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    Hello again from one of the MCAD students!

    While I remember the video well, I'm sad to say I've been unable to locate it in my archives (probably due to a few moves and the chapter passing owners)
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    APG: Alliance Players Guide Beta Feedback

    Under that rubric there are a very significant number of things that can struck including the no alcohol rule because people should know how to drink responsibly right? I'm not sure what your ideal is, but what would be a good way to get a across the message of 'If your medication can cause...
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    Delayed by the Mists

    Yes the next market day would be a fine time to get the strengthen shield, so feel free to make it this weekend if you have spare time, or wait until the next market. -Kallith
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    Auction of Items from May Gathering 9219

    I have made arraignments with Gertrude so you can remove 20 gold from that list. -Kallith
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    Delayed by the Mists

    Regrettably both myself and Keladry have been delay and will be unable to make it to this market day. -Kallith
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    Research opportunities

    It's sweet that you think of me while you are dreaming Zihr, but just a little bit creepy. - Kallith
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    June Celestial Services

    2 Gold sounds perfectly fine to me, I'll make sure we have everything ready! -Kallith
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    June Celestial Services

    Oh thank goodness, I was worried I was going to have to try my hand at ritual casting, and nobody wants someone with my attention span dealing with ritual magics I promise you! We've got a stalwart shield scroll we'd like cast on a small punch shield, It looks like it would take about the...
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    Looking for resources

    Ignathis, Thanks for your assistance, please note that I am specifically looking to support current crafters, and I am trying to avoid buying large stocks of 'old goods' as I'm endeavoring for items with fresh ingredients from the local area, which I'm sure Guild Master Gemclipper will be able...
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    Looking for resources

    I've updated my list above, so for folks that have some spare crafting, please note above what I'm looking for still. -Kallith
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    Wards on Offer

    Quick reminder that these are still on offer, for no charge, all you need to do is get on the list so I can prepare appropriately! -Kallith
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    June Blacksmithing Services - Cass

    Cass, We'll take those arrows you have in stock (if you still have them) and would like to get Keldary's shield strengthened. -Kallith
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    Components from the May gathering

    I'll never really understand how most races view their economy, but it seems like that is the easiest, or at least most popular option. I'd prefer gold myself at that rate, so I guess when does service open for the first come first served portion? -Kallith
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    Components from the May gathering

    If I might try to make things easier, Let's sell the 21 extra components for 1.5 Gold, divided evenly between those interested that where at the market we obtained them in. Splitting the components we have equally among all buyers until they have their desired amount, or we run out of...
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    Components from the May gathering

    I'm working on the assumption that we are only selling those comps that don't divide evenly. -Kallith