John Finnegan - The Best of Us All - Rest in Peace

Von Raven

markusdark said:
I only met him a couple of times, knowing him mostly via postings and emails. And I am too in shock over it all. He would be one of the people I would have named if asked for the top 10 'experts' in the LARP field.

If it is not impolite to ask - what happened?
Not at all.

The answer, for now, at least is that we don't know yet. All we know is that John was in high spirits today, feeling better after a stomach bug, my sister Colleen last spoke with him around 3 pm, via phone. When she returned home from work, she found John in bed, having passed away.

-Patrick Von Raven
I wanted to add one more thing.

John, always an inspiration and sometimes a loving pain in the rear, could always be found humming/singing one particular song at events.
In my mind - it was his song. And now, I believe it is true. I will never be able to watch the movie without thinking of him.

"Turn around, look at what you see.
In her face, the mirror of your dreams.
Make believe I'm everywhere, living in your eyes.
Written on the pages is the answer to a never ending story.

Reach the stars, fly a fantasy.
Dream a dream, and what you see will be.
Lives that keep their secrets will unfold behind the clouds
There upon the rainbow is the answer to a never ending story.

Show your fear for she may fade away.
In your hands the birth of a new day.
Lives that keep their secrets will unfold behind the clouds
There upon the rainbow is the answer to a never ending story."


My sincerest and deepest condolence to John's closest friends and family.

I only knew him via NERO really, but when I first started playing he was in charge of Ashbury plot and he always took the time to answer the questions of this dorky local kid newb even though he was usually trying to run an event and therefore busy as hell he was patient as anything with me. He was good people and he will be sorely missed.



I don't have much to add to the sentiments already made other than to echo them. John is my hero - he is the person who showed me the most about what attitude to have at the game, and in life, really. I wanted to be like him in a number of ways. He had the most wonderful singing voice - and a beautiful smile that lit up his whole face, and the whole room.

If he impacted me so much from just a few casual encounters I cannot possibly imagine how he must have brightened the lives of those close to him. I hope, and am sure, that his light stays with you in your memories.



Much love and our deepest condolences to John's family.

I only knew John for a brief time, just before becoming an owner. Every time I saw him at game, everyone around him was having a good time because of whatever whacked out part he was playing. Every time I talked to him about running a game, or had some bizarre rules question, he would share his knowledge and experience without hesitation.

John is a fantastic role-model for both players and owners alike, and he will be sorely missed.

-Jesse & Ginni


I did not know John well, but you didn't need to know him well to know how great a guy he is.

My heart goes out to you all, and especially to those closest to him.

Sending many hugs and much love,
~Kate (Melnyk) Hetu


I am SO sorry to hear about John. I haven't heard from or spoken to him in many many years, but he was one of my heroes back in the day. He was personally responsible for two of my favorite memories of NERO, being a ducal squire as my gypsy, Kylara, and the Nordenn Military Academy Entrance Exam for my orc, Sage.

I always thought I'd get back in touch with him someday... :(

My thoughts are with you Colleen, and the rest of your family as well. *hugs*


Gettysburg Staff
I don't really know what to say.

John was an amazing person.

I can't find the appropriate words to express my sadness at this.

John has affected every one of us who play this game.

His is a loss that will be missed.

Colleen & Patrick, my first instinct was to call, but then I realized how much of that you must be getting already, and I didn't want to clutter it up with my nonsense. Just know that I'm here for you guys if you need anything.

Justin Doheny
I'd like to second what Justin said. John was an amazing guy, and words don't exist to express how much he'll be missed.
John was an amazing person, both in the context of someone involved in NERO/Alliance, and outside of it. He was funny, caring, an amazing writer, and an all around a great guy.

Colleen & Patrick, if you need anything...just give the word, and I'm sure Justin, myself, and a horde of others will be there.

Perry Lyons


I have tried over and over again to write something here that made sense. I can't... Anything I write really does not express the way I am feeling.

Colleen and Patrick, I know it is just words right now but if threre is anything that Linda and I can do for you, in any way, please let us know.

John Wrobel


Alliance Logistics
I found out last night and was in a daze all night, including today. Words cannot explain the sadness I feel as well. I keep seeing him with that cookie smile. I am mad at my slef for not attending NJ more, just to see John.
John IS NERO/ALLIANCE. Every thing he stood for, from fairness to his love for the people and the game can never be replaced.
To Patrick and Colleen and the rest of his family and friends my heart goes out to you. Please let me know of any araingments are made and if you need any help for it or any thing else, if it is a private service I understand.
You will be missed greatly John, but not forgotten.


HQ Staff
Like many others here I've been having a hard time finding words. All I keep thinking is that I'm really glad that John and I cleared up a misunderstanding we'd had about a year ago.

In the game, he's a Legend.

In real life he was a genuine, wonderful person. Henry said it best when he said his smile lit up a room - it really did. When John was laughing and smiling you just couldn't help but do the same. In this trip around the world we call life, I count myself lucky to have known him.


I dont rember ever laughing as hard with anything eles as i did with John. Even now im having a hard time not Laughing when thinking of him and all the funny roles he came up with. He put alot of himself into everything he did and it always showed.

Tim Gailey ( Walgar )


:cry: I dont know what to say...I met John back in the early 90's, hit it off with him very well...Me and mine send our wish and thoughts to those that need it the most..

I was hoping to make to either HQ or Jersey game this summer in hopes to talk to him again..but....

part of me wants to sit here and cry for those who are truly hurt by this...and another part whats to raise a glass in Celebration of his life and things that he did...

~Matt K.


I really don't know what to say here. I met John long ago at my first event and he made me, and the others with me feel like we were at home. He took the awkwardness out of meeting a slew of new people away and treated us like we were old friends. Over the years at events he always had a quick joke or story and would do whatever he could to make sure everyone had fun and got along.
John was one of the most sincere people I've ever met. I am saddened by his passing and extend my deepest condolences to his family and friends.

"May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be ever at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall softly on your fields. And until we meet again, May God hold you in the hollow of his hand."

Mike Stabley


May you be at rest and find joy where you are now. We will surely miss you and your high spirits. You go before us to a far better place, of that I am sure. You taught us all so very much.

I'll miss ya,

Friends of the Alliance,
I nearly passed myself last year, and in that time I was very aware that my friends at Nero(Alliance) where and still are some of the greatest friends I have ever known. Please, (take it from me), do not hesitate to tell those that are special to you- you love them. If I have not said it in the past you are all very dear to me.

I hope to see you all soon,

I can't write any more now.


This game has brought me no small number of memories that I will undoubtedly carry with me for the rest of my life. I can easily trace my closest friendships, relationships, and even meeting my fiance back to this game... To say that it has enriched my life wouldn't quite express the effect that it has had on me.

Over the years John has functioned as the glue that has kept chapters, and ultimately the Alliance as a whole together.. smoothing over our the quibbles, be they plot problems in his own chapter, issues on the ARC, or massive inter-chapter feuds, John was there to help keep administrate the lot of it. To keep us all friends...

To say that John was an amazing writer, pales to express the reality of the thing... John created lavish worlds that many of us have taken part in, and gone away with smiles on our faces for the journey. From Duke Bryan, to Dimmsdale to Lord Calimar, John created characters that you loved (or you loved to hate ;) ) John did a huge part in creating the world we play in, and making it fun for everyone.

I'd like to take a moment and just say Thank You, John for your part in creating the world that *I* live in. Thank you for the friends you've helped me to meet, and for the memories that I'll carry with me forever.

We'll miss you buddy.
John Finnegan was a good and decent man. He's the one that kept me at NERO when things went bad for me.
You will be rememeber as a friend and a HERO of the LARPing World.


My condolences to Colleen and Family.

Lonnie A Bunnell
This past Sunday afternoon while trying to get the baby to stop crying I found myself in a long daydream. I was back with Jen in Boston sitting at one of John's DnD games at Melinda's house. I then spent a long time thinking about how long it has been since we have seen each other and how it would be fun to get together.

Today I'm thinking about how we all lived together back in Boston and had lunch almost every day back in NYC. I often wonder how life would have been different if we moved to PA instead of ME. Would we have started a business together? Would we have continued to get together as we used too? Would he have had a chance to meet our new daughter?

Thank you for giving me so much to miss.