In the tavern

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Jinn gently opens the large tavern doors, and shuts them just as gently as he walks in, giving them a small pat as they close

"Sturdy doors..."

He heads to the bar and orders a tankard if mead, and then walks to the notice board to see if anything new was going on.

"I really should catalogue those rituals and see if anyone wants them." He says to himself. After a few moments he turns and scans the tavern to see if anyone he knows is inside. Chosing a table in the back corner so he can see the door, Jinn takes a seat and has a sip of his beverage.
Kai pads into the tavern. She orders a fruit juice at the bar, and takes a seat.
Jinn waves to the kin as she takes her seat.

"Hello Kai. how are you doing on this fine day?"
Kai shrugs. "I could do with a little less rain." She takes a sip of her peach-mango. "Besides that, I sort of feel like I'm chasing my tail. I've been looking for stuff on time elementals, but.. when they change stuff it can be hard to catch."
Jinn nods. "Time is one of the trickiest things we can ever deal with. Add on top of that the chaoic nature of time elementals, and we are in for a real doozy. I've never encountered one before, but from what I've been told they are really something. Have you been to the sanctum library's? I have to assume they would have information on these things."

Jinn takes a slow sip from his tankard and smiles.

"I'm sure you'll find something, your very studious with your research. Plus I feel like with the amount of people looking into the elementals and Brighton itself I'm sure someone will pick up the trail of information. Then you'll all be able to follow it."
Kai nods. "I had the.. displeasure.. of encountering time elementals early on in my adventuring days. I was there the day they whisked away Lord Mobeus." She takes another drink, trying to remember if Jinn's history with the Breachers even goes back that far. "It was unsettling, being that... utterly powerless." She finishes her beverage. "But you're right that something should turn up; all ears to the ground and whatnot."
Weary and damp from the rain a unknown figure enters the tavern. Taking a moment to stomp off the mud from her boots by the door she goes to pull her hood back only for the edge to catch on one green horn, and missing the other gold one.

"ahhooowwww" she whispers quietly as she gently rubs around the base of the horn to relieve the pain. Looking up and around the tavern she spots the bar and starts towards it with a large smile on her face. A skip now in her step, the sylvanborn reaches into her pouch and pulls out some coin, mostly coppers and pays for a drink.

Holding the tankard in her hands she starts to do a little dance with her drink then takes a long swig from it emptying half of it. Content and no longer thirsty she slides on to a stool, drops her pack to the floor, and surveys the room.
"I had heard tales of Mobeus's encounters, it's a shame he isn't around much anymore. His experience and knowledge of history would be much appreciated right now." Jinn chuckles briefly. "Sometimes I do wish fate had me encounter you all earlier than I did. So much has happened that I have to piece together though stories and books, first hand knowledge would be so much better. But we can't get stuck on what we don't have."

Taking a sip from his tankard jinn watches the new comer to the tavern carefully, trying to remember if he knew them or not. He gently pokes Kai and motions with his tankard.

"Recognize them? I can't place them..."
Kai looks over at the newcomer. She says quietly, "haven't meet someone who looks like them before-" she pauses, then adds, "unless it involved an alchemy nap."
"Well hopefully they aren't here to kill us all... hard to tell these days." Jinn says with a laugh.
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Noticing the two others staring at her, the sylvanborn gives a small wave with a flick of her hand. From across the way she shouts "got room for one more over there?"
"Oh! They've spotted us Kai... looks like we are gonna have some company." Jinn says quietly.

He raises his hand in a wave. "Of course we do, feel free to pull up a chair."
Hopping off of the stool and scooping up her dripping pack she makes way over to the table drink in hand. Flopping down in the free chair at the table she sets the mug down and looks at the sylvanborn and fox kin in front of her.

"Well thank you for letting me come on over here. Names Romilda, and who might you be if you dont mind me asking?"

Romilda extends her hand across the table.
Cato opens the door and walks over to grab a drink.
Upon seeing Jinn, Kai and someone he doesn't recognize he walks over. "Hey Jinn, Kai and friend how's it going?"
Jinn shakes her hand. "Names Jinn, and this is Kai. Pleased to meetcha... Romilda was it."

As their shake ends Jinn looks up to see Cato enter the tavern and waves him over with a smile.

"Cato, once join us. This is Romilda, she was just going to fill us in on why she's in the lux of all places.
Giving the oathsworn a warm smile Romilda looks back to the group.

"Well a couple of things actully. Most pressing matter is I'm looking for a dryad by the name if Thistle. Looking to go and sign up with earth weavers and been told that she was the one to talk to around here... other the the fatespinner herself of course"

She picks up her drink again and takes another long swig.

"Really it will just be whoever I run into first"
"Well I imagine that will probably be Thistle as the fate spinner is usually very busy and only makes appearances when she has prior warning."

Jinn waves to the bartender, ordering another drink.

"Interesting choice on locations to join the guild, this place is interesting and somewhat dangerous."

Jinn thanks the bartender as a fresh drinks dropped off, tipping a silver.

"But that is how I ended up here, I needed to regestwr with the Arcane Sanctum and the closest guild hall was Fort Shandalar. The rest is history I guess. Well I'm pretty sure with everything going on Thistle or the Fatespinner should be easily found."
"Oh and it's that interesting sounding danger is what had me interested in visiting the lux in the first place. Word of strange magics and a forgotten city once again found traveled all the way to the little slice of the middle of no where I've been traveling around for the past little while."

While talking Romlida goes and takes a moment to shimmy out of here damp cloak and hangs it off of an empty chair at the table behind to dry.

"Thought it might be nicer to see it happening for myself rather then hear the vauge stories that pass from tavern to tavern"
Jinn makes a face into his tankard as he takes a large drink.

"Yes... interesting... that's how I would describe it..." he says, stifling a laugh.
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