In the ArchMage's Chambers

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Az'Caine paces about the room, a grim look upon her face. Magus Rhialto and Faar'Shen sit quietly in the room, not wanting to incur the wrath of they master. Both shift nervously as they have never seen the ArchMage so tense? No more, a mix of frustration and confusion. Not something that either have come to know Az'Caine for.

After what seems like an eternity, the ArchMage turns to them. "I don't understand!" he yells, more to the ether than to either Magus. "How could the Ritual fail so? How could the King not be pulled from the dimensional realm as I was? Once the key was assembled at my staff, BOTH of us were to be unlocked! I appeared at the Circle of Power closest to the Staff as the King was supposed to."

Both Magi' stirr a bit, knowing that their answers need to be weighed before they speak as Az'Caine has been known to blast magic about when so angry. Rhialto speaks "Master, it would appear that the Ritual was somehow flawed." and even as he spoke the words he knew they were not the wisest to say. He winced, expecting to be engulfed in flames momentarily. He even notices that Faar'Shen had inched his way slowly out of the direct blast. A blast that never came. To the surprise of both men, Az'Caine just stood there, seemingly lost in thought, slowly shaking his head.

"I have been working on this Ritual for many years, almost as long as you have been alive Rhialto. It cannot be flawed. I want you and the other Magi to review it. Look over every word, every symbol, every equation and tell me if it is flawed." Az'Caine states almost with a whipser. Calmly, the ArchMage walks to his Warded chest, opens it and sifts through a small mountain of Ritual Scrolls. He pulls one from an ornate ivory case and hands the papers over to Rhialto. The Magus' eyes widen as he realizes the enormous task that has just been handed to him. Over 40 pages of Ritual! The largest he has ever seen. "Master, this will take us weeks, if not months."

"Then I suggest you get started. We must find where the King is and more importantly how to get him back. I have more important issues to tend to than running the Kingdom in his absense." Az'Caine states. Faar'Shen finally speaks "Does this mean you are abdicating the Regency?" barely believeing he has to ask.

"Hardly" Az'Caine begins, "His son is too young and untested in his ability to govern this City, let alone all of Calandonia. His wife is neither interested nor willing to take up the mantle." "His sister?" asks Rhialto. "Ha!, Not as long as I draw breath. She has no claims to the throne. No, I will be Regent until we release the King from whereever he is, and I truly hope that is sooner rather than later."
"Is he in any danger?" Faar'Shen asks. "Not according to the wording in the Ritual" Rhialto remarks as he reads over some of the papers. "It looks like this Ritual creates a "pocket" where the King would be safe, fed and healed." "Correct" Az'Caine replies.

"But it also does not say if anyone else can enter this pocket." Rhialto remarks. "Eh? I never really thought about that. I suppose if someone had the proper Portal Key, or can hop Realms it is possible." A flash crosses Az'Caine's eyes. "I need a detailed map of valley of Parson's Breach. NOW!!"
Arriving at the Sanctum, Mobeus hears the hustle and bustle of people running around. Although this is typical for the powerful organization, he notes an air of fear that only one man can inspire. He stops one of the other Acolytes (As briefly as he can) and hears about the Archmage's ritual not bringing back the King, him being upset and requiring a detailed map of Parson's Breach.

Mobeus thanks his fellow mage commenting, "I am the Magistrate of Parson's Breach, I have detailed maps from our adventures to seek out the Archmage's staff, and Zanthia during the crisis with Kara Vale. I will report to him at once, we know he doesn't like his time wasted nor his effort. We must find the King... please carry on, and thank you for this information."

Gathering what courage he has within his newly appointed position as Adeptus Major, Mobeus takes a leap of faith in approaching the normally feared chambers of the Archmage. He knocks very loudly making his presence known to all in the room.

"Most Venerable Archmage Az'Caine, this is Mobeus Grayloch, Adeptus Major and Magistrate of Parson's Breach bearing with me the maps we had from that area during our seeking of thyself and the King. I would request permission to enter and approach to assist in any way I can."

His voice never falters though it is clear Mobeus' confidence in dealing with the Archmage without being scathed isn't absolute. Commenting quietly to himself "I must help the King and the Arcane Sanctum, despite my concerns for my own safety..."
Both, Magi turn to face the new person at the threshold of the ArchMage. Their eyes wide in near disbelief that someone of such lower rank would have the gall to interrupt the Magi and the ArchMage.

Magus Faar'Shen takes several menacing steps in the direction of this insulent person, straightening up to his full frame and lets out a low growl. He begins to reach for his massive sword when the ArchMage's voice rings clear above the commotion. "Eh? Mobeus? Oh, yes, yes. Please Faar'Shen, this one has been at the Breach for several months. He does not know all the courtesies and customs of the Sanctum. His enthusiasm is only eclipsed by his dedication to the Sanctum."

Magus Faar'Shen steps back and relaxes, a bit.

"Please, Mobeus, the Ward recognizes you in. Tell me, my boy, whatever could be so important you would dare incur the wrath of the Magi? They are a bit on edge, as is everyone, I'm sure you are aware." He looks over at Faar'Shen and Rhialto who turn and continue to pour over the Ritual and several maps scattered about the normally clean room.
Entering the chamber, Mobeus honourably states, "Archmage, and honoured members of the Conclave-Penta.." he bows slightly, "I heard tell of the need for information immediately, and at present, we have the most detailed map we have of the region updated as we have been in the area. It holds the location of many of the Parson's Breach's exploits, including Kara Vale's last known location and the mountain areas where we located your staff. My boldness to assist is earnest in all respects, as I took part of the ritual in bringing the honoured Archmage back, I was also concerned it may have been some failing on our part that may have caused such issues."

He presents the rolled up map, "In addition, I wish to assist in any way with your research, as Magistrate I can ensure all available bodies will stand by to do what is needed to find our King which is only right. I do not wish to tarry any of you further, but you have full knowledge now of my presence in the Calanheim. Anything at all the Sanctum needs, I will do to the utmost of my abilities, sparring no quarter in that persuit."

He bows again, "I shall leave by your will, or do as you wish to me, at thy word."
"hmm, let me see those maps." The ArchMage spreads them out onto the table. "Yes, this will help. These are finely detailed, yes. I'm not sure they will help us locate the portal though, but they do help on the scale of things. Now this portal we are looking for may or may not be close to the Breach. The area is rather large and there can be portals hiding everywhere. We will need to research more maps." The ArchMage smirks as a thought comes to mind. He nods to Rhialto and continues. "In the southwest spire are several archive rooms. Currently we have a Lore Teacher, Ixis, trying to organize the Seekers and Initiates. I think they could use someone of your rank to help guide them. Ixis is a good fellow, but rather, quirky, so to say. I guess you will find that out when you get there. Magus Rhialto, please give Mobeus a Writ of Authority for the Archives and get him on his way."

Magus Rhialto, already understanding the train of thought of his friend and master, has the Writ already written up and signed by the time the ArchMage finishes his sentence. He hands the Writ to Mobeus. "With all haste Adeptus Major." and he motions to the door.

"The Ward reckognizes Mobeus to leave."
the ArchMage says, almost as an afterthought as he leans in to study the detailed map of the Breach.
Taking the Writ, and moving with utmost haste, Mobeus replies, "Archmage, and honoured Magi, Thank you." He takes his leave allowing the hard working upper echelon of the Sanctum to carry on their business. He proceeds with the haste of any youthful Mage within the Sanctum, just short of a sprint... especially on the word of the Archmage himself.
November 8th

The ArchMage is found, working in his chambers once again, noticably steering clear of the Royal Court as to be able to keep focused on his primary task, finding the King. The Ogre's Head tavern was surprisingly helpful with a couple seemingly important maps located and being introduced to some of the new Arcane Sanctum members.

Going over many scrolls, tomes and notes piled high on his desk he is pulled away from his work when a knock on his chamber door is heard. Looking up he sees Magus Rhialto, a worried expression on his face. He waits to be allowed into the Warded chambers, although he is reckognized, it's just polite afterall. Az'Caine waves him in.

"Rhialto, what is it?" ask the ArchMage. "Well Master" Rhialto begins, then pauses as he tries to collect his thoughts, "It seems as on of our newer Arcane Sanctum members has been scribing spells from the Earth Sphere."

A look of shock and concern crosses Az'Caine's face. "oh? And who might that be?"

Rhialto produces a parchment signed by the Earth Weaver's Exchequer showing the Earth Weaver that signed for the magic inks and the name of the person who scribed them. A grim expression replaces Az'Caine's former look of concern as he reads the names. He SLAMS hs fist on the table. "BRING ME MOBEUS! IMMEDIATELY" the ArchMage bellows, seething with rage. "And summon the FateSpinner to my chambers. Have Farr'Shen accompany her here at once!"

Rhialto immdiately makes for the door and summons a page to find Mobeus, then makes his way to Farr'Shen's chambers.

Az'Caine sits back in his chair and mutters "If one does not learn from the past, they are doomed to repeat it in the future. Some fools will never learn"
The ArchMage looks up from of his research books at the knock at the door. "Ah, Mobeus. The Ward reckognizes you in. We are just awaiting the Fatespinner and Magi Farr'Shen. They will be here momentarily. Once they arrive, Rhialto will join us as well. There are some matters that we need to discuss. Please, have a seat."
Mobeus approaches within the ward, nodding with the utmost respect towards the Archmage, "Thank you Archmage, I endeavour to be worthy of the summons." he moves with a dignified haste towards the seat, as per the the direction of the Archmage. His eyes look around in awe at the chamber's innate beauty to any true scholar. His eyes finally rest upon the door to the Archmage's chambers, with anxious anticipation and caution he readies himself for whatever information, or questioning may be gleaned from this meeting of such powerful figures.
Finally arriving at the top of the stairs, Zanthia is breathing hard, nearly doubled over. "Just... one... moment..." she gasps out to an exasperated Farr'Shen. After a minute, she has caught her breath, but is still rubbing a stitch in her side. Why must their be SO MANY stairs? she thinks to herself, not for the first time.

Zanthia follows Farr'Shen to the Arch Mage's door. After the Lion passes through, she waits to be allowed in.
A smirk crosses Az'Caine's face. "The Ward reckognizes Zanthia, Fatespinner of the Earth Weavers in." Az'Caine motions to one of several seats in the room for Lady Zanthia to sit at. As Rhialto enters the room last the ArchMage states "Close the door please. Ward's don't block words." Rhialto does as asked, the heavy iron banded oak door closes with an audible thud.

"Lady Fatespinner, you know Magi Rhialto and Farr'Shen. I assume you also know Adeptus Major Mobeus, Magistrate of Parson's Breach? Normally, one of his rank is not privy to a conversation as this, but as this matter concerns members of those stationed in Parson's Breach, his duty requires him to attend this meeting." The ArchMage sits back and brings his hands up to his lips, collecting his thoughts before continuing. He presents a document brought forth from the Earth Weaver's guild. It appears to be the Exchequer's logs from last week. "it appears we have a problem"

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The ArchMage sends the Fatespinner on her way with the simple phrase "The Ward reckognizes Lady Zanthia out".

He waits for her to leave then turns to Mobeus. "My boy, I do not envy you this task. Find these two immediatley and put this matter to rest. As a Magistrate you have the authority to have them arrested if nessesary. Their trial would be at your pervue as well since they are "residents" of Parson's Breach. If it comes to that, the courts should have time to see the case before it escalates. If you require any law guidance Magi Eärwen of House Corstar would be the one to speak with. She oversees the courts of Calanda".

With that the ArchMage returns to his stack of papers at his desk, sighs and begins sifting through them, sorting out the more urgent ones from the others. He looks up briefly "The Ward reckognizes Mobeus to leave."
Mobeus nods his head in accordance, and continues outside the chamber. "With honour, Archmage..." His step isn't quite as lively as earlier, the weight of his task clearing a bearing on him. Mobeus makes his way onward, lost in thought....
As Mobeus leaves the ArchMage's chamber he almost immediatley hears a grating, yet familiar voice. "Mahjur! Mahjur!" a nearly breathless Goblin screeches. "I tink we 'ave someting vary important. Des maps. Dey are not just maps of de area around de Breach and Calanda, but de's markings", pointing to the fountains, "dey show us a portal. To where I am not sure, but it cannot be a coincidenze. Don't you tink? I've 'eard de rumours that de King is in a Fey Realm. Maybe one of des leads to that Realm?"

Poor Ixit nearly collapses from the run up the stairs and the long speech. He bends at the waist, hands planted on his knees and takes in gulps of air to recover. He tries to do so quickly, not wanting to show too much weakness. He stands, straightens his robes, sets his monocle and then smoothes down his blonde topknot.
You hear a voice in your head. It's female. It is Nadja.
You can only make out 2 words ASTRAL... TRAPPED....

Mobeus' world closes in around him, filled with blackness.

OOG: You are rendered unconcious.
Mobeus is woken up with a gentle touch upon his shoulder. As his eyes focus he sees the concerned face of Az'Caine standing above him. "Ah my boy. Good to see you are back with us." Us? Mobeus thinks and then looks around to see the other Magi of the Conclave-Penta standing near. "It seems that the worst if over, though I suspect it will take you many hours to fully recover. Go to your quarters. Take Ixit to his as well please. The Magis and I have much to discuss." Farr'Shen reaches down to offer a massive paw to help Mobeus up off the ground.

With that Az'Caine enters his Warded room and leaves Mobeus to collect Ixit and head to bed.
"hmmmm. Very intrugiung" Az'Caine mused while working on his detection Ritual. He turns to Farr'Shen, Rhialto and Eärwen looking at their expressions and more importantly into their eyes. "So you're saying a vampire, apparently a powerful one at that walked into the Duchess' ball and no one lifted a finger? "Not quite" Rialto speaks "Apparently Commander Dunbow charged the fould creature but fell to his charms. And another of the patrons began to attack him with wild abbandon and was killed outright."

The Archmage stirs a bit in his seat. "And it wanted a stone? One of the Biata's? Very interesting. Long have I heard the rumours of a part of their liniage left shattered in the hills. Apparently this 'Duke' has it, or knows where to find it. Well, it is a very disturbing matter to be sure, but not one we should be focusing on. We must retrieve the King as soon as possible. My informants tell me that the Earth Weavers have discovered another map and somehow the Duchess has a 4th. Send word to Mobeus. Have the Seekers and Masters in the South Spire focus their research on the ones we have access to. We must find out how they work in concert and to what end. It must be a key to the King! Why else would fate drop these pieces upon us?"

he begins to dismiss them and then stops with one final declaration "And find out what the Fatespinner plans to do with the Witch. We can't have this gypsy disrupting the region with her outbursts. Once was more than enough. If it happens again, I will personally see that she is Obliterated out of existance."
Running into the Arcane Sanctum, Colin pauses, looking around while catching his breath from the run, he spots an acolyte. Walking towards him he says "I have a message for the Arch Mage."
The surprised acolyte looks to this person. "I would suggest leaving it with the reception desk. They will get it to him as soon as it is possible." he points to the large rotunda area of the main spire.
The ArchMage looks up from his desk and the piles of paperwork on it at the soft knock on the door."What is it?" asks the annoyed ArchMage. "Message from Her Grace." the acolyte replies sheepishly. "Fine. The Ward reckognizes you in." the ArchMage states with a wave of his hand. The acolytes gingerly steps into the room, noticing the outlined burn pattern of a fat elf upon the windowsill. He hands the message to the ArchMage and makes his way towards the door. "The Ward reckognizes you out." the ArchMage says almost as an afterthought.

Az'Caine opens the note and reads the content. A small chuckle escapes his lips. "I see she has bitten off more than she can chew. Ah the Duchess. Well, she wanted more "hands on" with the people of Calandonia. Seems she has gotten her wish although the hands seem to want to close around her neck." the ArchMage lets out a sigh. "Well, we cannot have 'creatures' bandering about the King's Palance now can we? At least it will be a slight distraction from this mountain of paperwork."

The ArchMage rises from his chair and moves to his ante-chamber. He walks into the room, selects a portal key and presses it into the indentation beside the swirling glow of his private portal. He says several words of power and the portal shimmers then shows the King's throne room Portal Chamber. Straightening his robes he steps through.

From above the ArchMage's bed a small red and purple furred winged creature chuckles as well. "Ah the intrigue of these stupid flesh sacks! Man I love this place!"
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