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    Pre-reg for June 29 event

    Can we reserve Phoenix for David Van Ness, Emily Van Ness, Kelly Allard, and Dustin Crewell?
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    Pre-reg for June 29 event

    David Van Ness to PC Amiithis - payment being sent tonight
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    Season Opener May 5-7 Registration Page

    My payment was sent 04/28 - receipt available on request. Paul's should also have been receivedthat day or earlier.
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    Memorial Day weekend favorites!!

    "Go screw yourself, Lorth!" "Are you Lorth?" Figuring out Dengin's complicated family tree. Totally an elf. Getting a chance to hang out with other useful MWES in the shape of Taryn and Nova. Rp with Gilwing and Auric. No, we're still not singing, but I have your list, Auric. Realizing that...
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    All Adventurers

    Welcome to Fury Falls, You may call me Althea. No, I’m not the official welcome wagon for this town, nor anyone the town realizes is important just yet. None of you have met me, though a few of you have heard of me in passing, and many of you know my lunatic of a father. I do hope you enjoy...
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    September Favorites

    You have 'em, we want 'em
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    August Favorites

    I had a great, if weird time playing Amiithis for the first time. It took me a few days to digest everything. Coming into game to deliver a letter, then proceeding to make V awkwardly uncomfortable for most of the rest of the weekend. THEN the wonderful earnest conversation that took like...
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    Great announcement to all those who are interested!

    Oh, I will find you, if for no other reason to find out about this guild. --Amiithis
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    Great announcement to all those who are interested!

    A guild... for merriment? That anyone can go to? I think I need to see this to believe it. --Amiithis
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    A call to adventurers to Geistbadden!

    Well, I know where to go now. This is good. I will try to help the trades people in the area when I get there. I also have a letter supposed to deliver to Vaer'lux of Lordaq, so that's two birds with one stone. --Amiithis
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    In regards to the Apsuudi

    Tvard, Rest assured, Blissful Rest will not keep a Dream away, or at least I've never witnessed one to do so. Perhaps it would do so to one lesser than myself or Chloe, but I have cast that particular ritual in the past so take from that what you will. Dr. Crassirostris, Perhaps if you are...
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    Like Mist Through My Fingers (AGB Opener Teaser)

    A new problem has crept into town from the coast - hundreds of will'o'wisps have been seen in the forests not far from town and Deadwalk has seemed inundated with drowned corpses. Farmers are terrified and all forms of tradesmen are abandoning the area in droves. Can the local and foreign...
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    New player

    Umm... I'm going to vote a big huge no on goose-poop-water bathing That said, headware would be Renn Faire hats and wrappings, things like that. Plain black winter hats in cold weather are good, but avoid logos. David (AGM)
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    Dec 12-14 Favorites

    I had a great time this weekend all around! Makeshift team... representatives from 4 or 5 different lands, 3 or 4 teams, and not a lot in common worked out pretty well. The first party Alor stayed sober for in... well... ever. Vitamin E shenanigans Definitions of the word "misbehaving" "Do it...
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    The Call

    Baroness, Thank you for your offer of hospitality. If the mists allow, my partner and I would be pleased to accept such a gracious invitation and lend what aid we may. Alorien Vymereth of Ikar