Jinns house

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Phalaenopsis pointed into the house, "I have 4 or 5 in my box, Rohnan, rightmost compartment, bottom few vials; they should be bright red and make pink foam if you shake them. Take as many as you like."

He then reached out and gave Jinn's shoulder a comforting squeeze. "I think you'll find that 'friend', 'family', and 'Arcane Sanctum Shouter' are all perfectly valid 'services' that I think will continue to be requested of you, even after we successfully seal all the Reaches and slice Al'Zoon open from sack to eyeballs so we can wear him like a coat." he said cheerfully, "Just because you'll get to relax and take it easy, and not have to worry about 'The End Of Calandonia As We Know It', doesn't mean we aren't still going to be happy to have you around."

"Actually..." he continued, withdrawing his hand and letting it fall to the ground beside him, "I'm kind of wondering what's going to happen to everyone after that. Al'Zoon's been a threat since before Parson's Breach became a field of ash 3 years ago, and everyone who's been fighting him for at least as long as I've known about him have a lot of history together. I guess I do, too, but... I wonder who'll decide to stick together, and who'll decide to stray apart. I know I have a place I could go back to if I wanted, but what about those who aren't so lucky?"
Jinn pauses as he is about to open his newest vial, thinks for a second, then tosses it to Rohnan.

"Its called Reflect! But seriously, I know everyone in this house cares about me. But until someone else is willing to step up and lead missions into the reaches it's just me. Everyone is willing to go, but no one besides maybe Stig is willing to actually take on responsibility for those horrible places."

Jinn rubs his temples and sighs, stopping himself from saying anymore.
Rohnan fumbled trying to catch the vial before it hit the ground. A look of utter surprised glee spread across her face when she successfully caught it. She downed it in one, and felt the muscles in her back that are always so tense instantly relax. “Oooo, that’s nice.”

“Okay, yeah the leadership part is a lot to handle and it sucks that no one else with enough rank is willing to step up. But are you one to honestly easily give up command?” Rohnan sighed. “Honestly, I just think that we need a win. Of course that’s going to be hard to come by when we always seem to be going in half blind and underprepared. Not that that’s something that you don’t already know.”

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Cato looks over at Jinn. I understand the burden you are under Jinn. I remember when you joined us as a scholar and were so wide eyed and eager. The burdens of leadership can suck. I agree we need people to realize that the cost of defeating Alzoon might be sacrificing ourselves........ This conflict has been going on for hundreds of years and needs to end.
Jinn sits up and faces Cato.

"That feels like a lifetime ago. I do hope the last two months have shown people what is at stake, what we risk every time we go to those realms. As for your quesion Rohnan, I would gladly share or even give up command if someone was willing to share the burden. It is to much to rest on one set of shoulders. I know it has changed me, and not for the better. I'm constantly reminded of the reaction Alan gave me, it's made me wonder what or who I've become."
“Hence the worry.” Rohnan said. “And while I might not be just ready to lead us into the dark reaches yet I am willing to help you shoulder some of that burden. I never got to meet that optimistic Jinn, but I think I’d like to.”
Jinn smiles a weary smile and looks at Rohnan.

"Thanks you, that means a lot." He leans over and pats Phal on the shoulder. "Don't think I don't see the help you all give me, and the worry you have for me. It really does mean alot. Hopefully a win is something we receive in the next few months, and just maybe you'll see that optimistic Jinn of legend."

Jinn pauses

"Just be glad you met me on my way back up, and not down. Last year held some darkness for me, and I believe that is when I really changed."
Rohanan pauses at that. She wondered what must have happened to put her friend into such a dark place. A twisted part in the back of her mind almost wished that she had a chance to see it. "Well I'm glad to hear that you are getting through what ever it was that put you into such a dark place. I just hope that the Dark Reaches don't make it worse for you." She thought for a moment, "maybe what you really need is a chance to go on a vacation. Just to get away from here for a while."
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"Maybe you just need to take a break?" Phalaenopsis suggested, "Evo and Sarryn both seemed to burn out after a while, too, although that may be for reasons other than the pressures of leadership; maybe see if Stig or Hamish is willing to spearhead the missions for a few months, give yourself time to recuperate?" He paused, then teasingly added, "Or I could Enfeeble you so you can forget your responsibilities for a few minutes."
Jinn ponders for a moment "I would like to see this through. It's hard to admit, but my pride has taken a beating over these last few months and I need a win under my belt. I will speak with them about co leading these missions though."
“Well then, we win. We head back and poision all those effing beasts. Cuz, let’s be real, those effers gotta go. Like even if they weren’t an arm of the apocalypse, those things need to be extinct. We’ll put our heads together and make and awesome plan. And if you don’t think that we can win and none of these other high up guild folk want to take command, then we don’t go. No more of this half planned going in blind nonsense.” Rohnan half slurred in an ‘I’m not drunk’ kinda way. “And then vacation. Hey, do we have an eta of the apocalypse? Do we have time for a vacation?”


Solrex would walk by the house, and look at the porch, seeing if there was anyone outside he could talk to to take his mind off his own mind. If no one was outside, he considered just walking onwards, finding someone to converse with. No need to intrude on someone's house just to keep up his limited social skills.


Solrex, the reeds Dryad, would approach the group, "Hey, remember me? Any of you? When we went adventuring that one weekend recently? I was healing everyone, and had no weapon. Someone had to use endow to carry me across that rickety bridge? I was healing during that drake fight and the drake charged me down and injured me? He didn't just attack me, he straight up chased me in a straight line and almost took me out in one shot. Yeah, that's me. Solrex. How's it going? I'm just trying to socialize, it's good for you, right? Even when you'd rather be alone?"

Solrex wasn't the best at conversations, but he was at least trying. He probably didn't pick the best memories to remember himself by, but he at least tried. He tried to see if anyone he recognized was in the group.

If they ignored him and continued talking without him, he would probably end up running off. Or something. This was already hard enough as it was.
"I'm a firm believer that there is always time for a vacation!" Jinn says with a renewed vigor. "May as well try to fit one more in before this shard meets its end. I'm sure I could just bunk up in Kumari's orphanage in New Acarthia and see some friendly faces."

Jinn smiles a warm smile, thinking of his friends in New Acarthia. He then reaches into his pouch and pulls out another vial.

"Here's to a vacation." He shouts dramatically, popping the crock out of the vial with his thumb and shooting back the contents. Jinn let's out an audible sigh of relief as his body relaxes even more, and he sways in his spot.

His eyes half open look around to see the new dryad walking near the house, hen stopping and looking around.

"What d' you th... think... the new baby dryad... *hic* wants eh?"

As the dryad approaches Jinn's eye widen as the quesions flow.

"Well given that *hic* you jus so happen to b' one of..." jinn drunken counts on his fingers and whispers "thistle.... Judas... ummmmm... THREE dryads in town, yuss, I rememmember you..."


Solrex nods, "Right, so uh, um… what are you guys talking about? Is there any way I can help? I honestly just want to practice being around people, since it's somewhat exhausting to me."

Solrex then gets out his channeling relic and tosses his empty mana aura up and down in a nervous fashion, feeling uneasy with 4 people here. He was pretty good at tossing the empty mana up and catching it, and it shows he had been practicing it.
Rohnan listened to the tirade of words that came at her and blinked slowly twice before heading stumbling into the house to grab the vials that Phal told her about before and slipped all but one into he pouch. Retaking her seat she downed the vial in her hand before saying anything to the Dryad. “We’re just chat’n and relax’n ‘n stuff. Comlecat- comtencate- think’n ‘bout the world end’n ‘n drink’n stuff. And course we remember you. Not that drunk yet.” Rohnan did her best not to slur. “Oh! And think’n about the presurssss of beni’n in charge ‘n stuff.” She turned to look at the three others, “ya know, the last time I was in charge of anything I died.” Rohnan grew quiet thinking about the last thing that she saw before she was stabbed through the back.
Jinn gives Rohnan a confused look. He then turns to face Solrex.

"Don't mind us, the Sylvanborn are just having a hard time. As it stands we are just shooting the shite, passing the time. Half planning some missions, half contemplating letting the world end... not sure if there's a way you can help, but luckily it seems pretty calm right now."
Rohnan gasped with false enthusiasm “Can we just let the world end? That’ll make ery’thing soumuch easier.” She heaved a heavy sigh “no” she said shaking her head and then sighed again. “Gots ta do the world saving thing.”

She turned to Solrex, “How are you doin’ with all the fun stuff that’s happened since you gots here?” The word ‘fun’ sounding sarcastic.
Phalaenopsis shakes his head, but doesn't get up from where he's laying on the porch. "They've had a couple of Intoxicates, Solrex, so you'll have to excuse the slurring." he offered, "And I guess also the pessimism, although it's not without warrant. You're welcome to one, if you'd like, but I might have to get up to go get it if Rohnan only grabbed one out of my box."
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