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    CMA is Active

    I have the same issue as Peter! No sure if the registeration I attempted to do was the right thing to do, because I don't think I registered with this one (though I did with the freeplay one sometime back, but I don't believe it's the same database).
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    Policy Questions

    Another paging question since I'm going to need to be medical paging. Item #4 in the policy under 'page conduct' states: "Pages may never carry in-game weapons or weapon tags." My question concerns the prohibition of weapon tags - Does this include those that I produce as blacksmith and...
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    Well Drat, There goes an idea for dwarven business/mischief.
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    Pre-Registration for June 30th - July 2nd Event now open!

    ?!? Well, I know I sent in my pre-reg...
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    Royal Celestial Guild Services - February 1516

    Salutations Gentle Folk! I wish to recite my earlier declaration of recommendation of Gandian Ravenscroft's services. I offer my accolade once again to lay at rest any uncertain hearts, particularly for those who had not heard my words previously, but also whom may have forgotten them. May...
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    Healing art teacher

    I believe Healer Asher would be the best person to talk to, But I'm sure there will be plenty of other healers who would be willing to help you out. May your weapons strike true, - Tazoulti Strongbeard Dwarven Master Blacksmith, Initiate Broker, Past Guardian of Hopes Reach, and Darmir to Lord...
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    Tavern Gathering Friday

    Sheriff, Healer & Honored Druid Asher, I am endeavoring to take some time off from my tasks up in the mountains in Fulmora so that I may be in attendance to hear the tidings of our community mission and updates of where things stand. May your weapons strike true, - Tazoulti Strongbeard Dwarven...
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    Calling All Fighters!

    Hopefully, I won't be too busy to attend. I definitely would like to lend my knowledge where ever I can! - Tazoulti
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    Castle Event Favorites

    Well, I have to agree with Christina/Larp Mom - This was one of the best market day’s I've been to this year, But I do disagree with her slightly though, I think that it is especially the best because it was at the Castle! :) (Hey, What do you expect? I'm dwarf!!!) And I also agree with Larp...
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    Deputy of Hope's Reach

    Congratulations Thorgrim! You are a excellent choice, and I too, fully support you. May your weapons strike true, - Tazoulti Strongbeard Darmir to Lord Rothis Thunderstep, Dwarven Master Blacksmith, Initiate Broker, and Past Guardian of Hopes Reach.
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    Registration Still Open for August 16-18 Event!

    Re: Pre-Registration for August 16-18 Event Open! Unfortunately, It's looking really uncertain for Jen & I to be attending due to all the things that are currently going wrong for us at the moment. :tears: (If you don't already know what's up from my Facebook postings, just ask Jen or myself...)
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    June 15th Work and Module day.

    You know Ryan - One of these days Dave will (just for kicks) answer you by insisting you have tote around some barbells in full heavy winter garb... ;)
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    Anybody else going to the Chicago 1 day?

    Re: Who's driving to the Chicago 1 day? OOC- I think this needs to be switched to the Out of Game Forum...
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    Coming back home/Crafting

    Hunter Davion, What's that? You have a planned expedition to a dwarven forge? Now you've got me a little curious. Care to clarify your proposal a bit more? May your weapons strike true, - Tazoulti Strongbeard Darmir to Lord Rothis Thunderstep, Dwarven Master Blacksmith, Initiate Broker, and...
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    We make good trade?

    Cho Ko Nu, I certainly did not conspire to murder you. I acted essentially the same way as Asher, attempted to follow the law. I personally think it was a huge mistake for you to escape from Sir Thalin rather than stay under his protection and prove your honesty in a lawful fashion...