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    APG: Alliance Players Guide Beta Feedback

    I am not okay with the sexist and immersion breaking presentation of the Sample Module in the Players Guide p.90-96. As others have pointed out the fact that we have to "excuse" the use of sexist tropes in the name of satire means that already recognize that we should not be doing it. The...
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    < level 5 Fighters and Mettle

    @Kinen Keep in mind you CAN simply fall over when you are at 3 Body as if they took you out. I mean you could take a 2 Normal while you have full body and fall over and play dead. Some creatures have First Aid and might investigate, others might just pick you up and drag you to the rest of...
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    [.11] Riposte Triggers

    So after reviewing the skills it became clear that whole Riposte is a Martial skill it is triggered by 1 Martial skill and 2 Stealth skills. I wonder if it might be worth altering to add Resolute and/or Mettle to the triggers. The fantasy of being a tough Fighter who when near death almost...
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    [.11] Ally Riposte Redirect?

    "Riposte: the character may, once per Logistics period per purchase after using any Dodge, Parry, or Evade skill, immediately use any offensive per-day Martial or Stealth skill known and available without using a charge of that skill, ignoring any positioning requirement. This skill replaces...
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    Logistics Delays

    Not as far as I know. I have not been contacted by logistics or seen any application of blankets to my character card.
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    Playtest Character Builder (for ARB 2 v11)

    I think that the Half Cost Archery is not working for Elves.
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    Logistics Delays

    Good Morning, I have tried to reach out to the HQ Logistics a few times to spend some Goblin Stamps I got from helping with the Utah GoFundMe. But since my first email on August 11, 2018 I can't seem to connect with anyone to actually spend them for blankets. Is there an email I should be...
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    [.11] Mend Armor

    I don't have an issue with it being scrollable or see an issue with it being in a spell store. I don't think it is anymore useful than having other things in a spellstore like Healing, Protectives, Prison, Dispel, the list goes on. Spellstores are strong but they are still a finite resource.
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    December and 2.0 ?

    Thank you for the response Luke. With that in mind I would like to voice my support for extending the 2.0 "playtest" until official adoption and hope that our Seattle Owner carries our excitement and interest to a possible vote. Thanks again for the info.
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    [.11] Seattle | November 9-11 | Thoughts and musings

    I might have been in one of the early paytests and not made it into the 2.0 test. I still assert that, traditionally, a hit to your health metric is often mixed with a boost in evasive or offensive ability.
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    [.11] Mend Armor

    I think Feldor was pointing out that Mend Armor is NOT healing despite being considered as such. There are many ways to get around a suit of "refitted armor" which is what I suggest Mend Armor spell effectively becomes. Shatter, Body, Chaos, Spells strikes, Takeouts...the list goes on. The...
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    [.11] Seattle | November 9-11 | Thoughts and musings

    I really like many of the directions 2.0 went. Areas of Attention: Strike - I think it needs to not be a thing or if it is significantly more rare and not part of any standard PC character ability. With the addition of Mediation it makes needing those strikes largely irrelevant. They are too...
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    [.11] Mend Armor

    Feldor, you highlighter something I was struggling to convey. Thanks for the insight.
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    [.11] Alternative Slayer Idea

    I think that if there was a will there is a way to balance that. Increasing options and agency without adding power. We have seen it reflected in the changes and additions of many of the new systems and items. It may not have a place in 2.0 but I think it is work looking at for a patch for 2.0