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    Platinum legal currency

    Hmm... Maybe it was Crossroads or New Jersey. (But Ashbury was my main place). I do remember that platinums came out not much before I moved away. FYI the two on the left are indeed two sides of the same style of coin, as are the two on the right. So its really just two types of platinums.
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    Platinum legal currency

    They were from Ashbury and maybe Gettysburg.
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    Platinum legal currency

    Hi, I moved a few times and was away from Alliance for a few years. Are the attached still legal platinum coins? One was rejected in a recent game... Patrick
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    March 2020 Season Opener Favorite Moments!

    Very fun event! It was great seeing everyone and playing with y'all. Though it is odd that the same weekend that I cast my first (celestial) ritual is the weekend that my character became friends with a biata... I actually liked that the event was more laid back. More time for role-playing...
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    Important March Tavern Information!

    2 bottles elvish wine (alcohol free wine), from Swifteagle.
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    How do in-between game actions work in Kansas? When are they due, how does one submit them, and what type of response should be expected? I’m having trouble finding info on them, but I’m sure its around somewhere. Thanks, Patrick
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    Wine labels

    Very cool! Any chance someone can upload the computer file that the label was created from?
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    Feb Event Canceled due to weather

    P.S: With the snow, is anyone changing plans to skiing this weekend (cross country or downhill), that I can tag along with? Looking for a way to save my flight money... Patrick / Swifteagle
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    Feb Event Canceled due to weather

    Hi Jesse, Thanks for being proactive and letting us know. Just for future reference, for travelers booking flights, how often do winter games get cancelled? I assume this is a fluke, but just wanted to know for future reference. Thanks for putting on such a great game that I want to fly to...
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    Wine labels

    Hi everyone, I'd like to make a label for a bottle of fake wine. Does anyone have some examples to share? Either typed in script on a computer (share the file?) or handwritten in an easy way? It would be great if its elvish wine... Patrick
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    Let's Build a Village at Nationals!

    Something appropriate to Alliance LARP... I Ideally something for elves. And ideally something with a “porch” overhang for sun/rain protection when meeting guests outside.
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    Let's Build a Village at Nationals!

    I’ve been wanting to get in-period tent, and this would be good timing. Any suggestions?
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    Relic suggestions, to buy, for an elf

    Hi, I’m looking tor something to buy and use as an earth source, for an elf. I’m planning to turn it into a magic item, so I really want it to look good and add to my costuming. Looking on Etsy but having trouble finding something the right size and style. Please let me know what you’ve used...
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    Elvish camp

    Hi all, I am looking for ideas for an elvish camp, with one or more tents (maybe at nationals?). I’m picturing something in the woods, maybe with magical lights, exotic tents, and fake leaf canopies. If anybody has done something remotely like this in the past, I’d love to see some pictures!
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    Dragon stamps Q&A

    Got it, thanks