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    The fun part about this, is that occasionally you'll run into people playing very "proper" or "snooty" type characters who refuse to use nicknames and will insist on learning your real name and call you by it. Then most people will reply with "Who? Oh you mean Jitters." :roll:
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    Trying to find

    I look forward to it. I hope that your winter travels have been good to you, and that you have learned all you can from them.
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    Look for inexpensive "magey" armor

    Alright, fair enough, it seems I didn't give as much info as I could. I'm probably looking to spend about $50-dollars, I know that that probably won't get me too much but I figured I'd search. I'm really hoping to not construct this my self since I just do not posses those kinds of manual...
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    Trying to find

    Greetings Ra'sha, I am a member of the Lau-Borne, I believe there is one other in town as well, and I will be at the gathering which approaches.
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    Look for inexpensive "magey" armor

    I'm looking to buy a piece of armor that is lightweight and suitable for a scholar type of character who may get himself into trouble...sometimes. :funny: But I'm trying to do this on the cheap, I am willing to pay and I will pay what the piece is worth, I just don't have a /huge/ budget. If...
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    Maybe, The Fortannis Bazaar? (note that I love the word Bazaar - lol)
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    Seeking the Alchemist

    Bernard (I apologize if I have your name wrong)? Do you participate in these dreams? If so could you contact me privately? -Ràn
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    Dwarf without a beard

    Well it wouldn't be worth hunting us in Kupspar since there are only two and one of them could gas anyone into the long as he has his glasses. :nerd: >_> <_< Please don't hurt me. *cower*
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    Dwarf without a beard

    It's too expensive what with the danger money the poachers ask for. "You want me to hunt who for what!?"
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    (i couldn't figure which was the most appropriate form for this, if this is the wrong one can someone please move it) i would like all opinions on the following questions 1. what are the physical benefits of being involved in LARPing -- Well my nutritionist who has vowed to be with me for the...
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    Come Celebrate with us in Horn's End

    Greetings Squire Bob, I see we have met again here in our dreams. Would you be able to give me instructions for how to travel the mist to The Baroness's Palace? I would be interested in attending and see the other parts of the world since the mists opened over Kosmara. Regards, Ràn
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    By Mehron Cream do you mean the one that looks like a huge glue stick? Or the one that comes in a bottle? Right now I'm using what Mehron refers to as "star blend". Where you have to wet the sponge and the makeup is in a powder form. P.S. Sorry I don't really know the proper terms for stuff...
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    Food coloring for makeup?

    I have used Mehron along with barrier spray when I used to play other LARPs in the hotter states like Arizona and Nevada. Without the barrier spray it does run really badly, but the barrier spray works wonders for keeping makeup on in hot and rain.
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    Looking for a makeup tip: Is there any good way to get white to look....whiter? I know that sounds weird but I hope you know what I mean. I'm kind of a tan guy naturally, and I've seen other stone elves who look like paper stock white with little to no shade. Sometimes my makeup comes out not...
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    Publicity Thread of the week! "What's Your Elevator Pitch?"

    Re: Publicity Thread of the week! "What's Your Elevator Pitc When giving someone that quick snapshot of the game I usually like to say something like: It's a game, that's a lot like a murder mystery meets Lord of the Rings. There's a staff who develops a story line in a fantasy setting and...