Walking though the forest

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Rohnan smiled at Cato, “I’m glad to have earned your trust. It means a lot to me.”
Emerging from the forest Jinn looks around and nods.

"Exactly where I thought we would come out. See, like the back of my hand" he says with a sly smile. "Well I'm off to the tavern. I'll be around if you need me for anything."
A familiar figure in a hooded cloak observes the returning group from across the commons, and unhurriedly moves to intercept Cato as he arrives home.

"Cato." Evo pulls his hood back. "Let's catch up." He looks to the door of Cato's house, and the ward upon it. "May I come in?"
The two enter, and the door closes. (moved to PM)
Rohnan leaves the forest to see Cato go into the house with Evo and Jinn walk off to the tavern. “Well, damn” she thought to herself. And went to go sit outside the house. She wasn’t ready to face Romilda again just yet.
Evo leaves, looking tired, and wanders off in the direction of his own home.
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