HQ 608 Tournament Favorites

Air Raksa

Thank You NPCs and HQ Staff!

Cortni is my Alliance-Hero for being an awesome EMT. I thought I really messed myself up, but she helped me out when I needed it. Thank You. :D

Woah… where to start…

Ragnars Spirit Fare-well: What Else was left for Rock to return to Icenia for? Not your standard ritual-funeral. ALL FREAKIN THINGS KHAADIJAH OMG! Had to swallow that grief… for real, it was awesome, thank you., never expected coming away with a new family member. Drinking ragnar’s blood from a big-jug and gorbish blood-wine which killed the iron-bellied orc. Getting lifed with fire from the past… spooky. Crying. Getting HOOKED UP by Gebous with the Top Hat (Fashion for the stylish Cannibal of 608).

Koshi FREAKIN PERMED Friday Night!?! Scary Repeat of Garuda, Champion of Nordenn… He comes out of the mist, first thing: gets attacked alone by three trolls! (old school Cowboy Justice: Rock and Mugg to the rescue!) Only a little while later gets party-wiped by a cauldron-borne and joins the 1 stone club!?! Will kept totally cool and came back the next day as Gebous. DAMN DUDE, first Yu’der, next Koshi, DAMN! My fighter got his butt-kicked in Individual Heroes last year by Koshi, I really thought Koshi was gonna win it again this year. I feel your fighter-loss bro. Being a good-guy really sucks sometimes. Death Knelling and speaking at Koshi’s funeral about the Guild of Awesome, and foreign exploits. Suggesting to all the right sources that he be Knighted in passing.

All Things Redcloud and his obsessive compulsion to win the Hunt. You amaze me dude. Legacy of Ragnar wins the Tournament.! What!? Two Years-Running Group-Tourney Winners!? Time to stop complaining like we never win!? Wished we looked as good as everyone else in colors! Giving Gilwing a hug in front of the Duke. Wearing the Mud and Blood again, after a couple years of regret. Made me feel like crying, luckily I had crazy dred-locks and no one saw.

Jesse H lands a bulls-eye, Jessica’s and Rebecca’s sewing (Blythedale and Trellheim looked SHARP!), Metzlers Once and Future Trellheim Speech, Coggin in Heroes and earning the Duchesses Favor, getting to have dinner with Aaron, Ducal Army in third place for three years running. I am so proud to be on the squad. Every single awesome thing that you guys and gals did, I lived through vicariously. “VEX-SQUAD.. Escort these prisoners to the Ducal Barracks… leave your archer, Sun Li Kai”.

Dodging the Duke’s Disarm attempts three times. MINE, SNARL!!! Trying to take MY food away! HOW RUDE! Rock couldn’t figure it out, eating whatever you find is not a crime… and offering to share your food is polite-etiquette… HE MUST WANT IT FOR HIMSELF… greedy pinky chicken-scavenger bastard with a crown. Getting screamed at and trying to hide all the feet, hands and leg in my cloak. Trying to press assault charges on the Duke to Sir Eros. Unforgettable.


Calling Prepare to Die on a Fey (Baron Sir Morgansander’s Father) just for giving me the “boogley-eyes”. Watching him Rift Out with the quickness. Both of the Barons present don’t even say a word. The room goes MAD-QUIET. Risking a curse from Glorianna Windancer A.K.A. The Queen of the Curse… fearlessly. Yo, it’s like that. It is freakin genocide for the fey. Give Rock the boogley eyes and it is invitation for being sent back home.

Stick-jockery: Parduc wins Heroes with Two-Weapon Style! His competition wasn’t rookie-sword and board guys either. Quigley got NASTY with range-finding and just completely avoiding blows (unlike Riddicks face! OH!!! Love you Steve, I picked up your shield on the road after the event… it passes). I couldn’t believe it, I did not think it could be done.

Seeing Drakonios at the beginning of the event! That’s my home-boy from Syraandor! What is he doing here!? Damn, is that the Dire Bow!? Screaming at each-other in the Tavern and chilling during part of the undead wave-battle, catching up.

Throwing down on the Rackmaster in the tavern and the conversation that followed. Meeting Duke Sir Broomis of Brittington, all things Toddo. Thanks for role-playing with me.

Parduc’s Head-dress OMG, that is like Racial Enemy hatred on a whole new level. Rock was so impressed, he thought that he was going to be only one sporting macabre-Ducal Ball attire. Getting to wear it was so much fun, this might be cannibal-bias but Quigley was on his A-Game all weekend.

Cup O Noodles in the morning with my fiancé,. Got our big tent up, which even TORRENTIAL down-pour can not shake or soak. Nice. On to building a plat-form!

Seeing Azura. Colleen is concentrated awesome-sauce that will wreck your entire face… twice.

Teaching Mischief the “Seven Deadly Hits” of Sword and Board with Recloud. All Things Ali! Red-hair looks really nice!

Did you see Coggin covered in blue-goop, wearing a goblin mask, swinging 150 euphoria slay and screaming “I’m going to eat your babies!”? I saw it; but I was OOG and out of make-up, heading out to eat and remembering that whenever you do that, you suffer the risk of missing out on something legendary.

Run like the wind True-Orc. Nothing like a good-ole Race to remind you that just because it is Sunday and you are getting older and you smoke and Tim Curry out-ran you at the last NJ event: doesn’t mean you aren’t fast. "Kill Em Gilwing!"

Stonehammer Entertainment. This was <expletive> hilarious. Tab, Tammi and Trevor rocked my world and split my sides! Humans being boring, elves prancing… I’LL HOLD the LINE!! If you would have performed that skit at stupid o’clock it might have killed people.

Nathan Westind has a set of pipes! DAMN. Good Job! Come over and play Rock Band we downloaded Boston. Lol

Irina and Darcebanovich was the awesomeness all event. Represent Deadlands oot ooot! Getting to pick up bling for my best friend’s niece Melody Stoutheart was most sweet.

There was a million things that went right this event. Thank You Again HQ NPCs and Staff for making it possible.

-Brian B


Favorites in no particular oder

Nordenn tourney team, which kept changing every day upuntil 2am on thursday night. I was sooo pissed, had to keep sewing and sewing and sewing.... Thanks to Dave and Steve for coming in as our ringers and helping us place in heroes, archery and casters! Raven and Aubry Shya and Elyrion, Gloris awesome recepie for Nordenn goodness. Elyrion willing to take one for the team and running in the race!

Me in 3 man. WTF. I bet I looked a mess. Entire team now demanding I learn how to use my shield. I KNOW How to use my shield, its to hold my scrolls, lol.

Ducal Ball. I love doing it. Decorations werent as top notch, :( but the food was amazing. Thanks to Tim and friends (I dont know their oog names!) for helping in the tavern for the ball. Loved the costumes, Shelia you are a goddess with a needle. It was a really magic moment and I love those moments when we can immerse ourselves like that. ONLY we need the ball to be in a COLDER month.

Jesse Grabowski. My nero hero. Running the Morgasander plot. Glorianna unable to find ANYONE to go with her except of course Raven and Aubry. Then Aven working tirelessly to help find someone to go, and newly Squitred Garathon steps up to the plate. 4 of us rocking the mod in the Fae realm, and coming back alive! Faking the redcap out and getting one step closer to saving Gloriannas hero of ALL time. Garathon being made friend to Wyndancer and Glori demanding that she now owes him a blood debt. Dude youre set for lifespells for LIFE... pun intended.

Brian Bender. So infuriated that Rock just possibly ruined her chances to save Morgasander, she gets RIGHT UP in his face with his active slay and screams at him. He complains the fae was going to curse him and she yells in his face: "Its not HIS curses you need to worry about!". Then getting SO MAD she didnt care about her internal morals not to abuse her belt, and ordered him to remove himself from her presence and if he couldnt contain or control himself to leave. Then in the final wave battle, Glori in healer mode, Healing Rock, then standing there both her and Rock wairly eyeing one another for a moment before he turned to leave...

Top 10 list. Better than the original idea of top 10 "hookups" in the Nordenn Barony. Esp since I had to then recite it in front of 2 Dukes, a duchess, a Regeant and several knights. Yeah... Realizing as I wrote it, holy crap! Ive cursed a lot of Big enemies and big friends in my life. Not bad!

Coggin as Flint. Glorianna was so proud of Vex squad and really has a soft spot for the young dwarf. Coggin anything you roleplay turns to pure gold.

Dockside Rats. Set of pipes on Nathan Westwind. holy crap!

Romani in town. YAY nuff said.

Noble plot on the log of truth. Glori getting blindsided by Rorri and really trying to listen to what he had to say while still maintaining her temper and her dignity. Having finally memorized a way to keep the code of chivalry in order, finding out only the squires got tested on it, WHEW! Being told her greatest strength is her greatest weakness... her capacity for love. EH Glori is like it could have been worse. lol

Ragnars spirit farewell. Glori not knowing what to say. But wanting to hold Azura and Ragnar there forever so they wouldnt leave and always be there in Icenia with her fighting the good fight. Niece Cottie looking so solemn and formal, breaking gloris heart because shes grown up too fast.

And of course thanks to Mike Strauss. Dude you got a lot of abuse this weekend. Thanks for the fun roleplay. Its nice to be able to be a part of a mature game which allows for all aspects of RP. And yeah. Nordenn totally abused the romance between Glori and Trevor during superlatives. hah.

As always its wonderful to play a game with my friends, run by my friends. In an alliance where we all support and help one another. I truly love our community and find so much joy everytime we come together to live the magic.

I had fun this event, even though it all seems to have gone by in a blur. I'm sorry that my longbow couldn't be used, but anyway...

"On the tenth day of dwarfing, I'd really like to see... dark elves with no pants on!" No cameo for the fans? Ah well, it was fun to stand up there with Tab, whom is a bucket of awesome.

It was fun being on team Stonehammer. Though being chosen to be "Thunderhoof" was a memorable moment, even if barely anyone asked me how I got my name. "I was named after the family goat. The goat was named for how its leg hit the ground so loudly after urinating."

I actually felt like our NPC team was competing fairly well until Trivia. I was thinking we were going to pick things back up in Archery, but getting convicted of Necromancy has a way of messing things up. :p

The blue goopy Justin. "The ones in make-up are slimey humanoids. The ones not in make-up are children. Justin is properly phys-repped!" I think we had blue goop trails all over the place. That stuff was awesome, and he did so well in it.

The event over-all was a fair amount of fun, but I'm so exhausted after NPCing it that I almost slept in from work today. >.> Luckily for me, my boss is a half-hour late today. Anyway, I can't wait for the next event!


I didn't think I could be more tired than I was going into the event. I was wrong.

-Dockside's song for entertainment. Some of the words really hit home for Sophie and I was actually tearing up while listening to this song. The rendition was absolutely beautiful.

-All things Vex Squad. I absolutely adore every last one of you.

-Participating in 3 man with no pressure. When Mischief hit my shoulder without me even knowing what happened I was like "Woah. Ok, I have to get serious here." I think it actually would have been an awesome fight if the weapon hadn't broken. :/ My arm was so tired after the Nordenn fight. I may have taken Glorianna down, but she broke my shoulder for the rest of the weekend. I felt like waves crashing against a rock. Having it come down to one last hit between Sophie and Amaranthus was pretty awesome too.

-Chatting it up with the Duke, and for that matter Regent Sonia. My poor farm girl was very intimidated by the nobles for a while so it was nice for her to realize they are approchable.

-WINNING COLORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY COW!! Not that I have any illusion that we won based just on the tabards, but I definitely felt like all the work was worth it when we won this competition.

-Watching Rock torment Sun-Li Kai and discussions about abominations afterward. LOL

-Compliments from Zatarina! Ohhhh yeah. I gots da charisma! ;)

-Baked goodies I can actually eat! Thank you Sheila!!

-The Caster's Competition. This was definitely the most exciting competition to watch, especially with people using OOG dodges to avoid those packets.

-Compliments on my ball gown. ^^ Thank you. It almost didn't happen. I was trying to finish it Thursday night and I'd made a huge mistake that I didn't think was going to be fixable so I literally tossed the dress over my shoulder and was like "Oh well." Brian looked at me in complete shock and was like "Wait, that's it? Oh well?" Then Jess came to the rescue.

-Having Kuwo behind Sophie during the superlatives informing her of when the jokes were sexual in nature because she just wasn't getting it. "What does throwin' and catchin' have to do with anything?"

-Laaaaaaaate night conversations. I need to find a way to stop needing sleep.

-All things Sun-Li Kai and getting to abuse/praise him during the top ten list. The conversation went something like this:
Sophie: "We need a top ten list"
Obadiah: "Alright, how about top ten reasons to join the army?"
Sophie: "No, they did that one already."
Flint: "Um... top ten enemies of Ashbury?"
Sophie: "I don't know... I wish I had some of that tea- Waaaaiiiit a minute. What about top ten reasons everyone needs a Sun-Li Kai!"
Obadiah: "Hmmm, that could work. He's got Death spells and really good Tea... I mean I had three cups of it myself..."

-The roleplay around Blythedale's entertainment skit. I had no idea when I made this character what the extent of her prudishness would be. When she's telling Baron Ivan that he's a bad influence on Aven's chastity you know there's a problem.

-The Stonehammer's entertainment and especially Tab's dwarf. Hilarious.


Sounds like an awesome event. Wish I coulda been there. As it turns out, if I would have been there I wouldn't have been able to get the apartment I was looking at! Turned in my application on Sat. another person was lined up for Sun. with no new units available until November! So yeah...as much as it sucked to miss the event it was good I was home this weekend.

Just wanted to say: Sorry to hear about Koshi, Will. :(

James Trotta

Diversity Committee
This event rocked.

One of my favorites was working on the hunt. Trying to help with the top ten list, working on 'have Ivan Drake giver her the toys' or whatever that anagram was and then seeing Trevor's surprise when we turned it in. "Very impressive!"

Another favorite was Jesse's hobling, Tabbyfoot or whatever. There were several times when the only fun thing to do in game (that I could find anyway) was to roleplay with that hobling. We had fun making fun of the trivia (that was extremely painful to watch), I got to enter 4 crafting competitions and each one involved some nice roleplay.

I got to write my poem - I gave up on writing poetry in high school because my poems sucked so badly but I was happy with my poem and might just try to write another one someday.

The prizes from the crafting competitions were another favorite. I don't make any money fighting monsters so it was nice to pull in some decent treasure.

And sticking with the crafter's thing, the songs added a lot to the ducal ball. Watching the singers was really great.

And then of course, helping Black Forest win the tourney. Talking strategy, watching Auric work, watching Gaara work, watching some old men run, watching the 3 man roll everyone.

Hearing people talking about Black Forest just as I stepped out of the shower room, walking back in, and listening to the NPCs talk about my friends.

And of course helping Black Forest win the battle royale or whatever that "every man for himself but you can form up with your team after it starts" competition is called.


This was my first tournament event as a PC. I was really hyped for it, and I had an awesome time.

Favorites and such:

- Okay, first and foremost -- the NPCs and staff this weekend for being hardcore and awesome sauce people. I feel for you guys when you have to run a high attendance event with few resources -- and honestly, you guys rocked it. It didn't feel like there were only a few NPCs. The roleplay was great, the mods I went on were fantastic, and I was always interested and engaged. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

- Dwarf plot! Um, have I mentioned how much it rocks being on a dwarf team? Because helping them with all dwarf-related plot was one of the highlights of my weekend. Sevaria loves her dwarves.

- Holy crap, we actually placed in stuff at the tourney?! I wasn't really sure what to expect since I've never done a tourney event as a PC and I wasn't sure how Sevaria would feel being on a tournament team, especially since she was helping represent a cause that was pretty important to Vex Squad and she didn't want to screw it up for them. But oh man, when we got first in colors -- I was so stoked. Every time we placed, I felt a swell of pride for Vex Squad. Rock of Trellheim, yo!

- The roleplay was awesome, as usual. I've heard people say it's difficult to get involved in roleplay and plot at HQ if you don't have a character that isn't invested or interested in nobility -- well, I think I've helped to prove that wrong. All weekend, I had amazing roleplay moments and I always do every time I come to this chapter.

- Sun Li Kai! From becoming an honorary dwarf, turning all the dwarves on to drinking tea, to watching him kick *** in the caster's duel and growing jealous over his awesome hat. Everybody needs a Sun Li Kai.

- Watching Raksa be.. well, Raksa. Whether it's dodging the duke or discussions of abominations with Sun Li Kai, I will always friggin' love Raksa. Especially his borrowed top hat. "Good eeeeevening gentlemen."

- Running around in the woods with Baron Rorii and Qualin. My elf did a lot of listening during that roleplay, but honestly? It was nice feeling like an elf for a little while. Thank you, plot, for giving us the opportunity to be pro active.

- Speaking of, personal roleplay moments with Amaranthus and Qualin respectively. Bill, Henry, you guys rock my socks off. Seriously.

I'll probably think of a few more, but for the moment, I have to scurry off to work. Thank you all again and I'll hopefully see you in New Jersey next weekend!


Thank you NPCS! You are everywhere and always the champions of the game. Overall the RP was phenomenal this weekend. I spent a lot of time talking IG to lots of people.


All things Vex Squad – especially the “Vex Squad on leave, a three part epic!” skit. Justin told me all about it in advance (OOG) but I *still* could not stop laughing.

Playing Harrison again. Though really, Harrison and Qualin are probably my most similar roles. Except for that pesky code of chivalry thing.

More entertainment favorites: Leara and Nathan’s awesome song! Kuwo’s weather comments. The Whiterock skit – and singing different impromptu lyrics along with you guys. Learning changes to a song 5 minutes before being put on stage and playing in front of people for the first time. In elf ears. Elf ears make everything better.

Devouring the trivia contest. Mmm.. tasty. Is it fair to have a HOP and a former HOP on the same team? Well, yes, because I purposefully did not answer a number of questions that my character would not know IG about stuff that I wrote. Also the OOG humorous questions about roles that many of us played – like Trevor asking about Mishrak (who Mike Straus played) and them asking us a question about Selarus Kor (who I played – that was a question we got wrong). *sigh* I Love this game.

Ball favorite moments: Looking like a complete roguely scoundrel as Harrison. Thanks Missy for the vest and Kirsten for the awesome shirt. Kelsey and Samara’s awesomely creepy song! Haha. Dancing not completely terribly with all of the female Knights and Soldiers. Qualin meeting Prince Gilthalion. Just all the pageantry and effort that went into all the amazing costumes. Everyone looked awesome.

Three man: Obediah and Qualin square off, and both swing at the same time hitting the same location at on the other person. So… that’s the kinda fight it’s going to be then. Holding my own against the might and awesomeness that is Sean Metzler (6 hits to 7) made me all sorts of warm and glowy inside. I won because I have more body.

Long conversations with Rorii. Qualin is very impressed with this Baron.

Long conversations with Sevaria – coming to the realization that basically, we can read each other’s IG thoughts.

All things ELF this weekend. Really, elves do it better. Rorii, Sevaria, and Qualin leaving our tournament teams to go hunting undead in the woods, talking about the Ash Forest, the Rangers, and reading Sevaria’s mind. Again. Plot welcoming our proactiveness and changing the Sunday wave battle because of us. Thank you so much! Revealing the potentially “kill me now” element of my character history and having the two I told completely “get it.” Finding a red lily, a small frog, and a salamander that we questioned about the undead and assured that we were there to help. Jumping in the stream (less slippery rocks would have been better – not loosing my elf ear would have been better, too.. but it was still awesome). Talking freely and pleasantly about killing necromancers and the beauty of the forest with equal serenity. Disobeying lots of orders.

A visit from Drak. Thanks so much for that. Everything from the actual plot portion of the encounter to just hanging out in the tavern and getting to know him, listening to, and helping to tell some elf history.

Edit: I have to add: All things Raksa.. man, what a creepy frickin Orc. Dodging the Duke's disarm hand attempts, being covered in blood, the hat, the bowing.. wow, just wow. Awesome!

Sevaria and I building a “go and destroy the box” team, consisting of dwarves, elves, bombs, scrolls, and a destroy magic set. We were going to try EVERYTHING. Too bad it woke up before we could enact our plan.

All the awesome NPC nobles! It made the tournament feel really awesome with all the colors and the banners and the Dukes, Knights, and Barons.

Post event food at Bennigans (aka: Fried everything) with Joe, Missy, Dan, and Justin. It’s great to decompress and tell stories with people you love.

I’m sure I’m missing some. I laughed, I cried, I danced, I looked at the stars, I heard music, I played music, I ran around, I acted like an elf, I went wading in a stream, and got to hang out with some of my closest friends. This was an awesome weekend.


Henry the Mad
Qualinthalus Brightoak



-HUGE thanks to NPC camp and Staff for pulling off one hell of an event even though you were really slim on numbers. It never felt like there was any lull or anything, it was non-stop super sexy awesome.

-Wow. Seeing Braveroar's family in game, and kind of really disliking them from the get go. The almost Dwarven tavern brawl between me and Hernando's Whiterock was so awesome. Sir Daniel had to mediate hehe. Who would of thought we would actually become pals! Putting aside Beardish Prejudices and competing alongside one another. ONLY TO BE SHATTERED when the revelation about the necromantic machine came out. Hot damn. Thank you Plot for putting them out there and making them be the way I truly envisioned them being. It was one of the coolest things ever. Tab, damn bro, Godrik was so funny. Your entertainment sketch rocked!!!

-Will Kinkaid being the man. I was so sorry for what happened to his character. This has been a crazy larp year for him, but he come out with Gebous and kicked ***. I love you Will, you are the best sport ever. I'm really glad I'm your friend and we play this whack game together!

-All things Vex Squad. I love my team so much. Thanks again to Beccah for making some really sexy uniforms for us! The interactions between us are really cool and we keep it in game almost all the time. LOL except when I screw up pre-entertainment and start calling people by real names trying to explain to them their part, haha oh boy.

-Elves. From Sun Li Kai turning Dwarves on to some really really fine tea, to Sevaria and Quallin just being who they are. We have some very kick *** Elves in this game.

-The Ducal Ball. Having Sophie and Obadiah constantly watching me to make sure I didn't cross the thin red line between revelry and complete foolishness. I thought I kept myself in check pretty well. I had so much fun with that. The awesome roleplay. The incredible songs and poems. The AMAZING costumes. The cool announcements of nobles and dignitaries. Getting to use the super huge ice bucket stein. Dancing around with said stein! Learning how to waltz with Glorianna, and then reinventing the waltz with Fara (Llana's amazing Dwarf!) and looking over my shoulder the whole time waiting to see Obadiah right before getting punched in the neck haha (Fara was Obadiah's cousin--he's very protective!). Getting to Dwarf belly dance with some very fine ladies, and one very fine His Excellency Baron Rorii!! LOL! Watching Rock with the top hat and eventually wearing the White Tiger Head Dress going up to people saying "Rawwwwrrrr". Oh man.

-Ragnar's Spirit Farwell. It was a party within a party. Emotional and distinguished. I will miss Ragnar very much. No matter what character I played I really had fun rolling with Ragnar. I'm really glad you are still having fun with the game Mike, you totally rock, and I can't wait for operation celestial to be a go!!

-Outside the Ball, sitting on the steps with Tinder and Sevaria discussing some super secret battle plans that happened to involve certain types of flying shape shifting individuals, and having some really similar TRANSFORM right behind us. Scared the hell out us! I have not booked to a ward that quick in forever.

-MODS! Jesse Grabowski is my hero. Not just a nero hero, he is the man. He and I had some really really cool roleplay between our Dwarves that lead to my first expedition in to Stoney's basement of mysteries. Due to timing it didn't happen until super late/early Sunday morning. They pulled it out though. Thanks to Hernando, Sharon, and Amelia for being amazing stupid o' clock mod monsters for us. You guys are super hardcore. During the mod was when the thunder and lightning got really loud and added a hugely cool atmosphere to the basement. I loved it so much. The other mod was the troll cave mod. OMG. I got to go kill trolls with my brother and Obadiah! Oh man. Thanks for putting back the 'You find this, go to plot for your mod!' papers in the woods.

-Dockside rats entertainment. Amanda and Robb, you guys rocked. I was super impressed!!

-Receiving the Duchess' Champion award. Weeeeeeeee! I totally forgot this award was given out. I felt so cool!

-Last wave battle, I had a Shya backpack!! I felt so mighty for a little fighter. It was epic! I got engulfed at some point, and it was awesome to watch everyone flip out on the creature that ate me. Hearing Ali as Dame Keegan going "OH NO YOU DON'T" And rip it asunder. I pop out, and Glorianna goes buck wild--LIFE, SERIOUS, SERIOUS, MAGIC ARMOR, SPELL SHIELD! I was like..."RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Oh man. Sweet.

-Getting to be the gooped up goop creature of ultimate baby eating doom. That was really really fun. Michelle you are so creative, thank you for masterminding the extreme goopy horror and finding that KICK *** mask!

-All things Toddo! It was so awesome to sit and chill with a DUKE. Duke Broomis was really cool, and it was a real shock to hear the interactions between nobles during the spirit farewell for the QUEEN. Speaking of which Marissa, you made a great Sidraste, and you did very well as all your other parts too!

-Watching Quigley win the Heroes Battle two sword style. Hell yeah bro, that's the way it's done!!!

I could go on and on to the point of trying to write the entire weekend in a book from my point of view. Thank you HQ for an absolutely AMAZING PC experience. This was a completely unique and incredible joy. I love being a Dwarf and HQ makes it a million times better.

Hope I see everyone come to NJ this coming weekend. We will have a great time again!!

Much love,

Justin Coggin


Forgot an important one: Sitting next to and whispering OOG back and forth to Kirsten during the trivia contest and trying not to laugh at the various "hey, you played that - hey *I* played that.. she played that.. oh, rememeber, he played that - I wrote that!" hushed comments.

Ivan telling Harrison about Koshi's death and standing in the shadows crying about it. Sux, man. You should make an elf! hehe

I'm eagerly anticipating the weekend pictures!



Oh yeah, Danny Perez, you are my First Knight of Life for finding Aaron's keys. Thank you so much man, that really got a huge monkey off my back!

-Justin C.
Okay, here we go.....

* First of all, I have to thank the awesome NPCs and awesome staff members we have. They truly strive to make the game better for the players. Thank you for all your hard work!

* Team Blythedale! Holy crap, we got 2nd place in the Tourney! Thank you to Sir Daniel, Squire Aven, (now) Squire Garathon, Guard Telokh and Guard Kotual!

* Melleth's Vow of Silence which he kept for the entire event. That's dedication!

* Meeting Air Raksa for the first time. Wow, Brian. You never cease to amaze me with your character creation and role-playing.

* All things Tab. Your dwarf NPC was hilarious. But beyond that, thanks for everything you do for this chapter.

* Sir Koshi. His death was certainly *not* a "Favorite," but being raised to knighthood was a cool moment. I hope Will enjoyed it, though I am sure it was very bittersweet for him.

* The Ducal Ball (of course!). The best part for me was my blindingly beautiful date, Sryah. Ivan is definitely not worthy of such fine company.

* Squiring Garathon..... and laughing quietly inside knowing all the burdens that come with that simple red belt.

* Seeing Dame Azura! Ivan hadn't seen her since, oh, 596? She was just an innocent young squire back then, worrying about Paladin Ivan's silly squire's tests.... Now *she's* a Paladin!

* Nathan's song during the Entertainment portion of the Tourney. Wow.

* The Log of Truth.

* Playing Thanos, the barkeeper. Dwarves are so much fun. You can be snarky, grumpy and stubborn.... and people just accept it! Oh, and gambling with Admiral Parduc.... Well, is it called gambling when you have no chance of winning?

* Flint! I was so psyched when he got the Duchess' Champion award. He really deserved it.

* Telling Sir Harrison about Squire Koshi's death and then just standing there in the dark with him as he wept. It was an emotional and uncomfortable moment.... just as it should be.

* Sophie rebuking Ivan for leading Aven morally astray. If Ivan is a "goody two-shoes," then Sophie is a "goody six-shoes."

I'm sure there is more, but I don't want to take up too much space. Thanks for a great event!

--- Eric Stehle / Ivan Drake
Tetsu said:
Seeing Braveroar's family in game, and kind of really disliking them from the get go. The almost Dwarven tavern brawl between me and Fernando's Whiterock was so awesome. Sir Daniel had to mediate hehe. Who would of thought we would actually become pals! Putting aside Beardish Prejudices and competing alongside one another. ONLY TO BE SHATTERED when the revelation about the necromantic machine came out. Hot damn. Thank you Plot for putting them out there and making them be the way I truly envisioned them being. It was one of the coolest things ever.

Glad you liked it! Unfortunately, it didn't work quite as well as we would have hoped, but that's how things happen sometimes! You rewrite during the event and move on... I originally thought I had Cortni all weekend as an NPC and that would have changed a few encounters and given a few more clues for people to figure it out ... We also had hoped to have Alex there as Korik (with his red beard) as the "red herring" to throw everyone off the trail, but I don't know where he was (you may have noticed a lot of rumors about him on the rumor sheets, though). It was a fine twist for the weekend, but really it's not quite the same when the NPCs reveal the twist instead of the players figuring it out...

It's like "Shakespeare in Love" -- ever see that film? The play is coming along terribly behind the scenes but once the curtain opens, it all works out. How? "Don't know. It's a mystery."


So after NPCing this fabulous chapter for 3 years, I finally got to PC. YAY! So favorites:

-All things Sean Metzler. Rock on dwarfish cousin! Even if I am made of white. (My back is so lobsterish right now... eesh.)
-The Once and Future Trellheim! Everybody on that team was fantastic, and made me feel welcome. Flint and Tinder Boulderback are freaking hilarious and made of awesome.
-Hanging out with gypsies in the tavern- discussions of Rom vs. Romany vs. Pikey, Glorianna's handling of the duke's balls :lol:, pretty shiny things from Irina!
-ERICA HARTZELL IS AMAZING. I didn't wear the overdress she made me for very long since the tavern was so damn hot, but it's gorgeous and I love it and Erica is the most awesome EVER.
-Entertainment! Vex squad on leave just about split my sides, Stonehammers made me fall off my chair, and then Nathan and Leara... wow. Just amazing. I wanted to sing later but just lost my nerve... sigh. Maybe next time.
-Everyone's gorgeous costumes at the ball! Although I definitely agree with Erica- having it in a cooler month would make it even better, since people could wear the crazy layers and awesome fabrics and not die of heat exhaustion.
-Coggin's amazing nightmare goo-thing! Hearing "170 euphoria slay" and having him about 3 feet from me, I haven't moved that fast in a LONG time.
-Toddo's awesome Duke Broomis! My boyfriend is awesome, and a fantabulous roleplayer. Yay.
-Being cast as Duchess Jacelyn... Wow, what a responsibility, and an incredible feeling being picked. Thank you Scott for trusting me with interpreting your plot.
-My awesome armor for Jacelyn! Mike Chagnon (Drenten) rocks the leathermaking hotness. Thanks again man!

I know I'm forgetting things, but my brain got fried along with my skin. Oh well!

Ok, no order here, and not in the least all my fav. moments......

- Becoming pals with the "young stone elf". I broke her twice! Sorry hun!

- Feeling useful at the Sunday wave battle. I've never been more un-prepared to be so needed. Healing, fighting, and screaming for people to move so I could get to fallen heros...my voice still isn't fully back yet. A trophy I carry proudly!

- Amazing RP with the NPC's. THANK YOU GUYS!!!! I never know we were so short handed on npc's till after the game. You never gave up, and did a beautiful job. No one's better than you guys!

- Team Dockside Rats??!?!?! Where did THAT name come from? Tho we lost almost every event, atleast we had fun, right?

- I DIED!!! How I even managed to get myself into a situation like that is mind boggling. To be the "baby backpack healer" and take one for the team was amazing. Sir Koshi died along side me, and loseing it when I "felt his spirit go" will be logged in my heart forever. YOU ROCK WILL!!!!!

- All things Ball. The dress, the company, the music. It was all beautiful put together, THANK YOU ERICA!! Playing the fiddle while Irian danced. Watching Gloriana almost curse the Orc-canable-person. (brian, you'r my creative-character hero!)

- PVP with Flint, Amoranthis, Baron Rorii, and everyone else. I've never felt so athome IG.

- GO GYPSYS!!!! Seeing so meny Famillia in the same event was awsum! Next Tourney.......Team Gypsy?

- Squire Garethon's Squire-hood. Sir Koshi's knight-hood, getting to witness those things had a HUGE impact on Wynter. Almost makes her want to echeve the same status. Almost.

There are so meny more, but I don't want to boar anyone. Thank you again to the wonderful NPC's and to the other PC's too for Rp I will never forget. By far, my fav. event! (keep in mine, this was only my 6th ^_^)


henrythemad said:
More entertainment favorites: Leara and Nathan’s awesome song! Kuwo’s weather comments. The Whiterock skit – and singing different impromptu lyrics along with you guys. Learning changes to a song 5 minutes before being put on stage and playing in front of people for the first time. In elf ears. Elf ears make everything better.


Henry the Mad
Qualinthalus Brightoak

It's Leona! Even after saying my name the supposed "eight hundred times" you still get it wrong. < shakes head disapprovingly > I swear I am going to have to change my name, or do something to distinguish the two Kergani. Haha.


Leona said:
henrythemad said:
More entertainment favorites: Leara and Nathan’s awesome song! Kuwo’s weather comments. The Whiterock skit – and singing different impromptu lyrics along with you guys. Learning changes to a song 5 minutes before being put on stage and playing in front of people for the first time. In elf ears. Elf ears make everything better.


Henry the Mad
Qualinthalus Brightoak

It's Leona! Even after saying my name the supposed "eight hundred times" you still get it wrong. < shakes head disapprovingly > I swear I am going to have to change my name, or do something to distinguish the two Kergani. Haha.

*sobs* I'm sorry! *hangs head in chided shame*
Ah, the tournament. Playing the duke a good 3/4 of the weekend is more exhausting then you'd ever imagine.

Coming in as Drak to respond to Henry's plot writeup and hanging out with Leona and Qualin. Nothing like telling old stories. I was kinda sad that I missed hanging with my home girl Sevaria though.

As I was preparing to play Drak and talking to Amelia, I realized I got the Dire Bow in 1996, when Amelia was 4.

All things Justin Coggin. He is a whirling dervish of positive energy.

Disarming Raaksa's disgusting meal. I was just watching Texas Chainsaw and realized how much more disgusting him eating people would really appear. Yuck.

The Log of Truth, even though no one has fallen off yet.

Working with a great bunch of NPCs who busted their asses all weekend to make the game a success.



I am really glad that I rode down with Dave for this one. It was a long haul but it was worth it.

My absolute favorite part was the ducal ball for a few reasons.

First, the atmosphere of the tavern allowed me to have a completely immersive moment. You know those moments when you don't see an anacronism and everything appears as it is suppose to? The tavern and the PCs in it during the ball allowed me to experience that. Awesome.

All of the entertainment. Thank you, everyone!

Gary Marvel, Samara Martin, Dave Tengdin, and Jesse H during the ball. "That guy sounds like a real *******!"
and the conversation that followed.

Playing Korasander and the RP that happened from that role. A big thank you goes out to all of the PCs that RPed with me as that character and made me fell like I stole the spotlight for a few mintues. Erica, Lyndsy, Mike V, Samara, and Bender especially.

Going on so many great mods as an NPC and just seeing people have fun, especially the Vex Squad vs. Trolls mod. I think that was the best mod I've been on.

Jesse G and Tab: you guys gave me so many great roles and stat cards over the weekend, mentored me as an NPC, and just made my weekend the fun that it was. You two guys make me want to NPC every chapter all the time because you made me feel like I really helped out this weekend. I can't thank you enough.

All the laughs and smiles in NPC camp. Listening to Mike E and Amelia sing some Sweeny. Beautiful. Speaking of singing: Kelsey and Samara, Nathan Westwind, and Winter Rose. Amazing all around. Standing with Gary Marvel while listening to the chorus of the Mariner's Lament and bouncing cheerfully along. Thanks folks.

I know that I posted a comment about a video that someone posted of a sunday wave battle awhile ago that included my negative reaction. I just want to express how my presumptions regarding the chapter's quality and safety from that video were blown completely out of the water from the is event. I feel a bit foolish, actually. All I can say now is I'm sorry and good show.

Thanks for having me.



My head is still spinning from the event.

Here are my favorities:

The Return of Semaj - I really hope you liked seeing my fox scavenger back.

The Stonehammers- I had fun watching them especially at the entertainment competition. Thanks Tab for the "Surfer Talk" dwarf!

Seeing some of the famous warriors battle such as Riddick, Parduc, Redcloud, and others.

The Revelation- I don't want to spoil anything, but let's just say that Semaj has an insight into what will happen next event.


Finally Semaj gets to hang out with another scavenger, and a fox to boot. I was surprised when I learned OOG, so I decided to have my character surprised. I must say I like the character in both costuming and personality I especially love the poem she made at the ducal ball. It haunted me and Semaj. He will remember it for a very long time. I also liked in the caster battle where she just stood there and none of the other contestants noticed her until the end. While we did not perfectly get along, I think she can tolerate my scavie again. Thanks again for putting up with my sometimes too clingy character.

The Dwarven Reveal - I love the big reveal where everyone found out why the Stormblades were there. I love how everything seemed to slam together and lead to the final battle.

The Ducal Ball- Good party. I love the twist with the biata passing out. I also had a crusing RP moment. Semaj thought he was going to be Rasta's escort, but the plan failed. It made Semaj feel how alone he really is. I had the song "Learn to be Lonely" from the Phantom of the Opera movie playing in my head.

Rping with Zat- I don't know what she makes of my character.

The Trellheim skit- funny as all heck with the ducal army off duty.

That's it for now.

I hope to remember more.

Thanks PCs and NPCs!