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    February 2020 A'A Event Favorite Moments

    What a game yall! I came into this game with plenty of new found responsibility, and filling the big shoulders of Brian. I was pretty much 100% worried about not just completely flopping on everything, but thank my lucky stars (aka amazing pcs and npcs) I feel like we had a top notch event that...
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    BroS Game 2 Favorite Moments

    In no particular order: - Being an ice crow and finding people alone to trade with by cawing and simple gestures. (then getting killed because my brethren were being obnoxious in the tavern lol) - Playing my Chaos General which really stressed my knowledge and recall of ALL the effects in the...
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    Two handed Weapons and Critical Attack

    Is it intended that if you pop two critical attacks with a two handed weapon you only get 2 and not the 3 damage buff from it like Weapon Profs? There seems to be no wording in the rules that says you get the bonus damage that I can see. Wondering if it was just overlooked or on purpose? Same...
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    Alliance 2.0 Rulebook: Beta 2

    You're right! I actually want to build my character with master potion maker into heavy ritualist... But I can't. I want the Ritualist part more so if this isn't changed then I'm just ditching potion making all together solely to get 9th level spell slots :/ Also why can't we support non-com...
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    ARB: Alliance Rulebook Beta Feedback

    To me, there is a base level of consent universally given as standard by playing the game. Some examples of that is being that you agree to be indirectly touched with things like boffers and packets, and also agree to be lightly and directly touched for things like Healing Arts, Picking up...
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    ARB: Alliance Rulebook Beta Feedback

    I saw two that I would distinctly call dark elves and not dark coloured kin, and both of those were a very dark gray, almost dare I say, black, in colour.
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    ARB: Alliance Rulebook Beta Feedback

    Pg 159: Contradicting statements of if I need just the high magic skill to read scrolls, or have put points into formal magic for that logi period to read the scrolls. Also can an Earth formalist read celestial rituals? It doesn't seem to cover it here. Pg 161/166: Contradicting statements about...
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    APG: Alliance Players Guide Beta Feedback

    The sample intro mod is bad. In so many ways, and should be completely redone with the help of the diversity committee: There are 3 girls; 2 bond sex chicks and 1 ditsy sex chick. Like... come on. There are 5 different extremely non standard items to use which require more than a basic level of...
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    Fantastical Wares for Purchase!

    Dreams of profit and plunder fill my head as I am about to head out twoards the Vordium Shard! I am looking to buy and sell all I can during my excursion and I wanted to get a heads up jump out so that people know what I can offer and what I am looking for. So to start, items for sale (All MI...
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    Population percentages of each Race?

    I know we have 2 high orcs and no high ogres usually.
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    March Game Favorite Moments

    Void magic whaaaaat?! More money went into and out of my hands this game than ever before in a single event and it was was fun getting to wheel and deal and have to make quick hard decisions like that. Getting to be a part of a vision and get that juicy plot; for some reason this is a rare thing...
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    Newbie Looking for Help!

    I started as a PC and had tons of fun organically learning about the larger world as my character would (They previously lived a pretty secluded forest life) and felt that it was both easier and harder to get the hang of things because I only needed to really worry about a few effects/skills but...
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    Favorite Moments - January 2018 Weekend Event

    Overall a great event for me! Right at game on I was flung into a unexpectedly lovely situation and then was kept so busy that I don't think I spent more than 10 mins in the tavern until like 1 am. Getting captured by the werewolves, having a nice talk with them, and then trying to explain...
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    Newbie Looking for Help!

    Heyo! Welcome to the community! Looks like your starting questions have been answered and I know Krystina can help with any other questions to help you get to game. Then when you are there we can for sure go adventuring together! I am the head of the New Leaf Academy for Sedovia (Oregon) which...
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    Favorite Moments - December 2017 Weekend Event

    Heyo all, I had a most excellent event and here are some of my favorite moments! (In kind of chronological order) From the get go meeting the Death Isle characters and trying to figure out how they fit into Acarthia. Then in that process thinking they were very strange and maybe a bunch of...