Fatespinner's room

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Zanthia is pacing her room today. Three days ago a runner told her that Fredrick had finally arrived and put Isawda in a room under watch. Still he had not come to see her.

"Perhaps it is time to go looking for them myself." she says aloud to herself as she heads for her door.
The Grand Duchess's page, having come from the training area, next finds himself outside the Fatespinner's door having been assured by a young Earthweaver that her Ladyship was in her office. Knocking loudly he waits to be admitted by the lovely lady.
Zanthia's search for Fredrick two days ago had been fruitless. While she had been assured by others that they had seen him, she was unable to find him. Having no more time to waste on a wild goose chase, Zanthia returned to her studies.

"Enter" she calls to the knock at the door, while finishing writing on yet another scroll.
Fredrick appears at the door with the runner who was sent to find him.
"Sorry for the delay we got a bit detained"

The guard then escorts Ithawda into the room and presents her to the fatespinner
Zanthia looks up with a puzzled look on her face as she watches Fredrick push past the stunned page wearing Grand Duchess Victora's colours. Watching the page for a moment and seeing no reaction, she stands and goes over to Fredrick and a very pale-faced Ithawda and guides her to a chair before she falls over.

"You do not look healthy at all. You need to rest. Before I let you go, can you tell me exactly what happened?"
There is a quick rap on the door as a runner comes rushing into the room.

"Excuse me." He says timidly, coming up to Fredrick and holding the note out to him. "This is for you. And there is a messenger from the Duke of Fellcall waiting on you in the antechamber by the desk."

The boy continues to hold out the note and appears to we waiting on a response from Fredrick.
Fredrick takes the message. "Thanks I will get to this in a sec once I am done here."
"Fatespinner it appears that just at the party the other night Ithawda was bitten by the vampire that showed up. I wanted to get you to look at the bite right away to see if there is any thing that can be done for her. I also want to ask if there is any way to find out anything about this vampire from his bite."

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After a short converstion with Fredrick, Zanthia once again takes her seat across from Ithawda, waiting for a reponse to her question.
The page stares stunned at the door for a moment, still in shock that the Earthweaver had marched right past him with a Biata in tow, not even so much as a 'by your leave' in his direction. Slowly recovering from his shock, he once again knocks on the Fatespinner's door so that he can deliver the Grand Duchess's message.
'What happened?!', Ithawda sputters, outraged. Looking bedraggled, still wearing her outfit from the masquerade minus the wig & mask, she is pale & tired.
'Were you not there?', she hisses, fury sparking from her eyes.
'If I'd have known that not bowing to Her Grace', said with disdain, 'or speaking out against her actions would have gotten me broughten up on such ludicrous charges, I'd not have attended.'
Visibly settling herself, like a bird straightening her feathers, Ithawda draws a deep breath with eyes closed, she regains her composure.
'I'll tell you what happened, from my point of view. But first, since I've not seen anything but the inside of a lightless, airless room, I would appreciate a chance to clean up, change my gear, see my mate, & be told the truth about what has happened, what I'm really being held for. Not some ridiculous story about being bitten. But if you don't want this bandied about town may I suggest dealing with the pages & send them away. Warn her grace to be wary of her "guard". He should be dealt with swiftly.'
Zanthia is visibly surpised by Ithawda's rudeness.

Standing, she says, "As I told Fredrick, you have been bitten, but not turned. Since you don't seem to remember that, we can assume the vampire in question used his mental abilites to erase it from your memory.

You are not a prisoner and have not been held. Fredrick brought you to us to ensure your well-being. I will also remind you that wether or not you like a noble is irrelevant; you still show respect to thier position. Openly sladering any of them can get you thrown into the city jail, so you may consider it wise to hold your tounge in ear-shot of others as well."

"Your mate is a well-respected member of my guild. I suggest for his sake you show some respect inside these walls as well." Zanthia nods towards the door. "The attendant at the top of the stairs can direct you to wherever you wish to go."

She turns to Fredrick, "Fredrick, please send in the Grand Duchess' messenger on your way out. He has been waiting long enough." With that, she resumes her seat behind her desk, going back to her work. The conversation is clearly over.
"My apolgies, Lady Zanthia." Ithawda says cooly as she stands. "I meant no disrespect to you or the guild. I'm still not used to dealing with people of higher stations. I'm not sure how to handle them just yet & I often have difficulty telling noble from self inflated commoners.", she says eyeing up Fredrick.

"It would have been nice if someone had explained the situation to me from the beginning. And I believe I was held under guard in a room. No said anything about being held for my well being. Certainly felt like I was under arrest. No bath or request about my needs."

"I have one quick request, my lady. Do you have a Biata in the guild, besides my mate, of similiar level or higher than him? "

As she moves to the door, awaiting Zanthia's response, "So was I falsely under guard & held against my will Fredrick?" she glares angrily in his direction. "Is that grounds for something? Kidnapping perhaps? I'll remember that in future next time someone tries to arrest me. How is someone to tell when they are legitimately under guard if anyone can arrest you?"

"Nobles & self-important people..." she mutters under her breath.
Fredrick turns to Ithawda and says on the way out of the room "As I told you when I put you under guard you had been bitten. I f I see anything that affect the safety of all I will act on it accordantly. As for the delay well you have my apologies."

On the way out Fredrick turn to the messenger " You can go in now."

Fredrick then heads with the letter he received earlier to his room to write a reply.
Zanthia looks up from her work at Ithawda. She studies the biata for a moment then sighs.

"Thank-you. That is a good start." she pauses a moment, "There are a few biata in the guild. I will see what I can arrange for you, but I cannot make any promises as you are not a member yourself. I will send word to Isawda's room if I can help you."

"In the mean time, please feel free to make use of our facilites. As you have lost a fair amount of blood, you will need to rest and get plenty of fluids. You will not be able to use our worskhops or attend classes, but the public section of the library is open to you. If you wish, you can learn about the nobles of the realm and our customs there. We also have basic information on our land's laws. You may wish to familiarize yourself with those as well."

"Again, the attendent near the stairs can direct you anywhere you wish to go."

After a moment, Zanthia returns once again to her work.
In the hall outside the Fatespinner's room, Ithawda approaches the attendant at the top of the stairs. "Could you direct me to Isawda rooms and the library, please?"
After his reply, "Could a message be sent to the highest ranked Biata present in the guild that I would like an audience with them? When that person is found or available please have a messenger look for me either in the library or Isawda's rooms."

Ithawda pauses as she is about to walk away, "Also where could I find Gerridan? And would it possible to send a runner for Third and have him meet me here somewhere."
After being advised by the exiting Frederick that he may enter now, Mathew, squared his shoulders and enters the Fatespinner's room. Bowing before her, he says "Lady Fatespinner, I have a message..."

Just then Thomas comes bursting into the room, he obviously ran the entire way from Her Grace's wing of the palace..."Lady Fatespinner" he gasps while trying to bow without falling face first on the floor from his sudden stop "Her Grace entreats you to come with all haste with healers to her rooms in the Palace....someone has been murdered on her door and a young Lady-in-Waiting is unconscious." He breathes heavily while bowing for her waiting for her response.

Mathew once again stands there in shock, his message undelivered, but which now seems to be less important given the news that Thomas just delivered.
Zanthia quickly stands and grabs her bag, spell book and cloak. "Let us depart at once then." As she heads out the door she calls the the attendant to get a coach ready.

After a quick check at the circle of power in the courtyard, and finding no spirits, the three meet Zanthia's coach at the main door and are swiftly on thier way to the palace.
After a full evening and some light rest. Fredrick walks to the Fatespinners chambers the next morning and Knocks on the door.
"Enter," Zanthia calls aloud.

As the door opens she looks up from her work. "Ah, Fredrick. Thank-you for coming. Have a seat and show me this thing you have aquired."
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