0.10 - Weakness: To Nerf, or Not to Nerf?

Reduce Weakness' Damage Reduction?

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Alliance Logistics
I don’t think this is exaaaactlty, true. We’re supposed to need each other, yes; I don’t think we should have to need people based on their class.
Lol. So what would happen if the whole chapter were fighters. Don't die I guess. Good luck


Seattle Staff
Lol. So what would happen if the whole chapter were fighters. Don't die I guess. Good luck
...yeah? I mean yeah, that would probably turn out pretty badly?


So what would happen if the whole chapter were fighters.
I'm pretty sure that's a different game entirely, and usually one that involves hit locations rather than points. But I guess if it were somehow claiming to be an Alliance game under the new rules, the plot team should be ready for a ton of plot-guided resurrections. Or maybe nothing but puzzle modules. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Seattle Staff
I’m sure some chapters lean in different directions just based on regional player preferences, but I don’t think that situations like that would be very common, no.
Lol. So what would happen if the whole chapter were fighters. Don't die I guess. Good luck
The same thing that happens when we run a low level weekend, or when Earth Scholars are the new hotness and practically everyone is playing one (this happened briefly at one point), or when almost everyone is playing a race with Resist Command.

The person running monster desk adapts scaling to provide a solid challenge for the players attending the game, rather than simply assuming that the standard rules of scaling apply. Some desk jockeys are much better at doing this than others, but it is rare for a game not to have at least one behind-the-scenes person who has a real skill for scaling based on PC demographics.

Personally, I'd love the challenge of scaling a weekend for all fighters that was both fair and fun. I can already think of a number of ways to keep it intense, without making it unwinnable or making it a cake-walk.


Edit: I would definitely use more carrier effects than packet deliveries (though, that should be the norm for basically every game) and I wouldn't be shy about using high damage without carriers (which I sometimes avoid in normal games where I worry about how quickly a Scholar or Adept will fall). I'd also ensure that potion sellers wandered through town every few hours.


It is a double edged knife. I do love it for when an NPC (new or old) gets a little over zealous but see it causing a mess with the reduced damage of .10.


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Weakness competes with bind. Unless you're going to downgrade the spell level, it does not deserve a nerf.
I think you are overestimating things a whole lot. I've PC'd events where NPC Rogues were throwing 110 Assassinates and Terminates against an APL 2 group. I've seen "crunchies" with 500+ Body and Threshold 10 after the event starting out with maybe 75 Body "Fighter" crunchies.

This skill isn't anywhere near as common in the chapter's I've PC'd in over the years, myself included when I was doing scaling.
Sure. But if there isn't anyone particularly skilled at scaling in your chapter, then the rest of this discussion almost doesn't matter. No rules can meaningfully save your game if scaling is that awful.


Graham Wolsey

Denver Staff
Weakness being a static number is silly. It makes the spell punitive against the most vulnerable section of the game's population: new players. Much better for it to reduce a character's damage by 50%. This is a huge buff at high levels. It also fixes the problem of top end fighter and rogue damage.