnan nodded her head. “From the date it doesn’t look like I’ve been away for all too long, maybe not much more than a year. They were just expecting me home this past winter. Even then they don’t seem mad.” She thought again. “I just feel so guilty. Like I should have known even if there was no way for me too. Like instinct or something. I know it’s stupid.”
"Just over a year makes sense, I first met you over last winter. Well luckily they don't seem upset, maybe it was in your nature to wander and get lost like it is in mine."

Jinn reaches over and places a hand on her shoulder.

"You need to remember this isn't your fault. Instinct is born from our experiences, and if you can't remember them, you may as well have never had them. Our entire personality and who we are is created by what we've lived through. That's why you and Calan have been acting differently, because at your core, who you were has changed because of false memories. But you have a family, a tribe, and friends that are here by your side ready to do what it takes to restore those memories and who you truly are."
“I know that it’s not my fault, logically, I just can’t help but feel like I’ve let them down or abandoned them. Nothing else to really do about it right now though. Maybe just talk to this Romilda. It’ll be weird though, learning about my self from someone else.” She gave a half smile.

“Thank you though, the both of you. I- it’s good to know that I can depend on you guys.”
"That could be a good feeling, for how awful it feels. If it makes you feel this strongly then deep down the old you is still there. Perhaps talking to Romilda will spark something, or perhaps it could just ease your mind. We will stay with you until you feel like leaving the forest."
“I still am me. Not everything was taken, just the things that I wish I could forget. The deaths of loved ones, getting my heart broken, things that I just wasn’t sure were mine when so much else was mixed in. Other things I’m still not sure about, but they also just happened so long ago.... a part of me was ready to start to move on, start fresh. But now, knowing that I have this family out there, It feels wrong.” She sighed “I don’t know, I’ll need to think on it.”

She looked around the little clearing, “Ummm, were you guys paying attention to which way we were going when we came out here? Because I’m definitely lost.”
Jinn chuckles and sticks a pointer finger into his mouth, and then holds it high up in the air.

"Luckily I know this forest like the back of my hand. The Lux is this way." He says, and start walking towards the lux.
“I wonder how well he actually knows the back of his hand,” she joked to Cato as she got up off the rock. “Thanks for being here for me. It really means a lot.” She said and started after Jinn before he got too far ahead.
"I heard that" Jinn says as he steps over a fallen tree. "I could tell the back of my hand from anyone else's, that's how well I know them!"
Cato joined Rohnan walking back. "Of course I'm here for you. We may not have always been close but I feel that the last while I've grown to be able to trust you. "
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