House of The Clan ofThe Fallen Raven

Phalaenopsis looked thoughtfully at the floor. "I wonder if there isn't already some place like that? It wouldn't surprise me to learn of it, before I forgot about having learned of it." he said with a chuckle, "But I'm wondering, more, if maybe the reverse might be a thing, too? That a place might be cursed so that once you enter it, you forget that other places exist, I mean."
A voice can be heard coming in through the windows that Jinn always leaves open.

"I can still hear you." Jinn shouts just a few feet down the path from the house.
"and? whats your point?" Calan shouts toward said window. directing his atention more toward Phal and Rohnan "It was more a thought experiment than anything but a man would be tempted thats for sure. "
Jinn chuckles as he walks away from the house.

"Mental note" he said to himself. "Pop into the forest after I return from the sanctum."

After a few moments he was down the path, standing in front of the portal. Jinn took another long look around before sighing and stepping into the portal. A bright flash filled the area, and with that, he was gone.