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    Our May Season opener is fast approaching, so while its registration may overlap a little with the April event, we are opening it now so that everyone has a chance to pre-reg.

    Our In-Character plot hook for the weekend will be released after the April One-Day.

    The event for PCs will cost $60 ($75 without pre-registration) and NPCs $15 ($25 without pre-registration). This cost to NPCs covers food for the weekend and the per-head costs that we incur.

    The site opens at 6PM on Friday, May 10th, with game on as close to 8PM as possible. Game-off will be approximately 10AM on Sunday, May 12th with everyone cleaned up and out by Noon.

    This event will take place at the following site:

    Gamehaven Scout Reservation
    5015 Simpson Rd SE
    Rochester, MN 55904

    At the Gamehaven location we will have two lodges available for everyone which only provide floor space sleeping. In addition, there are five heated and air conditioned cabins, with four bunks each, that are available. We will be allowing players to reserve these cabins for the weekend for $60. A minimum of 3 players must be staying in each cabin. These will be assigned on a first-come first-serve basis.

    Tenting is permitted on this site. Please include a note in your pre-reg if you plan on tenting for the weekend.

    Our pre-reg form can be found by clicking here. Pre-registration should include needed tags, your production, magic items, and any food allergies. If you have any questions about your sheet, you can contact logistics at:

    You may prepay for the weekend by sending your payment over Paypal to You should use the "Send to a Friend" option when you do this. In the notes include your name, the purpose of your payment, your character name, and the chapter the character is housed in.

    Please note if you’re a first time player you should contact us so we can help with your character creation before the event.

    This game will be run under the 2.0 rules, which can be found here:

    Players that have not handled their character and magic item conversion to the 2.0 rules will be allowed to convert their character at logistics, but will be required to handle their magic item conversion after the event. Players who come with a pre-filled out magic item conversion form, found at the following link, will be provided temporary tags for their magic items.

    The following link will take you to a Google Doc that is designed to help calculate how your Ritual Items and Ritual Scrolls will convert over to the 2.0 system. You'll need to make your own private copy to play around with. Go to the link below. Once there, click “File” and open up the menu to “Make a Copy”. Then, open up your copy, at the bottom of the spreadsheet you’ll find 4 tabs: (1) Template; (2) Summary; (3) Ritual Point Calculator; (4) Ritual Scroll Calculator. Tabs 3 and 4 have conversion instructions at the top of their respective pages.

    Pre-regs are due by Saturday, May 4th at 11:59 PM. You do not get the discount for registering after this point, but it is still highly encouraged by the logistics staff for you to do so!

    1. David Raatz (Iganeous Ironforge)
    2. Bryce Koke (Bruisey Foemangler)
    3. Ryan Benike (Cassandra)

    1. Ryan Schmidt
    2. Matt Machtan
    3. Jordan Fenty
    4. Adam Peckron

    Cabin Reservations:

    1. Reserved
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    How many bunks are in the cabins?
  3. Bigens73

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    Four bunks
  4. Lurin

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    Opps I have failed at reading comprehension, I blame the 14 hour drive from Texas.
  5. Dragonblade

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    well just signed up, hope i did that correctly..?

    David Raatz
  6. Dragonblade

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    hmmm... i know i sent in the pre-reg on monday, just out of curiousity how long does it take to verify a pre-reg.?

    David Raatz

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