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Phalaenopsis finally turned to look at Calan, and tilted his head to the side with a smile. "I was half-joking? It's a real style of dancing, I just don't think you'd be doing it at a wedding. I think if anyone cares about how good a dancer you are, it'll be Illandra. Or your partner. I could teach you the box step for waltzing, but if your partner doesn't know it you're still going to step on their feet. It's up to you."

He turned back to look at the sketch. "Hmm, I don't think Rohnan's trying to get me married, no, since this isn't really a proposal bouquet? It's more of a bouquet you might give to a childhood friend; the roses are a symbol of love, but the rest of the flowers don't seem to be particularly associated with romance. I might just be bad at identifying them, though."

At Calan's suggestion they hijack the wedding, Phalaenopsis shot him a pointed look, and flatly said, "No."
Rohnan looked at Phal, “symbolism in flowers is outdated and dumb. Just pick what looks nice together and whatever you think that Solveig will enjoy.”

Rohnan listened to Calan and started laughing, hard. When she finally composed herself she said, “Sorry, but that’s what it kinda is, isn’t it. Someone thought that this miserable group of misfits were somehow fit to save the world. If the last two months have taught us anything it’s that we are woefully unprepared and out powered.” Her voice turned dark, “How long is it going to be until we stop coming through the circle all together? Too many of us have weakening spirits and those with power and armies aren’t doing anything about it. Why are we begging for crystals from the empress when she should be throwing her all her resources at this problem?!”

Rohnan realized that she was starting to yell a bit. At one point in her rant she had gotten on her feet and started pacing. She sighed and slumped down onto one of the seats. “I’m sorry, I just feel useless, like this is all just useless.”
"You know I am officiating the wedding right? Hijacking it wouldn't be that hard, but I'm not going to partake in that. I want it to go smoothly and peacefully. A little break filled with live and alcohol is something this group sorely needs!"

Jinn smiles.

"I know Ruki would disagree, but there is always time for love, even during the end of days."


At the mention of love calan smirks. “I think it’s a great time for a wedding. Ironically I’ve only found people interesting when the world was ending.” He pauses, “I’ve never been in love romantically speaking. But I’ve met a woman or two I wouldn’t have minded seeing where it lead.”
"I know this will come as a shock but I fall in love every time I leave this shard. Perhaps letting the world end will be exactly what my love life needs, as it will force me to move."


Calan nods in agreement. “While I know exactly what you are talking about do you ever wonder if maybe it’s easier to fall in love with people in those lands because you know you are leaving and the perils those lands aren’t a concern to you. At least not in the same way the perils here are.” Calan shrugs “like maybe you’re more your self when you don’t have the weight of all of this on you.”
Rohnan nodded along with Calan, “I agree, for some reason the weight of the world is largely upon your shoulders. The closing of these reaches seem to be largely your responsibility. Sure others help with research but when you are the one who’s leading every mission it has to start to weigh on you. I don’t really know the solution to that though because I feel like, no matter how badly you want to quit, you can’t.”


Calan smiles to Cato, he doesn’t speak words instead he gestures with his hand flat out while making an “eeehhh” noise as it to say soso.

“What about you?”
“More training at a team? More communication with people?” Rohnan shrugged. “It’s hard to do more when lots of people are being left out of conversations. Of course it is starting to feel that some are working towards their own goals instead of focusing at the task at had. With people hoarding resources and not getting enough support from those in charge is putting lots of weight onto us.” She looked over at Jinn, “and some more than others. You’d think that more would care that the world is ending.”
Jinn snorts out a laugh "it has nothing to do with the dangers of those lands, and everything to do with those people are not as prudish as our population!"

Hearing Cato's voice Jinn pulls himself to a sitting position with a grunt.

"I find myself better than yesterday, but still very drained. Hopefully you are faring better as well."

Hearing Rohnans comments directed at him, Jinn laughs. "It is easier for people to lay the responsibility onto someone else. That way if that person fails, it's not anyone else's fault. The same thing happened a few years back with Seigart, and I wouldn't be surprised if the outcome here is similar as well." His voice quickes and the volume raises. "I can only do so much with so little help! Mind you, that is not directed towards anyone in this house at all! But am I expected to lead an army with no supplies or troops? I've carried a sword for less than two bloody years, and have barely been adventuring for twice that long, yet here I am, leading the charge into the dark reaches expected to sacrifice myself and my friends..."

Jinns eyes twitch and he lay's back down, stopping himself from getting worked up.
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Calan nods his head in agreement.

"I feel like I need a drink, and maybe a chance to stab something. I also need to find someone to have a word with."

Calan puts down his things on the porch and wanders off into the street. toward the tavern with a big smile on his face.
"I agree!" Jinn exclaims, a but louder than he meant to. Pulling a small vial from his pouch, he uncorks it with a pop. Giving the vial a quick sniff he downs it all in one gulp. His body visibly relaxes and relaxed smile fills his face.
Rohnan watched Calan wander off and almost fallowed but decided to stay where she was. She padded her pouch for her flask and took a drink from it. It wouldn’t be as effective of whatever Jinn just downed but it would still probably do the trick. “I’m worried about you.” She said to Jinn before taking another drink.
"Worried about... hic... me? You should have seen me last year during the rough time..."

Jinn gets quiet for a second, then hiccups again

"But why... why are you worried about me?"
Phalaenopsis stayed quiet through the conversation going on around him and pondered Rohnan's statement about flower symbolism. 'Bringing along old-fashioned thoughts comes with being old, I guess.' he thought, 'But I still think there's something to be said for holding on to some things. Maybe I'm just holding on to too much...'

He snapped out of his thoughts as Calan departed, giving a friendly wave as he walked away; there would be time to teach dance steps later, and they had a whole month to practice. He turned to look at Jinn as the Warmage questioned why people worried about him, and pursed his lips. "Isn't it obvious?" Phal asked in response, his voice calm yet heavy, "It's because you've been saddled with a lot of responsibility, and you keep absorbing all of the blame for everything that goes wrong even when it's only tangentially related; you internalize group failure as a failure of your leadership, and that's not fair to you or anyone else; and finally," he paused, moving over to sit next to Jinn and stare him straight in the eye, "you're family, you putz, we're always going to worry about you."

He gave Jinn a playful lighthearted swat on the shoulder before laying down next to him. "I feel like we're going to see a few more failures before this is all over, so better get used to us worrying about you now."
Rohnan was about to replay when Phal spoke up for her and saved her from saying something that she might regret saying now. “What Phal says is true. You started this clan? tribe? family? Whatever it is that you want to call us we’re here for you. And worry about you. I guess I just wanted you to know that you aren’t alone.”
Jinn sighs "Thanks mom and dad. I just hope the failures are kept to a minimum, at least until the reaches are sealed off. Then my services will no longer be required."

The sound of vials clinking together can be heard as Jinn fishes another one out of his pouch.
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Rohnan rolled her eyes “Alright then, deflect. Are you at least gonna share those intoxicates? Or are content to drink alone?”
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