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    Free Nerd Stuff!

    Hi guys... i'm moving apartments and in the process of getting rid of stuff i don't need.(decluttering) I got some free stuff for anyone who wants it. Only catch is that you need to contact me and set up a time to come get it before the 28th. I'm not moving it. Phone number is 612 282 2874...
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    like most gamers i'm all about getting things done on time... so i come to you at the last minute hoping someone has horns i can use for my mywe this weekend. thanks -dawson (ps sarcastic and trying to get into mywe mode!!)
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    Pre-registration open for August 5th-7th

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    What is this?

    seriously dude... best avatar ever.
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    Question for board.

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    Pre-Registration Closed! for the Soap Factory Event!

    Re: Pre-Registration Now open for the Soap Factory Event! completely understandable. thanks. -dawson
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    Pre-Registration Closed! for the Soap Factory Event!

    Re: Pre-Registration Now open for the Soap Factory Event! for us tavern folk... are there preset npcs? or do we create our own? -dawson
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    My wife is dead.

    I've slept for so long. I've dreamed worlds. I've dreamed heroes. Sadly, like my own reality all stories have ended in tragedy. In the end, I awake alone to this same fact. A beep... she takes me to my wife's home. She's not there. I learn of her death at the hands of the adventurers of Hope's...
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    Dungeons and Dragons Rife Fest... (my bday party)

    yeh its a long series... so hopefully 14 hours is enough. noon to 2am
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    Dungeons and Dragons Rife Fest... (my bday party)

    Time : Monday June 20 at 12:00pm - June 21 at 2:00am Location: 2236 e 86th st #25 Bloomington, MN More Info: Watching the complete animated DND series... eating pizzas, drinking beer, and engaging in some Mystery Science Theater 3000 style commentary. Show up whenever. Bring your A-Game...
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    Registration Still Open for June 24-26 Event!

    Re: Pre-Registration Open for June 24-26 Event! can you just throw me on as an NPC? it's a bit redundant to fill out a prereg if i dont need anything from logistics and you dont serve anything im allergic to. -dawson
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    Wide spread questions

    the issue... is why would you have that reaction to someone who is now your friend?
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    May Favorites!

    Had one of my best times yet NPCing and running mods. Some faves: 1. Marshaling the plant mod on saturday morning. You guys did awesome at that. (thanks again peter) 2. Both corrupt node mods. Very good fighting in those and seemed like a good challenge. 3. Golem games. That looked rough but...
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    Rides for Late May Chicago

    with it being too close for us leaving for our trip and with no clear travel arrangements, joe and i will not end up attending this event (thus won't be needing a ride). we're gonna brave the megabus. thanks for all the replies. hopefully we will catch you guys at another chicago event down the...
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    I found something and need some help.

    Adventurers of Hopes Reach, I was recently out spelunking about the countryside and have come across something that needs further investigation. After talking to some local merchants and farmers I think it may involve a murder. I'm not confident in investigating it alone. I don't want to...