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Discussion in 'Official Announcements' started by Auric, Nov 30, 2018.

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    Possible issue: If players only have Weapon Master as a weapon skill, attempting to sell it back could cause issues if they have skills that require a weapon skill.
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    Yep. We'll need to detect when selling certain skills back would break prereqs and force you to pick a skill to buy that fixes it.
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    Weapon Master doesn't include Archery and Thrown Weapons. While not ideal, the way it's written you'd have to buy one of those before you could sell back weapon master.
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    Let's avoid getting to letter of the law here. Technically you must sell back when buying weapon master but could buy any of the included skills back while having Weapons Master as there is no wording to prevent this.

    A better solution would be to modify the wording of the rule to note that the resulting card must adhere to all rules after selling back the skill but you are allowed to repurchase any 'include skill' immediately when selling back Weapon Master or Style Master
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    "Selling back skills does not allow you to violate prerequisite requirements. As such you must sell back those skills first so your character remains 'valid'."
    You have to either buy one of the other skills first, or sell back the other skills dependent on your Weapon Master. This may not be as intended, but it sure is as written.
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