Meeting of Minds

"I think we need to go back and discuss what we've found with the rest. Perhaps they will have more wisdom in this. I think we might need a force here meditating on keeping these tendrils back for a while yet."
Amory points in Luke's general direction, "Want to identify a Dragon?"
Alluvio nods at Shin and Bavaikas. "Let's head back to the Tavern now, and discuss this at greater length."
Illahee stands slowly, opening her eyes to take in the state of the group. She eyes Amory questioningly. "Are you well?"
Jonathan snorts
Amory sighs, pushes herself up to her feet and unsteadily brushes off her off.

She smiles at Illahee. "I will be. Just tired." she frowns, "and starving."
The young Dragon manages a half-smile in Lael's direction, then nods to Alluvio and Shin. They don't speak, but their body language clearly indicates that they'd like to get far away from the Tear, as soon as possible.
She turns to follow Illahee back to wherever, then blinks at Jonathan, "Oh goodness. My apologies, Friend Jonathan. Hello and how are you?"
"Lets go to the celestial circle then," Lael holds out her hand for the young one to take as she looks to the celestial dragon having the same desire as them.
Alluvio stands.

"Then we should return to the Tavern. Come."

He moves forward, sure and confident, although he does not feel that way. She makes her way back to the #tavern.
Plue nods in agreement, and visibly regrets it as she winces at her brewing headache. She follows Alluvio back toward the tavern.
Bavaikas pauses for a moment, tipping their head to the side. After a beat, they reach out a trembling hand to meet Lael's, and follow the rest of the group.
Amory follows Illahee back to the Tavern.
Shin walks with Bavaikas and Lael to the Circle with Luke, then onward to the Tavern once Bavaikas is cleared.
Durnic excuses himself, exhausted, and heads back to his bunk.

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