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    Thinking about coming back! :3

    Hey, everyone. Hopefully I'm remembered, because I have been thinking about playing again. You may see me as an NPC soon. I haven't decided yet if I will continue playing Pino or not... So how are you? -Alycia
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    Zombie stuff

    I would so want to do this. :D Apparently more diverse larps have been popping up everywhere lately. <3
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    I had a dream about you

    Awwwwwwwwww!~! Bobsledding! (^_^)v
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    Favorite Moments/Points of April 2010

    Honestly I had a lot more fun than I thought I would! :D FAVORITES •Vanyal giving a helping hand to Guy and Pino as we were ambushed by some undead...Then, once we were pretty much stuck in Polare's cabin, we got drunk and stood on the porch taunting the fleshy undead. Though to a sober mind...
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    April Event 2010!

    Gideon and I will be there! Just sent you guys an email. ♥♥♥
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    My empire is growing!

    Seth. Thank you for making me smile on such a drag of a morning. :D <3
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    Here Ye, Here Ye

    Well said, Sir Krieger. Though I am new to these lands I believe Andar, including the Crossroads, has plenty of citizens, both noble and commoner alike, who deserve respect. It just might as well be in your best interest to mind your tone and choice of words towards any living being with the...
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    OOG: My photos

    SAME HERE! I love that feeling. It's the best kind of betrayal. :)
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    OOG: I am a model now! :3

    I wanted to tell everyone when I got a few shoots done. :D You can see some pictures from each set I have done on my myspace or model mayhem page: :3 I am not getting payed...
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    Always in search for arrows.

    Ahh good to hear from you, Sir Krieger. At what price are you willing to part with these arrows? I am not familiar with the economics in these lands. How much per bushel? -Pino
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    anyone wanna see a joke?

    1991...I was a one year old moving to Seattle. :D
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    Pictures from the Jan. Weekend

    You can e-mail them to me as a personal request. (^_^) :D
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    Vampire Charm

    I didn't know that. I always thought it was a Greater Command. Seems like that would make more sense don't you think?
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    Prospective new player

    (^_______^) I sure hope I do darling! You married me! xD