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    Show off your costumes

    My Dwarf Artisan, Lena. No lady is complete without some jewels!
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    SoMN 2015 Schedule Dates!

    Aww. Doug and I will not be able to attend the September event with the schedule change. No tavern dwarves this month. :(
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    August 2015 Menu

    Hello! See below for the August 2015 SoMN game menu. Please contact me if you have concerns about the meals not suiting your dietary needs. Please note, there is no separate vegetarian option this time... because the dinner is inherently veggie friendly! If you have not filled out the survey...
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    Coming Soon: The Roost!

    Poster at the Bird's Nest and in nearby towns. The Bird's Nest will be opening a new, private dining area for rent starting immediately. The Roost will have seating for 6, across 2 tables. The price is 2 gold per person if rented all day, or 8 silver per person if only rented for a four hour...
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    July 2015 Menu

    Hello! See below for the July 2015 SoMN game menu. Please contact me if you have concerns about the meals not suiting your dietary needs, or if you would like to register for the vegetarian meals (please specify for breakfast and/or dinner) and are not listed on your survey as a vegetarian...
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    Help Wanted

    ((A rough 'Help Wanted' board is posted in the Bird's Nest. Several notices are nailed to it.)) The Bird's Nest is looking to hire an artist for several signs. Please contact Lena upstairs for boards, paint, and other materials. Payment will be made in food. Ward needed. Contact Ole for...
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    Food allergy and restriction survey

    Hello! Dee and I are starting to put together a menu for the July game. Please fill out the following survey so that we can get a good idea of what our restrictions are. Even if you will not be at this game, please fill it out so we have you on file!
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    National Event 2014 Favorites!

    In order of my scattered brain pulling things up (mostly from newest to oldest...): Todgeshenk! That was an epic, magic-heavy, high intensity fight, and I loved seeing the PCs victorious chanting after killing the Primarch. Farville Castle Tower, Tea Time, and getting to dress up as a 'young'...
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    What do you sleep in?

    When I bring pajamas, it is generally a long off-white thick spun linen dress with black trim
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    So here is a fun question

    From above linked thread (Note, this is not an ARC ruling, just someones experience)):
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    So here is a fun question

    Here is the discussion on Tonfas. There were two reasons I remember people saying no. One doesn't apply to your weapon (punching), the other was about a cross-section of PVC/kitespar. The answer was fairly resoundingly no.
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    National Event Preregistration is open!

    Hmm... Dee and I sent in pre-reg weeks ago...
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    April 2014 Favorites!

    This was a very fun, and remarkable cleaner fought game! Undead Troll attack - because claws make great back massage tools. Sever the Weave ritual. Ryan's roleplay for ritual casting is always AMAZING, and everyone involved was very involved. Final node/anchor mod - fight was very nicely...
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    Christmas Party with Larp Gift exchange - December 14th

    Doug and I will be dropping by, though we won't be there right away because of the Hobbit!
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    Show off your costumes

    Here is my husky-kyn. First picture is with an older mask, second is with my new mask.