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    Important March Tavern Information!

    Since Im traveling I wont be able to cook anything, but I will pick up some fruit and snacks from the store.
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    January 2020 Favorite Moments

    I think just being back in general was a very happy thing! As for specific events, I enjoyed chilling Saturday night with the scions and friends back in the cabin. I really enjoyed getting to know each of your characters a little more, Sunny rarely interacts with the scions back in Acarthia, so...
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    March 2019 ~ Favorite moments!!

    Rifting out friday night, and just in general the consequences of Sunny's decisions... >.> Zakar perming and causing all kinds of fun RP for me even though he wasn't even at the event. The Ulrathi mod Friday night was amazing, and trying to shepard all of the destined into small tunnels was...
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    Dance Instruction

    Greetings denizens of New Acarthia, It has come to my attention that many of the adventurers and nobles of New Acarthia have never had the proper training when it comes to dancing instruction. I have been asked by the Moorefield household to provide my services as a dancing instructor to all...
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    November 2018 Favorite Moments!!

    Very carefully worded conversations with Saren. I love our characters differences and how they interact Merchant house was too cold, but still managed to have a little fun with it. I need to figure out a good way to get that warm. Hiring Varen for the weekend. Bodyguard interactions were...
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    Build Cap

    This is an idea that is alternative to the XP going to alts, or only to production/OCS. I think that if they want to be able to still gain power, there is some power in the ability to be flexible with skills and ability. What if once a PC was capped, any XP they would game goes into a separate...
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    Denver October Favorite Moments and thanks!

    Leading the Ultra Strike Force of Destiny into the ziggaurat. It was an absolute pleasure getting to work with yall for Yssenia's final game as a destined. Being able to play for Cynder and Thorgrims wedding. I was so honored to have been given that invitation, and I am so glad that you both...
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    October 2018 - Favorite Moments!

    Meirune Merchant House: everything that happened in it was amazing. Getting to have side conversation in comfort, selling various bits, sharing fine food and drink, watching people react to some pieces I found with absolute joy. Everything about this was awesome and I am really looking forward...
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    Meirune Merchant House

    Elisandra appears to you in the dream realm. She is standing in front of a quaint shop in merchants row. There is some bustle behind her made indistinct as the mists of the dream fog all except her. She speaks to all who would listen. "Fellow adventurers of Havenport-Shelterdoor, I hope I find...
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    Favorite Moments and Event Feedback - September Edition 2018

    Doing all of the rangings to get all of the information for the various field battles Keeper/Wizard interactions Turning slavers into fine/finer pink mist! Doing all of the preparation for that, and coordination with various folks around town was amazing! A huge shout out to plot for being...
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    September 2018 Favorite Moments!!!

    In no particular order John's Orc getting charmed by Saren, doing some work, dying, then him repopping coming straight at Elisandra, who then proceeds to charm him... Saren getting Pantherghasted. The subsequent brief internal debate, then saving him. He didn't even thank Elisandra. D: The...
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    Duchess’ Tournament 418

    If it is okay, I would also like to test myself in the ledgermain competition. -Yssenia
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    Favorite Moments - August/September 2018 Long Weekend Event

    Just in general, it was super fun to come up and visit you all. I will likely be coming back at some point in the future, and then to PC! :D As for highlights: - Playing Tulbor's "Said Elemental" and watching the group figure out the patterns I was playing. - Waylay games, kidnapping and...
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    Traveling player LF Ride

    I am not on your facebook page. But I did manage to secure a ride with someone over DM. I should get on the FB page though. Thanks for the recommendation.
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    Traveling player LF Ride

    Hello, I will be visiting you all from Denver for the upcoming 3day game, and I was wondering if there was anyone I could car pool with. I will be in Olympia before hand visiting my sister, and would be eventually needing to make it back to SEA after the game (Though a drop off back at my...