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  1. Gandian Ravenscroft

    Gandian Ravenscroft Knight Chicago Staff Marshal


    As a thank you for all of the assistance that we have shown them and their nation, the Freedom Coalition has provided a number of useful Magic Items, Ritual Scrolls, and components. These were delivered late in the evening at the last gathering, and those of us still awake at the time determined that holding an auction for these items between the gatherings would be best.

    The terms of this auction will be as follows:
    - Bids must be publicly posted here; I will not be taking private bids
    - Bids must be in increments of at least 1 gold
    - The auction will end at 11:59:59 PM on Wednesday, May 29th.
    - However, if any bids are made on an item/scroll in the last 30 minutes, the auction will continue for that item/scroll for an additional 30 minutes past the original deadline, with additional bids during this time further extending the deadline. (For example: A bid is made on an item at 11:55 PM. The new deadline for bids on that item becomes 12:25 AM rather than 11:59 PM. Another bid is made at 12:10 AM, extending the deadline to 12:40 AM. No other bids are made by 12:40, then the person that bid at 12:10 is the winner).
    - If you win something, your payment is expected to be present at the next gathering of the adventurers in Erabella (June 14th). If you are unable to attend, you may have another party pay for and collect your winnings in your stead. If you do not have another party pay for your winnings in your stead, your bid will be forfeit and the item will go to the second highest bidder.
    - The final pool of coin from the auction will be divided among those present at the May gathering. A list of names was gathered earlier and will be posted once the auction is complete to confirm everyone is appropriately accounted for. If you are unable to attend the next gathering in June, another party can be given your share to be given to you at a later date.

    I will do my best to keep the listing updated with the current bid, but it may be in your best interest to read through the bidding rather than relying on the listing in the event the listing is out of date.

    If you have questions as to what a ritual does, I would recommend checking this helpful listing that will give you a bit more information.

    Item #1 - A necklace of large, red and green beads
    Effects: Magic Evocation (C), Explosive Demise (C)
    Duration: 40 Days of Use
    Tied closely to Evodia (LCO)
    SOLD: 2 gold to Locke

    Item #2 - Green glass bauble on a leather cord
    Effects: 1/ever Elemental Manipulation (C), 2/day Counterspell (C)
    Duration: 40 Days of Use
    Tied closely to Evodia (LCO)
    SOLD: 8 gold to Vaelin

    Item #3 - Wooden wand with white clay handle
    Effects: 1/day Channel Health (E), 1/day Retribution (E)
    Duration: 40 Days of Use
    Will easily Travel the Mists
    SOLD: 7 gold to Locke

    Item #4 - Braided necklace of golden chains
    Effects: Jack of All Trades (C), 1/day Recharge Prowess (C)
    Duration: 40 Days of Use
    Will easily Travel the Mists
    SOLD: 8 gold to Liam

    Note for Items #5, #6, #7: These items are small crystals that contain magical enchantments within them that a Formalist can transfer onto a different item. Think of them as “pre-cast” rituals on a valid item type of your choice. Once the magic is transferred out of them onto the new target, it will stay in place and cannot be shifted to another item.

    Item #5 - Small crystal (must be transferred to a WEAPON of any kind)
    Effects: 1/day Memory Strike (C), Perfect Riposte (C)
    Duration: 40 Days of Use
    Will easily Travel the Mists
    SOLD: 20 gold to Iganeous

    Item #6 - Small crystal (must be transferred to a WEAPON of any kind)
    Effects: 2/day Assassin’s Edge (E), 1/day Magic Imbuement (C)
    Duration: 40 Days of Use
    Will easily Travel the Mists
    SOLD: 9 gold to Bruisey

    Item #7 - Small crystal (must be transferred to a suit of ARMOR, see Flaw)
    Effects: Armored Shell (E)
    Duration: 40 Days of Use
    Flaw: Can only be transferred to a suit of armor that is 30 Points or smaller
    Will easily Travel the Mists
    SOLD: 2 gold to Azeban



    Poison Cache (G) - SOLD - 4 gold to Ragnarok
    Poison Trigger (G) - SOLD - 6 gold to Ragnarok
    Summon Extraplanar Creature (C) - SOLD - 3 gold to Kallith
    Ritual of WOE (E) - SOLD - 6 gold to Kallith
    Perfect Riposte (G) - SOLD - 3 gold to Cass
    Trap Avoidance (G) - SOLD - 3 gold to Gandian
    Heal Golem (C) - SOLD - 2 gold to Zen
    Stalwart Shield (G) - SOLD - 11 gold to Kallith
    Spirit Recall (E) - SOLD - 2 gold to Jamina
    Strengthened Blow (G) - SOLD - 1 gold to Vaelin
    Sorcerous Triage (E) - SOLD - 12 gold to Gandian


    We also have a great number of Traveling components available. Another announcement regarding the purchase of these will be made separately at a soon but later date.

    Let the bidding begin!

    May your Words have Power and your Memories be Knowledge,
    ~ Gandian Ravenscroft
    Magus of Tempered Rage
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  2. Gandian Ravenscroft

    Gandian Ravenscroft Knight Chicago Staff Marshal

    1 gold for Item #4
    1 gold for Sorcerous Triage
    1 gold for Trap Avoidance
    1 gold for Poison Trigger
    1 gold for Summon Extraplanar Creature

    ~ Gandian
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  3. Bigens73

    Bigens73 Artisan

    2 gold on sourcerous triage

    2 gold on summon extra planner creature.

    1 gold on Ritual of WOE
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  4. airkshil

    airkshil Artisan

    To be completely transparent, there was also a ritual of Merchant's Insight but it was decided that it would be to everyone's benefit to cast it on the tavern. The ritual and the components to cast it were set aside in the town box and we will do our best to have it cast at the June gathering.

    Also, 2 gold for the poison cache.

    Zen Mallowbrooks
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  5. Bigens73

    Bigens73 Artisan

    Wait wait I'm still at 1 gold thought you bid 1 Gandian so uped it sorry.


    PS reading is still hard yes I'm at 2 gold on the summon extra planner and the sourcerous triage
  6. Azeban

    Azeban Newbie

    4 gold each on #6 and sorcerous triage, 2 gold on #7
  7. KyleSchmelz

    KyleSchmelz Fighter

    Five gold on item number four.

  8. Darkcrescent

    Darkcrescent Knight Chicago Staff Marshal

    #5– 2g
    Stalwart Shield - 2g
  9. Lurin

    Lurin Duke

    Item #2 - 1 Gold
    Item #4 - ah never mind I can't match Liam's money, plus he could write a mean song about me.
    Item #5 - 3 Gold
    Summon Extraplanar creature - 3 gold
    Heal Golem - 1 Gold
    Stalwart Shield - 3 Gold
    Sorcerous Triage - 5 Gold
  10. Item #1 - 1 Gold
    Item #2 - 2 Gold
    Item #4 - 6 Gold
    Item #5 - 4 Gold
    Stalwart Shield - 4 Gold
    Strengthened Blow - 1 Gold
  11. KyleSchmelz

    KyleSchmelz Fighter

    8 gold on item 4!

  12. Roff

    Roff Newbie

    3 gold item 3
  13. Darkcrescent

    Darkcrescent Knight Chicago Staff Marshal

    #5 - 5g

  14. eärendur

    eärendur Newbie

    I'll bid a gold on the spirit recall scroll

  15. airkshil

    airkshil Artisan

    2 gold for the heal golem scroll and 1 gold for the perfect riposte.

    Zen Mallowbrooks
  16. Ragnarok

    Ragnarok Scout Marshal

    6 gold for item #5

  17. Alan Ford

    Alan Ford Newbie

    1 gold for item #6
  18. Lurin

    Lurin Duke

    7 Gold for item #5
    5 gold on the stalwart shield scroll

  19. Ragnarok

    Ragnarok Scout Marshal

    8 for #5

  20. Lurin

    Lurin Duke

    10 Gold for #5, because I like making big moves!

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