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  1. von Gryphon

    von Gryphon Adept

    Original location of the High Orc warrior's banner.

  2. von Gryphon

    von Gryphon Adept

    Help me with this one: the place we went when we cast a super buff on myself and several others wherein I consumed Corrupt to regen... and had other awesome abilities.
  3. von Gryphon

    von Gryphon Adept

    And help me with this one (might be the same one) where Dured'hel could not see that we had returned to let us out of the circle....
  4. kalindra

    kalindra Adept Alliance Rules Marshal

    Were we hunting for dagger shards when that happened?

  5. Gandian Ravenscroft

    Gandian Ravenscroft Knight Southern Minnesota Staff Marshal

    I believe that was the location of an Imperial Anchor, not a Shard.

    ~ Gandian
  6. Darkcrescent

    Darkcrescent Squire Marshal

    Still, that Anchor spot could be a place of power. It was chosen as an Anchor by the Empire, it may contain power key for the Corrupt....

    At this point, it's truly every best guess and speculation, but none of it matter if we can't get people to actually search these areas out.

  7. Gandian Ravenscroft

    Gandian Ravenscroft Knight Southern Minnesota Staff Marshal

    Most definitely, Asher.

    Another potential location: The place where the Rakshasa created its gate to steal Corrupt into Desha Vitara, which was also nearby the place where the adventurers first attempted Node Delving. That Node in question was protected by a more unique Corrupt warrior, if I recall, and might be a good place to investigate.

    ~ Gandian
  8. Bigens73

    Bigens73 Newbie

    What should Bruisey do. I know I has been busy at the Butcher shop the last couple market days but I should be at next one. In meantime how I be help in Beating da Corupt once an forever.

    BRUSIEY Foemangler
  9. Darkcrescent

    Darkcrescent Squire Marshal

    I fear time is running short on this planning phase as the weeks leading up to this mission draws closer. Any other locations? If not, we need to begin figuring out who knows where to go and making sure they travel with a formalist.

    If I have to send out an army of pigeons to get people select a target I will, though I honestly would prefer if we as a community to come together and step up to this task.

    - Asher
  10. Ragnarok

    Ragnarok Scholar

    Me know where me is going. Me do need formalist though. Maybe someone who casts earth. My people have been known to be... Less than tolerant.

  11. Darkcrescent

    Darkcrescent Squire Marshal

    I added the Volcano with Corrupt from two markets ago.

    I have 3 locations allocated out of potential 16. With Charis' message, we have but 10 days to scout.

    - Asher
  12. Gandian Ravenscroft

    Gandian Ravenscroft Knight Southern Minnesota Staff Marshal

    A few notes from my reasonably impressive memory:
    • #16: Bone's Cave is not in Corrupt lands, and I think Fern was suggesting it back when folks hadn't quite realized all these locations need to be in Corrupt lands or have strong ties to the Weave. Bone was nutty, but if we start counting the homes of all the nutty people we've ever met, we've got a lot to add to this list.
    • #10: Again, Fern's Quarry isn't in Corrupt land, and while that place is pure evil, its icy denizens are not results of the Weave.
    • #12: If I recall correctly, we witnessed two visions of two different places, and finding the location of either place will be difficult. The exact place where the Coatl and Unicorn were created is unknown, since I believe that took place in a piece of Corrupt land with no defining landmarks, presumably nearby the Architect's domain (given that she was present and we know she doesn't travel far from home). The place where the Coatl and Unicorn captured General Silverthistle was in one of the final battles of the Autumn Wood. I have reason to believe the Shade's castle is located in a part of the Autumn Woods, but beyond that, I have no idea as to the specific spot where the General was taken.
    • #13: The Fake Tomb of Mountainhollower (the place beyond the "Elven Door" where the Crown of the Quelie was being safeguarded) was also not located in Corrupt lands. The vision we witnessed of the Architect tossing aside a worthless decoy Crown of the Quelie did not take place within there, and likely took place in the Architect's domain after the decoy Crown had been brought to her. Again, we know that the Architect herself wouldn't stray that far away from her safe haven, especially while the far-more-martially-capable Hunter and Shade were still around to do so in her stead.
    Things to consider.

    ~ Gandian
  13. AllianceCHI

    AllianceCHI Baron


    Dang, that takes care of most of my ideas...

    Most of the stuff we handled prior to Gandian and Asher's arrival was only tangentially related to the corrupt and most of our corrupt "victories" involved only eeking out a few successful defenses of the areas we tenuously managed to hang on to.

    I have a few resources from the crown and "the bad old days" I'll throw at this.

    Gandian, I have a terrible idea, can I bounce it off you in private? I don't want to sound too stupid in public.


  14. Darkcrescent

    Darkcrescent Squire Marshal


    As you were around during my younger days you may be able to help pinpoint some of the locations mentioned above; or if you remember any others.

  15. Gandian Ravenscroft

    Gandian Ravenscroft Knight Southern Minnesota Staff Marshal

    Potential other locations, if we can wrangle enough people:
    • The location where the Shade's True Body was destroyed.
    • The Corrupted area around where Charis' egg was safeguarded, which was the same place Corrupt were rifted by Lok away from.
    • The location where the adventurers first encountered the Corrupt Unicorn, where the Wolfkin Pack said the Unicorn tended to gravitate back towards.
    • The location where the adventurers prevented the Coatl from erecting a Greater Node.
    • Right turn at the fork in the road: The Corrupted area around where the Dagger of Navir was safeguarded.
    • Left turn at the fork in the road: The area where the adventurers first encountered a large Corrupt node (which was black rather than the typical white, and if I recall Fern's analysis, appeared to be of a material of significant mineral value, unlike most nodes you see). Man, that was my first adventuring gathering, and yet I still remember it clear as day... Ryuhoshi running out of Shatters and Destroys for the Node, Gabriel setting up the explosive trap instead, Sae Azaka hugging the Node and kicking said trap to set it off on the Node, Jonah Stone getting left behind as we got out of there... good times!
    I can likely give directions to people if they want to pursue any of those spots. Let's look into as many places as possible!

    ~ Gandian

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