Fatespinner's room

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Hearing a commotion in the hall, and an all too familiar roar, Zanthia gets up from her desk and out into the hall to investigate. Through the windows looking accross the courtyard, she can see the large forms and distinctive form of Farr'Shen terrifying the attendant at the top of the stairs and hurries down the hall.
Taking a break from the endless paperwork on her desk, Zanthia stands up, stretches, and walks out to the hall, in her hand a sealed note. Taking the long way around to the stairs, through the windows she can observe the Aspirants, Initiates, and Keepers practicing their craft in the courtyard. In the center is the permanent Circle of Power, for now lying dormant.

As Zanthia reaches the stairs, she speaks with the attendant, who notices the paper in her hand. "Fatespinner," he addresses her, bowing low. "Did you need that delivered somewhere?"

"Yes," she replies, "But I think I will bring it down myself. I could use the break."

"Of course." The attendant replies. Zanthia begins down the stairs to the main enterance to find a messenger.
Arriving at the Fatespinner's door, Quynn knocks and says "It is Quynn youngling, are you free for a moment" and waits patiently for a response with letter in hand.
Mobeus stands patiently by Quynn, keeping him smile bright and outlook cheery. He adjusts his cloak ever so gently at his neckline, and places the rest of his parchments in his bag should an audience be granted. Brushing off any minor dirt that may be on his person, he attempts to be as presentable as possible given the situation.
Zanthia answers the door herself today, a smile on her face on seeing her friend. "Please come in. Shall we call for some refreshments?" She steps into the hall and stops the next passing servant, requesting snacks and drink be brought up. Once everyone is inside, she comes back in and closes the door.

Instead of returning to her seat behind the desk, she takes one of the four a comfortable chairs near the fireplace, inviting the others to do the same.

"What brings you to me today?"

Shortly, a servant slips in the door and places a tray of tea and cookies on the small table between the chairs. Just as quickly she slips out again, nodding at the offered thanks from Zanthia.
"Thank you my dear. Mobeus here wanted to speak to you about one of our beloved EarthWeavers. Here is the letter he wished delivered to your hands. But I brought him along so that he may also speak to you about what prompted this letter and how he would like your help in getting it seen and or heard." Handing the letter over as she takes a seat in one of the chairs nearest the fire, Quynn lets her friend and favorite pupil read the letter.

<letter in PM>
After some much-needed time away, Zanthia is back in her rooms, sifting through the massive piles of papers on her desk.
Having followed the messenger Mar knocks on zanthias door quickly looking in a nearby mirror to make sure he was presentable as he waits.
Mar enters and bows smiling slightly "its nice to see you fatespinner" he says standing off to the side "you sent for me?"
Zanthia looks up, "Mar, yes I did. I have your things to return to you." She opens a drawer and digs out a key. Walking over to the cabinet against the wall, she opens it and removes Mar's golden arrow and book. She places them on a nearby table and locks the cabinet again.

"I am sorry we weren't able to find more useful information. You may wish to try the library at the Arcane Sanctum. It has a much larger collection than ours. What ever you deceide to do, these things are worth keeping."
Mar nods "thank you mistress fate spinner both for looking into them and keeping them safe" he says bowing again "it goes without saying but i feel it proper to express if you need something from me just ask and i'll do my best" he takes the items and heads for the door.
The young acolyte, having sent other attendants to find Isawda and Frederick, knocks on the Fatespinners door. "My Lady Fatespinner, Master Quynn is requesting your presence in her study if you are free". He then waits patiently for a reply.
Zanthia drops her quill, puts out the candles, grabs her bag and hurries to the door. Master Qyunn would not call if it was not important; the letters would have to wait.

A quick glance back into the room to ensure nothing is left burning, and she closes her door. Walking alongside the initiate to Master Quynn's door, the initiate knocks.
Zanthia is going through her mail today, as usual, when a seal she hans't seen in a while catches her eys. Quickly she opens the missive and reads it. Still reading, she gets out of her chair, and hurries to the door, opening it and calling for the attendant.

"Yes, Fatespinner," the boy says as he arrives.

"Send for Fredrick, quickly. I must speak to him at once."

The boy nods and goes running off.
Zanthia hears the knock on the door. "Come in" she calls. She is kneeling before a large chest that sits open in the middle of the room. There is stuff piled all around it. The rest of the room is incomplete disarray. It appears as if every cabinet and drawer in the room is open and has been searched.
"Fredrick, yes I did." Zanthia gets up and dusts herself off, tossing a few things back into the chest. "I have some information for you."

She clears some stuff off a chair, "Have a seat."

Then goes over to her desk and picks up a message. "Master Terrance Grey at the enclave in Enstad specializes in the fey realm. I asked him if he had any information on Duskholm. It's old, but it could be useful." Zanthia pauses to sit and quickly reads over the message again. "He says there is an ancient earth cirlce located in a graveyard outside of Duskholm. This is important becuase if any of the party going to rescue the king should die in the fey realm, thier spirits would be unable to traverse the portal to return to our realm."

She pauses as if gathering her thoughts. "Obviously we do not have control over this circle, but there is a way to resanctify it for your use. I understand you have achieved formal magic? Are you ready to try your hand at a simple ritual?"
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