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    April event pre-registration

    PCing Ezri! :)
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    New Players' Questions!

    Hi Bobbie! It's really close to the event but plot would love to work with you on this. Can you shoot us a message at Also, anybody else in the group that's got character ideas please reach out to us so we can get everyone situated. We'll be running a new player mod...
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    New Players' Questions!

    Hey All! Thanks Heidi and Joe for jumping in with some info! Our new player contact is Bobby Stoel - AKA Hal Bluewater. Find him in game - he's a real cool guy and he likes doing his job. :) He'll be able to show you around where everything is (both IG and OOG) and get you situated. You're...
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    Harvest Ball

    People of Icenia and Welcome Visitors, These last two years have been exceeding difficult, and we have all felt the strain. So I am glad to finally be able to share with you some good news. Thanks to the efforts of the Order of the Foundation, largely coordinated by Sir Grim, we do, in fact...
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    Plot Request

    Hey Everyone, There's going to be some plot happening this event that we'd like to pull some PCs into, but it's pretty intense. We need about half a dozen people. If you're willing to have your character be a part of some heavy, potentially very emotional RP, please let me know. Thanks, Mich
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    2017 Schedule

    No tournament, but the October event will have a ball.
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    NPC Camp Donations Needed

    Hi Everyone, It's July in Montrose, so no matter what the weather reports say, we can be pretty sure at least part of the event is going to be hot and humid. With that in mind, we are requesting the following donations for NPC camp: Bottled Water (no brainer, I'd imagine) Gatorade/Powerade or...
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    October Ball

    Hey Everyone! Just an OOG head's up that October's closing event will include a formal Ball on Saturday night. In-game information will be coming in the near future, but we wanted to give everyone a heads up as we know that making/acquiring costuming for such things takes time. Hope to see...
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    Ash Forest

    Some say that when you dream of the dead they can hear you. I don't know if it's true or not. But it's worth a try. Kailani... You did it. You set in motion an avalanche that could not be stopped even after you left us. You sacrificed yourself to save people... Not just the forest, but as...
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    Gift of the Land?

    Until anything new is out though, the existing list is still usable.
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    !!Alliance HQ Staff AMA!!

    Uploaded above!
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    !!Alliance HQ Staff AMA!!

    Coming soon. Barring any tech issues, I know it was set to render this morning. Stay tuned!
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    !!Alliance HQ Staff AMA!!

    Hey all! Thanks to those who joined us last night. We answered most (I think all?) Of the questions here, and some follow ups from the live chat. A huge thanks to Buddy for handling the tech end of the stream and moderating all the chat. The stream was recorded and will be available soon.
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    2017 Opener Announcements

    Hey Everyone! Just a few things to note for our opening event! 1. Opening Ceremonies will be at 10pm in the Tavern. There are a LOT of things to cover, including some rules, plot effects and new policies, so if you are at all on site, please be there. Logistics will not open until after...
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    April Ashbury event pre-reg

    I'm glad it's not just me that for some reason can't add a note to PayPal. I was starting to feel dumb.