House of The Clan ofThe Fallen Raven

Calan bellies with laughter
"Well, the drink has been finished. Lets go to the tavern shall we?"
Calan fallows jinn to the tavern for the gathering after a few hours he returns.
Calan looks about the room. He felt like he would need to take some sort of gift for the children. He looked about the room before deciding on masks he’d made. He realized if they are sylvanborn then they wouldn’t be able to wear them ever but they could still keep them about as a decoration.
Phalaenopsis poked his head into the room to check who had come back, then left abruptly. He returned a few minutes later, carrying a sturdy bird cage and a medium-sized lumpy sack. "If you're going to be going away for a bit, don't forget to take Split Pea." he said, setting the cage down and placing the sack next to it, "And if you're going to take him, you'll need a cage and some food while you're away. It's already prepared, so you'll just have to feed him, and this much should last about two weeks; give him one chunk in the morning, one in the evening, and one as a treat if you need to send him back here with a message. If you run out and need to send him out to hunt, he'll come back if you do the whistle I taught you, but you might have trouble getting him to go back in the cage."
Rohnan stumbled into the house and looked around at who was home bumping into the door frame as she did so making a loud bang. “Shhhh” she said to it and came further into the house. “‘M sorry” she said to the other two in the house before collapsing into a chair snd awkwardly removing her cloak and kicking off her boots. “ ‘M tired”. She complained when she was free of the bothersome extra stuff she no longer wanted to wear.
Calan raised an eyebrow to the calamity Rohnan was causing at the moment.
“I don’t know that caging will be needed; I feel like split pea can fly freely along with me when I’m walking. I think anyway.”
He looked to where Rohnan was.
“you and me both, I feel like I haven’t had a good sleep in days.”
Rohnan sighed as she looked at Calan. “You have good news though. That’s nice. ‘M happy for you. Though I’m sure the idea of going home is... hard. I was going to say scary but we fight beholders and stuff so probably don’t have the right sense for what’s scary and what’s s’not ‘n stuff.” She sighed again. “M’ tired”
Phalaenopsis raised an eyebrow at Calan. "Hawks are predatory birds, they don't spend all day flying like an albatross. They spend most of it resting between short flights to search for prey. Their talons are sharp, and designed to hold struggling prey while flying and branches with one foot while they rip said prey to pieces so they can eat it. Trust me, you don't want him perching on your shoulder . Take. The. Cage." He gave Calan a light jab in the chest with his finger as he said the last three words, just to drive the point home.

His warning to Calan given, he turned to the exhausted-looking Rohnan. "I think you both got good news, personally, even if Calan's came in the form of a letter and yours came in the form of returned memories. I don't think you're wrong that 'hard' is probably better than 'afraid', though. You've both been away from them for a year, or more, and that's hard to face down. A good sleep will probably clear your head a bit, though, and it looks like you need it. I have some components for a Sleep Elixir, if you'd like one to help you along?"
Rohnan scrunched her brow, “who said my memories came back? I just had a talk with Romilda and ‘tween that ‘n the letter she gave me when she first got here I realize how much... well how... anyway just remindn’ me that I needa go back is all.” She sighed. “But I got so much to do here and it’s all taking forever. Jut feels like no right choice. And I’m definitely afraid to go back. How do you even start that? ‘Hi I’m your mom, you know that but I don’t but your living in my house so I’m just going to kinda assume’.” She shook her head “it’s all just a big mess.”
"Ah, Calan mentioned some of his had come back, and I just figured yours might have, too, and that maybe... I'm sorry." he said, looking at the floor, "But, I think if you took a few days to set things in order as much as possible here, you might feel better about going away for a visit for a week or two."
“Oh, I didn’t expect the poor thing to fly about. I’ve seen other rangers about with hawks resting on their shoulder while they walk, or in their saddles if riding horse.” Calan looks to Rohnan. “Magic is weird. I’ve been reading journals to regain memories maybe that made a difference but who knows.”
“Magic is weird.... I don’ know... part of me was getting used to the idea of not getting back who I was an now I feels like I’m stuck between hoping and not again.” She rubbed her tired eyes. “Maybe going home will change that though. Bein’ there awaking things again” she shrugged, “who knows...”

“Where is your home?” She asked Calan suddenly.
A very tired looking Jinn walks into the house, and dissapeared to his room for a few moments. Coming back out with a fresh change of clothes he smiles at everyone gathered in the house.

"I am off to The Sanctum, I have a few things to check up on, and a request to put in. But I should be back within a few days. Try not to burn the house down while I'm gone."

He grabs his cloak that is hanging on the wall, and walks out the door.
Rohnan looked at Phal and Calan, “You know, whenever he says that, I kinda wanna burn the house down.”
Phalaenopsis shrugged. "I'm sure you could, if you really wanted to; I'm sure some of the supplies I use to make Explosive traps could be used to make sure things catch, but there's also the chance that they simply explode in your face rather than catch fire."
Calan gave a laugh. "I mean it suits my nature to do exactly that but, the house is stone for the most part so really it would be easier to just empty his things onto the porch and set it afire but that might send a different sort of message."
“Hmmm. I wonder if there is just a way to magically conceal the house so he thinks that we burned it down. But maybe that’ll be more of a very specific type of hallucinate....”
The idea amused Calan to be sure. "perhaps it would be easier to just have it tucked away into a pocket realm like what happened with Opiathus. I feel like that could have other advantages too, you know keep out the riff-raff here abouts."

he considered it a moment.

"I wonder if a greater fae could curse a whole land, what if a whole group of people where just cursed into ignoring that a person or place. or to forget as soon as you took your eyes away." a smirk crosses his face.
Rohnan caught on “ohhh that’s mean... I love it.”