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    Apparently the changes ran even deeper than he had suspected. He sat in the Earth Circle with bared steel in his lap and watched "the Duke" join the wedding, by invitation!. And thus protected by the laws of hospitality. Isawda watched in disbelief and rising sadness as many who had faced the...
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    The wave of change that has swept through the land has left few and little unchanged. Isawda was no longer what he had been, but he was still who he had always been. Now his features only reflected his mothers people, no trace of his father race remained. While he had abandoned some of his...
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    Forbidden Fruit Event Review

    1. Post your favorite moments Actually being a semi effective speed bump for Evo in the Sunday town battle. I actually hit Cory's with enough to get his attention! Not sure that ever happened before. Not entirely sure that was a good thing in the end... 2. Post your less favorite moments (if we...
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    Searching for Master Isawda

    Draining the last of his cup, Isawda stands and prepared to follow Jinn. That the questions is of such consequence causing his eyes to harden slightly. It was highly unlikely it was because of too much good news!
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    Searching for Master Isawda

    "Of course Jinn, my table is your table." Isawda waved to a second chair in clear invitation.
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    Searching for Master Isawda

    Looking slightly the worse for wear, Isawda enters the Tavern and stops before the notice board. Running his eye down the postings he notices those of both Jinn and Ruki. With a smile an nod to himself, he takes a seat at a quiet table in the corner and signals for something warming to drink...
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    Dungeon Run Group Building 2019

    Shauna, slot in Isadwa or Myhkus somewhere in the last two runs so Brooke and I can stay on a similar schedule. If possible. Thanks!
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    A letter to the FateSpinner

    To the Fatespinner, Our gathering in the Lux was rather busy and I presumed to hold an informal meeting of the members present. I do understand that we now under and take guidance from a local Master and do not presume to step beyond my station. The meeting served to coordinate and share...
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    FAVORITE NPC: "Under the Lux's Thumb" (May 2018)

    Loved the battle between Mar and the Redcap (Andreas) that he wanted freed from the prison spell so he could take it down the right way. Very cool!
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    WEEKEND REVIEW: "Fesitval of Crows; 117" (AUGUST 2017)

    1. Post your favorite moments Being pulled deeper into RP by Bota each of the several times he approached Iswada to discussed the events and how we should respond. Outstanding! Discussing the fact that the Earth Circle is so much better than the Celestial with Shiv. 2. Post your less favorite...
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    WEEKEND REVIEW: "The Gambit" (JULY 2017)

    1. Post your favorite moments Isawda actually got to make a few strikes with his sword. Honest! :) OOG Scarlet made a perfect visit to me on a CS concern. Came in upset, took a breath, worked through the issue from both sides while I nodded a few time, and then resolved it pretty much by...
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    A letter to the FateSpinner

    As time passes with no response beyond a brief note that his request (PM) was received, Isawda turns to consider other paths to his ends. If there was no access to what he sought through the Guild, then another path would be found.
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    Wedding RSVP

    Isawda would attend baring any conflicting disaster at the fort.
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    A letter to the FateSpinner

    Sitting at a makeshift desk in a quiet area of the fort, Iswada stared at the parchment as if it would suddenly provide the answer he sought. Accepting that it would not, he reached to the quill and slowly began to write. (Message will be sent as an IBGA in a few minutes.)
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    EVENT REVIEW: "Bordertown" - JUNE 2017

    1. Post your favorite moments The meetings with the FateSpinner and the Arch Mage. They actually were out long enough to get more deeply involved than their time usually allows. And they brought out a big announcement that rather changed the landscape of the game. I enjoyed was seeing those...