Fatespinner's room

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The Fatespinner's chambers consist of two decent sized rooms: her office and her bedroom. They are located on the third floor of the Earthwaeavers' enclave in Calenhelm and overlook both the park where the enclave is located and the inner courtyard, where the permanent earth circle of power is located.

A page enters the office and leaves yet another note on the cluttered desk. The room is dark and has been empty for several days now. The boy heaves a sigh, wishing for Zanthia's safe return and leaves the room, closing the door behind him.
Zanthia enters her room, thankful to finally be home. She's a little worse for the wear, but nothing that can't be healed. As she lights some candles, a trail of guild members follow her into her office. They have all been talking since the moment she arrived at the enclave. She walks swiftly over to her private bedroom. "I will hear you all in just a moment. Please let me at least get changed." With that she quickly goes through the door, closing it firmly behind her.

Zanthia is grateful for the quiet (mostly, she can still hear them talking in her office). She lights some candles and then finds come clean, dry clothes, laying them on her bed she very tempted to do the same with her tired muscles. Instead, she turns to another cabniet and draws out a vial. Drinking it, her scratches and bruises heal and fade away.

A light knock on the door tell her that the third floor attendant has arrived with her hot water, linens and tea. Letting him in, he sets them on her table. "Thank-you." Zanthia says as the Initiate turns to leave.

He stops mid-stride and looking at her says, "I am glad you are back, and ok."

Zanthia smiles at the youth, "Thank-you. So am I." The boy grins then scurries out the door.

Zanthia proceeds to change and bathe, enjoying the hot water. Then takes a deep breath before entering the shouting match that has just broken out on the other side of her door.
When Zanthia enters her room she immediatley understands the commotion. Standing amid the many earth casters is the massive frame of the Lion Saar Maji, Farr'Shen. He stands, arms crossed and staring staright at the Fatespinner. He ignores the words of the others and takes a step forward. "ENOUGH" he bellows as much as growls, quieting the room.

"Lady Fatespinner" he begins "Excuse the intrusion, but Az'Caine, ArchMage of the Arcane Sanctum and Regent of Calandonia requires your presence immediatley at the Conclave Penta. And before you ask, no, I am not authrorized to tell you what this is about. If you please" he says and motions to the door.
Zanthia is surprised to see Farr'Shen there. Whatever Az'caine wants, it must be import to send someone of such high rank.

"Yes, of course. One moment while I grab my cloak." She rushes back into her private room and grabs her cloak, putting out the candles on the way. She looks longingly at her bed, then heads out once again.
Weekends mean nothing in the upper running of Calenhelm, especially when the king is missing. Zanthia had spent almost all of the last two days in various meetings that bored her nearly to tears. The constant bickering of the nobility had given her a splitting headache.

After a good night's rest, and some lovely herbal tea, she was ready to get back to more important matters. The top paper in her pile was a request from Mar to see her. "Oh, shoot!" She cursed herself and immediately called for the third floor attendent to send for Mar. While waiting, she set into reading the correspondenace and reports that had accumulated on her desk. Even though the Masters would have taken care of most of this by now, she still had to know as much as possible.

A few minutes later, there came the expected knock on the door. "Enter" she called.

The door opened and a messenger announced Mar. "Thank-you. Would you please see some hot tea is sent up?" The messenger nodded and closed the door.

Zanthia gestured for Mar to sit in the comfortable looking chair across from her.
Mar bows and sits across from her "thank you for seeing me fatespinner i know how busy you are" he offers her a fine rabbit fur "a gift for you the finest fur from my last hunting trip" placing the fur too the side he pulls out his golden arrow "I believe this arrow holds a malicious spirit i was hoping for your help either locking the arrow away or removing the spirit" he says softly "I can't allow it to hurt anyone else"
"A spirit in your arow? That is unusal." Zanthia replies. She is interupted by a knock at the door. "Enter" she calls.

A plump, older human woman bearing a tray comes into the room. Zanthia quickly clears some space on the desk where the woman sets it down. "Thank-you." The woman bows a bit and leaves.

Zanthia lifts the lid of the pot and smells the tea. "Just right. Would you like some? It is awfully cold today." She looks thoughtful as she pours the tea and offers a cup to Mar.

"What makes you believe this?"
Mar accepts the tea "thank you fate spinner. the reason i suspect as much is this" he pulls out a small book and passes it too her "its a book i aquired in pasrsons breech I believe the golden silver arrow i posses is the arrow from the story" he looks at the arrow warily "and if it is then it holds the spirit of an evil man and will cause whoever holds it to stray from their path to often fatal ends" he looks her in the eyes "you can see i'm sure why if this story is true I want to take steps to keep this arrow from harming anyone else"
Zanthia takes the book a flips through it. "This is an interesting book. Would you mind leaving these with me for a few days? I believe I have seen reference to something like this in our library. I would like to look into it more myself."
Mar nods "I wouldn't mind at all" he says smiling slightly "though i would love to see any information you turn up....i've found myself growing quite fond of reading and knowledge this past month"
Zanthia nods. "Of course. I will have someone find you when I have something."

There is a knock at the door. "Enter." The third floor attendant sticks his head in the door.

"Excuse me Fatespinner. The masters are waiting on you."

Zanthia glances at the old clock on the top of a book case. "Oh, shoot. The meeting." She stands and puts the arrow and book into a cabinet and locks it. "They will be safe here." She grabs a bundle of papers from her desk. "If you will excuse me Mar. Alex can show you the way out." Zanthia rushes out the door and down the hall.

The attendant, Alex, looks to Mar. "If you will follow me?"
Mar nods "of course alex" he says softly following him "everyone seems a little more on edge than usual did something happen in the city while i was away hunting?" since arriving back from the forests mar had noticed that many had the look of scared animals about them on edge waiting for some unseen danger. It was much the same look the heros of parsons got most nights during the more active times of the month.
Alex leads Mar back to the main floor. "There's always something happening in the city. Though if you have noticed anything, I would attibute it to the disappearance of the king. That has made people nervous a political fighting is always bad for the common people."

They stop in the main hall. "Well, if there's anything else you need before you leave," Alex points to a counter in the hall with many people of various race moving around it. "They can direct you. Farewell."

With that, Alex heads back to the stairs to return to his post.
Zanthia returns to her room with even more papers than she left with. She drops them on her desk and begins reading and organizing them. After writing a few letters and summoning the third floor attendent to have them sent, she goes back to the cabinet where the book and arrow are locked away. Opening the cabinet, she removes the book, then locks it again. She grabs a few scrolls from her desk and heads off for the library.
You hear a scream inside your mind! It's Nadja's voice. ASTRAL.....TRAPPED is all you can make out.

The Fatespinner feels several of her magical defences go off immediately. She then hears a crash from outside her door as if someone had just dropped a tray of dishes.
"Crap." Zanthia says aloud and jumps out of her chair, scattering the notes she was going over from her research in the library. She runs to the door and throws it open. Seeing one of the kitchen staff unconcious on the floor with the tray she was carring scattered all over the floor.

"Double crap." She quickly checks to make sure the woman is ok, then runs to the room next door where Nadja has been unconcious. Not bothering to knock, knowing that just about everyone would have been knocked out by the scream, Zanthia runs into the room.

continued in Nadja's room
After ensuring Nadja is ok, and once again leaving her in Mater Quynn's care, Zanthia returns to her room to being researching the short message. She grabs a notebook from her desk and once again heads to the library.
Today finds Zanthia seated at her desk admist piles of books and scrolls. To her right a large, heavy tome is open to a page yellowed with age. On her left, she is busily scratching down information from the book onto a peice of parchment. Finally finishing, she drops the quill back in the ink well, and closes the book. She gets up to stretch and looks out a window. She scans the crowd for a moment then goes over to the door, calling for the attendant.

A young mystic wood elf girl appears at the door. "Yes, Fatespinner?"

"Has Fredrick arrived with the Biata that was bitten yet?"

"Not that I am aware of Fatespinner."

They should have been here days ago. Where could they have gone? Zanthia thinks. "Have some runners go looking for them, or word of them."

"Yes, Fatespinner." The girl says as she leaves.
Not much later, Noman arrives at the Fatespinner's room and calmly knocks on the door. As soon as he received acknowledgement, he would ask where the map the Fatespinner had found was currently located--he wished to do some more work on translating it, if possible.

((OOG: I'd like an image of the map PMed to me for this purpose, if that's acceptable.))
Once Noman reaches the thrid floor, he is stopped by the attendant. After identifying himself, he is escorted to the Fatespinner's room. The attendant knocks on the door. "Enter" is heard from the other side. The attendant opens the door and requests an audience for Noman.

"Of course," Zanthia replies. The attendant steps aside to let Noman enter, then returns to her post by the stairs.

"Noman," Zanthia greets him warmly and gestures to a chair for him to sit. "I understand you are looking for the maps? They were entrusted to Fredrick and Mobeus to deceipher together. I have not seen Fredrick since Her Grace's Masquerade. You may find Mobeus at the Celestial guild though."

OOG: if you want a copy of the maps, you actually have to draw them yourself.

"Now tell me, how are your studies coming along?"
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