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    September Event Review 2018

    1 The Cat Vs Sarr in the dark 2 Less oh this is useless in game more i wonder what kind of Rp interactions this may have 3 /\ 5 Being able to soak up alot of damage and keep going 6 The touch cast enchantments are pretty useless if you are hit with a few specific effects and sometimes the speed...
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    WEEKEND REVIEW: "The Gambit" (JULY 2017)

    1. Favorites As its pop'ed up twice now and now a third Deck of many things. Getting to be a Crazed PTSD wild elf during my time as an npc for the wild hunters. Licking the strange dream jellyfish thing.... and then forgetting why i have the taste of sadness and vomit in my mouth followed by...
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    Wedding RSVP

    Talon will be around unless a squirrel shows up to steal food or other things going on.
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    EVENT REVIEW: The Dungeon Run - "Blood in the Streets" (April 2017)

    1.Favorite moment getting to shoot the first run group with nerf guns as arrow traps. 2 Less favorite moment Uhhhhhh nothing 3. More of I honestly don't mind if ppl try and screw with me so go for it 4 Moment from character Having sight removed was not new to talon he kept himself calm and...
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    Dungeon Run Teams

    Edited No longer leading one
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    The Dancing Dagger Taphouse

    "I will keep that in mind." Makeing a bit of a remark to lighten the mood a bit "Though loseing my tail would be a bit painful." talon looked around a bit to make sure there were no others that seem to have followed. "I should mention i have a list of nobles and fellow ex breachers the sect...
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    The Dancing Dagger Taphouse

    "I am assuming you called me here for a full report on what happend" Talon adjusted a little still getting used to having a tail. "I did what i could to keep the bloodshed minimal but some people are just unpredictable."
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    The Dancing Dagger Taphouse

    Arriving earlier than was written on the note Talon enters through the main door. He orders a drink and goes to find a seat not recognizing anyone exactly yet.
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    Stig enters the enclave

    After getting stig what he was looking for Talon goes to head out. Making sure things are locked he turns to stig "I got someplace i need to go. I hope what your planing goes well"
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    Stig enters the enclave

    "Alright never mind my note then." Talon turns to lead the way back to wear he was staying.
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    Stig enters the enclave

    The abrupt stop winded talon a bit. His mind went to the box of azirs stuff.... remembering that he could have looked through some of that at some point. "ok what do you need from there" i can probably get it.
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    Stig enters the enclave

    Walking down one of the corridors about to go out and do some things talon hears Stig before the receptionist can respond talon Writes up a quick note. Knowing he wants to talk Talon makes it quick handing him the note before heading out the door.
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    EVENT REVIEW: The Masquerade - A Change of Pace (Feb 2017)

    1. Ok whear to start here.... -the tunic/pants gwen made me -Asking people to help me break some people out of prison -Succeeding with no one dieing (guards included dunno if I am going to regret that or not yet) -Disappearing for 2 hrs for things -things being race change.... -Showing up and...
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    EVENT REVIEW: "From the Ashes" - December 2016 (Tavern)

    1. Same as ruki there ALOT of fun -being compleatly stumped on a situation that involved questionable activitys -geting involved in diffrent questionable activits -order elemental.... those who where their know what i mean. -more hunter stuffs. -head injurys (not actual ones this time) 2...
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    Seeking advice on matters of some import

    Talon gives Zanthia a light bow and hands her the note. (i have no clue whats written on it brian knows that) "Things went badly out there. All i can realy say."