In the Arcane Sanctum

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The magus screws up his face in concentration as he reads the music. "Five flats... That's, damn it, um, B flat minor." He clumsily hums his way through the melody, like a child reading a difficult book. But his eyes light up as he reads, and by the time he's done, a bit of a smile is tugging at the corners of his mouth.

"Perhaps--" he interrupts himself: "--Thank you, Elly. Perspective is exactly the word." He contemplates a bit.

"For now? I think we need more information before we visit the Iron Lord Carroristo. What manner of being is powerful enough to heal his mind, yet free to walk in the Dark Reaches without breaking any pacts? I know the Dragons are barred from entry. Did all the Gryphons also promise to stay out? As long as his mind is not whole, we are in peril visiting hi-" Evo's voice catches slightly, "-his realm."
Elly is positively beaming. "Yes, precisely! B flat minor, exactly right!" Her speech picks up speed as she excitedly explains, "So many musical talents in the sanctum, absolutely marvelous. They used to sing this song in town all the time, I used to think it was just a folk tale, but then I heard all these stories about the Breach... It just reminds me that when things seem really bad, or when things are lost, people still work together, still protect each other..." She trails off, realizing she's rambling a bit. Flushing, she quietly sits again, pulling out her notepad.

"Carroristo," she murmurs as she jots down a few notes. "Of course, I can certainly help poke about a bit. Unless there's..." She scrutinizes his face. "... anything else you feel like I should know about that place?"
Evo laughs somewhat awkwardly, "I died there. I knew the risk, and it was not... unexpected." He absently rubs his hand along his ribcage.

"We are not *people* to the Iron Lord. More like *things* to be inspected, appreciated, used, and discarded. Much like his own creations. He is passionate, articulate, and completely, utterly mad. And we need him to be an ally."
"Oh dear. It seems like every time we talk, I seem to find salt to rub in a different wound." She chuckles uncomfortably and stands. "That's what you get for being nosy, Quillwood," she mutters to herself.

She glances behind her at the stack on her desk. "Well, guess those won't do me any good if we're sorting out the Iron Lord and gryphons and whatnot." She sighs dramatically. "Ah well, my sword arm could use the workout."

She carefully gathers up her papers and books. Halfway to the door, she turns over her shoulder. "Anything I can grab for you while I'm out? A book? Tea?" She smiles somewhat ruefully. "A fruity beverage with an umbrella?"
"You're too kind." Evo cracks a smile, and begins to organize his paperwork, again. "I'm sure you'll have time to do some research, and still look into your mysterious fire. But when you're ready, I'll introduce you to Dwevdi, the keeper of the Library Annex here at the Lux, and the only Construct of Carroristo we have access to." He waves affably as Elly makes her way out.


Calan makes his way in, passing Elli as she leaves. Beads of sweat roll down from his temple. He’d been power walking for some time. Rolled up under his right arm were the banners. A bottle with a cork waxed over it in his left hand.He smiles and gives a wave but as soon as she isn’t facing him his expressions shifts to a more concerned look. He knew that Phal offered to speak to Evo himself but Calan was sure that he could convey the information without alarming the world.

‘Jinns possibly dead, lets go set fire to New Acarthia. No, no, that’s exactly the sort of thing he was trying to talk others out of thinking.’

“Evo,” he pauses a moment. “ I’m sorry to bother you. At some point today a vague note and our house banners returned from New Acarthia; Jinn had taken them with him when he left, the not is not written by him it looks as though it was written in a hurry. While I have come up with a number of possible explanations Rohnan is concerned he might be dead.” Calan clears his throat and attempts to keep a level expression. “I for personal reasons can not leave the lux at the moment, is there any way we could send a messenger to New Acarthia to gain any further info? I would be willing to Pay whatever was needed, and provide them with this.” Calan removes the sash from his belt that signifies his relation to the clan and places it on the desk. “Perhaps with this people who know Jinn there would know that the person could be trusted. If we can not spare anyone I would go my self however I do not know how to travel the mists on purpose.” Calan lets out a breath.
Rohnan walked in quickly behind Calan and cought the last bit of what he said. “No let’s not tell Evo right away.” She mocked as she came to stand next to him glaring slightly. “Let’s wait.”

She then spun to look at Evo. “I am worried. And I think we should be. Jinn makes stupid decisions at the best of times. And if you are sending this idiot after him, then I’m going too.”
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As the whirlwind of the clanmates blows into the Sanctum, a bemused Evo carefully sets aside his paperwork.

"Perhaps," he says as Rohnan finishes, "you had best start at the beginning, and tell me what happened. Unless you would like to wait." Evo regards Rohnan critically.
Rohnan took a breath and composed herself. “For the record, I’d like to say that I thought that this should be brought directly to you. As Jinn is a high ranking member of the Sanctum and I think that it’s fair to say that you would make the best judgement call. I also think that we should be smart about this or before you know it half the Lux will be clamouring through the mists. I also worry that with tensions still high there might be some who will look at Jinn missing as a chance to take advantage of situations.” Feeling good that she had said her piece Rohnan found somewhere to sit. “Go ahead Calan. I’m interested to learn how those flags got into your hiding spot.” She smerked at him in a ‘you think I forgot about that part didn’t you’ way.


Calan raises a hand, behind himself gesturing to silence. Glaring at Rohnan.”again I don’t think there is any cause to be so drastic Rohnan. Second I was just suggesting that if there was nobody free to go I would put aside my personal endeavours to investigate. YOU.” He emphasized at Rohnan “ have special research in Calanhelm that I am not learned enough to study just yet. If need be I’ll see if Riki or Phal will come along Third,” he looks back toward Evo “ we really don’t have any more to go on than a cryptic message that seemingly was written in a hurry. I honestly believe there is a good explanation for it. As Rohnan pointed out Jinn does run into things head first, but when he does he always has a plan, and he always has a contingency. How many times has Jinn said if I pass you my belt you run. I don’t see any situation where he wouldn’t have had the time to say that but he did have time to have our banners returned.” Calan cleared his throat once more. “Fourth, honestly I really am just looking for another level head to appease the concerns of Rohnan.”
Rohnan’s voice was high and sweet. “Drastic? Who’s doing anything drastic? No we’re just having a nice chat. So be a good boy and tell the Magus the full story.”
"What, precisely, does this letter say?" Evo sighs quietly. "I need details."


Calan passes over the note. The penmanship seems to be written sloppily as though it was in a rush.

‘These needed to be returned to their home’

“As I said, very little info with a dozen possible reasons for being so scarce.”
Phalaenopsis enters the Sanctum; having been here every day for nearly 3 months straight, he was a known sight and knew his way around, so it didn't take him long to track down the library where Rohnan and Calan were. He picked up Elinor's dropped papers and set them back on top of her pile. "Hello, Elly, are you coming to watch or are you beating a hasty retreat?" he asked, slipping past her and into the room.
"And it was only this note and your house banners? Nothing else at all? This is important."
Shaking her head clear, she carefully sets her pile down on the nearest desk. She says quietly to Phal, so as not to interrupt, "Initially the second. Now the first. If my teacher's gotten himself in trouble I'd like to help."
Phalaenopsis nodded, and held up a finger to his mouth to mime a 'shh'. "It sounds like they're handling it okay for now, but I'll step in if things get, uh, spicy." he whispered back, "But let's not lurk in doorways to eavesdrop? It's rude." He motioned for Elly to follow him closer and approached the desk that Calan, Evo, and Rohnan were gathered around.
“Which is why I’m concerned. There isn’t enough information to go on and I’m honestly worried that Calan will go off and do something stupid in search of more information. It’s not like he hasn’t run off before and done the same effing thing before.”
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