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    Enhance source

    “Note that a Staff still cannot be used to evoke Channeling Pool charges without appropriate High Magic.” 1) Lets say someone uses Celestial High Magic for Oak of the Archmage to channel flame through a staff. Lets also assume that the staff has an Enhance Source ritual, for the aspect of...
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    Spell crafting and reagents

    Lets say someone prepares to spellcraft ritual X at logistics. The rulebook states that the reagents and scroll are turned in, but that the scroll (and maybe reagents?) are needed at time of casting. Lets also say they never cast the spellcraft. What happens to the reagents? Does the...
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    Items that are valid ritual targets

    Are the following valid targets for a ritual or spellcrafting? 1) A spellbook (regardless of aspect). E.g. quicken meditation or recharge prowess might be nice. 2) A different ritual scroll. E.g. circle lock on a guild’s spellcrafting scroll. 3) The same ritual scroll. E.g. spellcrafting a...
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    Dragon stamps Q&A

    Question: lets say I cast a ritual in game. Can I then spend dragon stamps to put a preserve duration on it, before the next event? (Or before the event that I cast the ritual?) Or is the intent that purchasing preserve duration with dragon stamps is only to extend other simultaneous dragon...
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    Considering travelling for Nov 15-17 gathering

    Thanks all, but airline prices just jumped :( So unless they drop again, I'll hold off until a spring event. Do you have many 3-day events? I'm planning to come to nationals regardless. Patrick
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    Game abilities and prison

    “Magic items in your possession can be used when bound or otherwise incapacitated so long as you are able to speak. Obviously, they cannot be used when Silenced, gagged, or otherwise unable to speak (such as when under the effects of a Prison or Paralysis).” (P. 114). 0) The above applies...
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    Considering travelling for Nov 15-17 gathering

    Great thanks! Any volunteers to pick up and drop off a traveller from the airport, probably Midway? I’m looking at flights which arrive at Midway at 6:20pm (or 9:10pm) Friday 11/15 and departs Sunday at 5:50pm or 8:50am. Patrick
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    Considering travelling for Nov 15-17 gathering

    Hi, I recently moved to Omaha and used to play in the northeast chapters. I’m now pretty much in the middle of the Kansas, Denver, Minnesota, and Chicago chapters, and am slowly checking out each. I might be able to join you all for the November 15-17 gathering, but have some questions: -...
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    More ritual questions

    “Ritual marshal reviews the casters’ player cards to note how many levels of the appropriate school of Formal Magic they possess. Note that a Ritual Caster may choose to not use all of their Ritual Levels when casting if they so desire” p. 166 1. Is zero a valid number of levels to choose...
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    Formal link

    “If using secondary casters to aid in the Ritual, add one to the number of caster formal levels for each valid secondary caster participating” p. 166. Is this text supposed to refer to formal link, i.e. that additional levels (plural) may be added through formal link? Or can each additional...
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    Spirit recall and High magic

    “Unless otherwise specified, High Magic effects target a character’s Body and will always be on the body part containing the spirit if parts of the body are separated.” P. 148 Do I understand correctly that envoking a spirit recall (whether having it spellecrafted or cast as a ritual) will not...
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    Spell store

    Please share the ritual text. (It is not on the ritual list and some newer players just found spell store items).
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    Weapon swings

    I am very confused by number two in the following: I think I understand weaoponstrike, spellstrike, and elementalstrike. But I thought that anything with a standard weapon swing would have to have a damage numer attached...
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    Seeking staff phys rep to borrow

    Okay, thanks! I’ve submitted a request to join the Facebook - thanks Trace.
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    Seeking staff phys rep to borrow

    Thanks Ken! But just to verify: is there a difference between a staff and a stave? Google says no.