In the Arcane Sanctum


Calan notices Phal has arrived and Elli hasn’t left. “We need answers, Jinn is the reason I joined the sanctum, he’s my brother, and teacher. Yes I will follow him looking for answers, that doesn’t mean I’ll put myself in any extra danger to do so. Recon only.” Calan realized in this moment he was no longer asking for someone else to go looking on his behalf.
" 'To their home.' This tells me two things." Evo glances up at the gathered crowd, decides not to shoo anyone.

"First, there is a chance, however small, that Jinn is quite alive and well; I would expect some personal item, or a more compassionate note if he had perished across the mists. It's no guarantee, but I would have hope. There are a number of possibilities. Perhaps he had to go where he could not take his ties to this realm-- his clan emblems. Or that for now, this is not his home."

He considers another moment. "Second. This may be a matter for his clan. Unless they couldn't retrieve the body, I'd expect his Sanctum or Earth Weaver emblems to be sent if this were related to a matter of duty. I charge you three--" he pauses to consider Elly, "-- and any you wish to accompany you, to learn more as you can, and report back to me. Calan, Rohnan, you each expect the other to do something stupid. Let that be a reassurance that you will not."

"Now, as to where to begin... You may need to find a Mist Sense ritual. It's uncommon but not unheard of-- my first stop would be Adeptus Ixit, master of the Sanctum Library at Calanhelm. Failing that, you may need to contact those who deal in rare goods and knowledge, like the Sage of Ral Endas."


Calan nods, he looks back to everyone present.” I’d be glad for anyone to accompany me, Ellie you are more than welcome to come looking with us you are his student after all. I would feel bad keeping you from your own personal quest however.” Calan pauses. “As for the personal effects you mentioned I had similar thoughts in the matter. The banners were not the only things he took across the mists. I would have expected something no matter how small would have accompanied the banners.”
Calan bows slightly “thank you for your wisdom, I will begin looking for the ritual at once.”
“Now I might be remembering wrong, but didn’t Jinn leave vía portal supplied by Elspeth? Would it be possible for us to go the same way?” Rohnan asked.
Evo shrugs. "Any thing is possible, but it's rare to travel the mists, even for a Fae Lord of Portals. Might be worth asking."
Elly steps back, watching the Sylvanborn. Jinn's words ring in her ears. Family's important... deal with that first.

Looking back to her pile of books, she tells Calan, "You know, I think you three have got this in hand. Jinn's pretty lucky, he's got you three watching out for him. My people, they're stuck with...." She smiles, gesturing apologetically at herself. "... well, just me. Plus, somebody's got to fetch the tea around here." She gathers up her books one last time. "Thanks again, magus. And good luck, all of you." As she pushes out through the door, she can't help but call behind her, "Die loudly!"


Calan gives a pleasant smile to Evo, “thank you for your time, we will keep you posted.”

Calan picks the banners and bottle back up and exits shortly after Elli.
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Rohnan stood rubbing her face. “I swear, they are going to be the death of me. I’m going to be the first Teri-nor to die of old age and these boys are going to be why.” She muttered to herself. She looked up at the remaining occupants in the room “I’m going to the training grounds if anyone needs me.” And headed towards the door. She felt the overwhelming need to blow off some steam.


Arlyne enters the Sanctum and sees Elly exiting Evos's study with Calan and Rohnan trailing not too far behind. She nods to the trio, but it seems that they were all preoccupied. Rohnan looked pissed, Calan concerned and Elly...well she had her arms full of books, with the look of determination of not to have them fall. She sides steps out of their way and continues on to Evo's study, then hesitates before she knocks.

"Evo?" She pops her head in. "You busy?"
Phalaenopsis waited for the others to depart, waving after them as a group, before turning to Evo. "Thank you for not jumping to the conclusion they did." he said simply, but very quietly, "I've given it some thought, and I'm willing to give Jinn the benefit of the doubt that he sent the banners back because he's about to do something very dangerous and wanted us to know that he might not be coming back. I don't know yet how I'm going to handle that, but I do know that I'm going to give myself a few weeks to a month before I start looking to make a search party."

He sighed. "In the meantime, I'm going to let Calan and Rohnan tend to their own feelings, and just be there for them when they need me. I suspect, though, that they will eventually come to blows over this; Calan is going to want to do everything himself to try to protect Rohnan, and Rohnan is going to take that about as well as trying to shove a cactus up someone's backside."

"Evo? You busy?"

He turned his head to see Arlyne standing at the doorway, and smiled at her in greeting. "I suspect you have pressing Sanctum matters to deal with if Mistress Arlyne is here, so I will leave you to it. Don't trouble yourself with this too much for the time being, but if I find out anything more I'll let you know. I hope you have a good day, Master Evo."

He made an overly showy bow, winked at the Magus, and left the room. "Enjoy your meeting, Mistress, Arlyne." he said with a smile as he passed her.


Arlyne smirks at Phalaenopsis.

"Hi there Phal, good to see you, as always." She shakes her head and smiles as he passes and plops herself down on one of chairs by his desk. She observes the mounds of paperwork strewn about. "Need a hand with these?" She asks as she starts looking for her quill and notebook. She's fidgety, something that happens whenever she gets nervous. She drops her quill on the floor and silently curses to herself, trying to get her nerves back into check.
Evo assesses the pile of paper he's shuffled and reshuffled through the last several interruptions. He shoves the pile aside decisively.

"No, I think I'm at a good stopping place. What's on your mind, Marshal?" He catches on to Arlyne's anxiety and softens his tone, "Everything okay, Arlyne?"


Arlyne laughs and looks at Evo and clears her throat and pauses. She has the utmost respect for her friend and confidant in the Sanctum, she worries of what his response will be when she broaches the subject.

"This has been on my mind for quite sometime now. I need a friend to help solidify my decision."

(Convo taken to PM)


Arlyne leaves Evo's study and makes a beeline for her own down the hallway. She opens her door and breathes a sigh of relief. Nerves got the best of her. Damn nerves. Thoughts go to the conversation...she hopes Evo finds some respite during the winter. He looks...tired.

She glances at the piles of paperwork on her desk awaiting for her and shakes her head. Arlyne then gets a satchel and starts clearing off her desk of said paperwork, stuffing them in the bag. She pauses only to scribble a note, seals it with the Sanctum stamp and writing his name on the front.

She then makes her way out the door and leaves the Sanctum, bundling up her cloak as the chilly air greets her. She then takes a brisk pace to her destination.