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    New Player Questions

    It would appear that my work has been done for me! Whoo! Go team! PandaFox, as said above I'm the New Player Rep for Oregon. If you have any additional questions, comments, concerns, or just want to talk about the weather please do not hesitate to send me an email at...
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    Hello, new to Alliance! (Portland, Or)

    Heya Kyle! I'm... oh, drat, Evan beat me to it. Well, I'm the New Player Representative for Alliance Oregon, which holds most of our events out in Seaside. I'm also in Beaverton, and there are several players who reside in Portland so you're not alone! As Evan said above, the Facebook group...
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    An Urgent Invitation.

    Freewoman Amory, At this time, no. In the future these matters will be expressed outside of those concerned but for this initial meeting we would ask that only those indicated attend. If you know of any such persons it would be greatly appreciated if you could spread the word. Your interest...
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    An Urgent Invitation.

    (The following would be posted, handed out, and conveyed via the dreaming to ensure that all those able to receive it will, and those that receive it will be able to understand the message. Simplified versions will also accompany so as to not alienate those of whom are not native common speakers...
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    Questions from a traveler

    Durnic and Alcandar, I believe it is important to prepare for the very likely possibility that Lumos remains. We have not seen any significant proof of his destruction, and as one of the possible uses of the ritual cast (which should have been communicated to those of us assisting directly and...
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    Alliance Kansas Player's Guide

    Absolutely! Send me anything you'd like me to look at via that email and I'll try to get to it shortly. :)
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    Alliance Kansas Player's Guide

    If you folks need any help getting things set up or anticipating future needs, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me. I'm not sure what experience your team has with Alliance already, but if you ever need anything just lemme know!
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    Triage Unit Needs Assistance

    Hava, If I manage to learn the skills I will teach them to you if you are so interested. Regardless, I will still gladly take over this burden for you if you still need. -Corynn
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    Triage Unit Needs Assistance

    Hava, I would be willing to, at least temporarily until a more suitable person can be found, carry this burden on your behalf. If it is not too much trouble, I still seek to recover the knowledges I once surrendered years ago. Would it be reasonable to request a lesson on the intricacies of...
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    Resolved Circle Lock + Spirit Link/Lock

    Soooooo... Circle Lock (at least the version I'm looking at) does not say it cannot be cast upon an item with Spirit Link/Lock on it. If I were to do so, how would that impact the player with the Spirit Linked/Locked item, or the item themselves? Would they be trapped in the circle? Would the...
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    Alliance Oregon Poster Contest!

    Greetings Alliance Oregon! I am pleased to announce our Alliance Oregon poster contest! In an effort to reach a larger audience and to bring in even more players to our community, chapter, and organization, we are looking for enterprising players interested in earning some Goblin Stamps while...
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    Season 2, Event 6 - Panacea, Favorite Moments

    Wooooo! 1. Corynn: "Tal-Herroth... do you have a magic armor?" TH: "No, why?" Corynn: "2 Earth" TH: "Ouch!" Corynn: "...what?!" TH: "Sorry, reflexes!" 2. "Orin, lass, this isn't an interrogation..." 3. Muirgheal: "Corynn... I tried a Cure Mort potion, she's not getting up!" Corynn...
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    Resolved Formal Ritual Requirements (Rules)

    Greetings! I had a question regarding the preparations for casting Formal Rituals in game. The rulebook says that in order to cast rituals you require "A Copy of this Rulebook". My question is twofold: 1. Is it acceptable to have a copy of only the ritual rules (and possibly High Magic as...
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    Return from Siofra

    Durnic, Kel, Thank you most kindly for the replies. Durnic I will most certainly be in contact. Kel, I would very much like your incoherent narrative if you are willing to provide it. Regardless, Muirgheal leads us to Sedovia in time for your next gathering. The others will join as they see...
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    Return from Siofra

    Greetings, It has only been a short while, our journey home. Callings on the wind, and rumblings in the land took us southwards and now the land calls us back again, perhaps our trials are over. Perhaps they have just begun. I can see a great many things woven in time and the dreaming, but I...