Highlights March 22-24


Hi all,

I know that Staff usually puts up this thread but I figured I'd get the ball rolling.

Thank you so much to our NPC's and to Plot for a really fun event. You all work tirelessly to keep us all entertained. Here are some of my favourite moments from the event.

  • All the new players. You all were a ton fun and I look forward to seeing you guys in the future.
  • Aram. Thank you for putting up with my minor torture of you. You're hat removal melancholy is hilarious.
  • Vhossek returns! It was great to see you again Rob.
  • Chad- Dude, your sound effects were on point. The tree spirit voices were creepy as hell. The cabin voice I heard before the tree. I was standing in the cabin and people were talking and I started to hear freaking voices. I legit thought I was sleep deprived and going ******* nuts. Really cool effect.
  • The patherghast's were cool. I haven't seen one in so long, it was fun to have the 'don't say it' panic again.
  • Mike your character is hilarious.
  • Brooks blubbering and crying. It was pathetic and fantastic. Also when I said "tell him what you told me' and you said- 'Okay, Ow Ow Ow Ow OW OW ow'
  • Lou- You were my favourite part of the weekend. I've never wanted a rando NPC to become a regular character more in my life. Travis was OOG, marshalling and you could hear the occasional giggle or ' HA' from way back.
  • Travis, you know what you did. Thanks man. I failed but it was really really cool. I'm still beating myself up about figuring it out on Sunday morning.
  • Matt thinking he was a high ogre. I come to him with an official "I need a knight' problem and out walks Mathis and starts asking my prisoner if he should bite the other prisoners knuckles off.
  • Gabe and Kristen- I had a blast spending time with you both. Kristen is a badass. I hope you all know this.
  • Pathergaunt fight was a ton of fun. Chris smoked me in that fight. T'was great.
  • Everyone has really stepped up their costuming. LOVE IT.
I'm sure there was more but I'm tired and foggy brained. Thank you again everyone!


There were so many highlights! I had a fantastic time at this event:

-I loved hanging out with Kristen and Gabe! So glad you guys made it out to our event. Kristen, you saved my life SO MANY TIMES. <3
-Major thanks to Matt Waller who brought his tea kettle to share in the tavern.
-Zane's Trace cabin life forever!
-I had so much fun adventuring with the Pride and doing Dryad stuff. I hope I can lend the Pride my clubs in battle again soon!
-Lou was amazing as our warped Dryad brother. Brooks, your wails were haunting and, like, hurt my soul.
-The Pathergasts and gaunt were terrifying and exhilarating to battle. I've never gone into a death count in the game before, but that last battle got me twice with 2 killing blows. Great work, plot!
-The light up obelisks were soooooo coooooooooool. Thanks, Chad!!
-So happy to see so many new players :)
-I also really enjoyed the mineral elemental mod. I thought I was going to be encased in crystal the rest of my life.
-I *guess* Mathis was alright believing he was a high ogre :D. But he hit Jote with one of his stupid metal swords and she'll probably never forgive him.
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This event was great! I really enjoyed everything but the weather, which nothing can be done about any which way. Some personal highlights:
  • All the Elemental War plot that was advanced. I can't say too much more than that but it was a great roleplay opportunity. Shout-out to Kristen for going along with me even when she thought she was gonna be murdered.
  • Aram's wizard, Gafaldin, was fantastic.
  • The Pantherghast and Haunting plotlines were very well done and enjoyable, and being able to finish it in one go was satisfying.
  • I am very impressed by all the newer adventurers, from costuming to in-game behavior.
  • Mathis thinking he was a high ogre was one of the high points in Taios' entire life. I could not stop laughing to myself the whole evening about it. Especially when I could hop on the 'racism' thing when people mistook his accent for High Orc.
There are a great deal of other parts that were extremely enjoyable that I am sure I'm missing, but overall it was a great event.

Baylan aka Taios


  • First time any real interaction at all with Dustie!
  • First time any in-depth interaction with Taios, Red, Pebbles, Nyio, and Lilith!
  • Great roleplays with many of the new players, including those that aren't "new" but I hadn't met yet. I just have to parrot what everyone else has been saying, from characters to costumes I was amazed and impressed with everyone!
  • The satisfaction of being monumentally better with dual wielding than I was on this day (er, yesterday) last year my first joining the SoMi group. With the obvious proviso that I have infinitely further to go before I consider myself "skilled," but I want to give serious thanks in- and out-of-game to Naomi, Inger, Ethan, Gabe, and Dave for helping me to improve. I actually felt like I was contributing instead of being a hindrance.
  • Ardos' remarkably effective pep talk shortly after we got to the safety of the General Store / Tavern on Friday night.
  • The "aha" moment during the Fire Elementals mod where I forgot I had a skill that made the rest of the ordeal far easier.
  • The gentleman (Chris) who politely asked to join us at lunch, introduced himself as a member of the Planar Knights, and immediately responded to my hostile look by saying to everyone else, "Let me tell you all why he's looking at me like that." :D
  • The chance to take a commanding role, whether by accident or design, when the farmer's son came running into Steepfall and we had to go rescue his mother from the attacking orcs. Not saying I made all the right choices, but we all survived and all the orcs didn't, and the darling mother :p told us about a legend of Steepfall that I believe helped fit all the other cognitive pieces of our puzzle together, so I call that a solid win.
  • Bantering, in general. Always fun.
  • I discovered that, unlike Valbrough where I know where everything is and could work around Ilarion's "injury," having never been to Steepfall before, I was supremely near-useless during any mods in the dark. So, uh, massive thanks to Becky for being my seeing-eye bunny and to Zak for being my seeing-eye Lun.
  • If I wore a hat it would always be off to the NPC and Plot Teams. There's always an option to do just the minimum necessary in a pinch situation when you're representing such a variety of enemies and opponents and neutral parties. But SoMi never does. The setups for different locations, the makeup and prosthetics and costumes (including wigs) for all the varying parts of these stories, even different voices and mannerisms and different ways that different enemies attack. We appreciate you guys and gals so much!


Well, I can't talk about my in game stuff since I was an npc, but I can talk about my faviorte behind the scenes.

Cory asks on how exactly the "strike" keyword works.

Lou "oh well it works like old school massive"

Cory then looks more confused. I laugh, and say "Cory doesn't know what massive is, so you can't use it for strike"

Then sleepy Lou proceeded to describe what massive is, instead of talking a bout strike.

It just about killed me.

I did love seeing all the great new people, and all the great costumes. Longest dwarves beard I have ever seen.


Oh. And Using the CMA free play on my phone to bill the 10th level in PC caster was great!

Trying to do it with pen and paper like in the old days is just for the birds


So I’m staff but I’m going to throw a few in here (some names and details have been omitted to protect the innocent)

The lesser undead run. Classic. Whole town squaring off against a overwhelming force of undead. Not all dangerous on their own but a mixed bag of suck that can change at any moment. This fight got a bit tense many times and the pressure was on. I thought players did a great job scrambling and adjusting to the threats. The role play of the assault to take the town, and the following push out of the tavern to rescue the caravan was great to watch. It was organized and strong. Made me proud.

Pathergast bedtime. Admittedly it’s rare for us to attack bedtime-ish but it does happen. For those new to the chapter know that the random phantom murder kitty in the door is NOT normal. Fighting people in their pjs. Watching people dive for cover or weapons. Setting up sentries. It is exciting.

Late night undead. The random scraps of undead still lurking in town making a bathroom run resemble an armored assault with the number of people you need to take. The one or two brave souls that get caught and suddenly need to pick a direction to run. You all adjusted in an awesome way. I was so happy to see that. Having random things lurking in places like that always makes it feel like a living place. Knowing danger is still around even though the assumption that the chapter is going to bed makes it all feel so much more real an immersive. More than that I saw people taking roleplay steps even when they were pretty certain oog the cost was clear. That’s excellent.

The bandit mod. Louis is my favorite everything when these things happen. Brooks made it loud and interesting. Great roleplay. Just awesome.

The mineral mod. Watching players break down the method of the elementals and exploit it was awesome. The look of fear that showed how dangerous even non-lethal attacks can be,... that suddenly flipped into three people not normally in charge suddenly taking charge to save the day. You guys kick ***.

The mud puddle mod. Frozen hell thanks to the wind but the roleplay of disgust was beyond hilarious.

Ritual roleplay. Our ritual casters have really stepped up their game. It just keeps getting better and better. I’m starting to see ritual kits being built. I can’t wait for what is next.

Dust mod. We don’t have many places in our game world we would ever describe as “nonstandard, unscaled, wear a helmet”. Not only did the players take all the powerful and dangerous “stuff” on the nose and keep going the role play was top notch. Even so far as placing themselves in a great deal of danger for totally legit reasons they only knew IG. Hats off there.

There was tons of good role play I got to be a part of this game. Lots of new people to introduce to our world (it will be different next time I promise). I don’t know what the total number of mods that were run but it was a lot. I think I ran 8-10 outside of town encounters and I think twice that actually took place.

I saw a number of players that have only been with us a short time really start to embrace their character and come into their own. It was awesome to watch.

Huge thanks to Mike, Cory, and Brooks. Plus anyone that NPCed. You make the event dramatically better. There is no substitute for great NPCs.

Thank you for the great times all. I look forward to the next event!