Pre-registration for May

Pre-registration is closed. You can still pay at the door, but the fee is $70. No credit cards at the door!

1. Samantha Bertrand
2. Erika Noach (Kailani)
3. Michelle Stagnitta (Ezri) + $20 food donation
4. Kathy Rosenblatt (Mouse) Prelogisted!
5. Joe Siegel (Simon) + $60 food donation Prelogisted!
6. Kyle H Spriggle (Grim) + $20 food donation
7. Scott Kondrk (Drak) Prelogisted!
8. Michael Guarino (Ket) + $50 food donation Prelogisted!
9. Eric Stehle (Baron Ivan)
10. Kelly Allard Prelogisted!
11. Dustin Crewell Prelogisted!
12. Danielle Darwell Prelogisted!
13. Robert Kinlen Prelogisted!
14. Elizabeth Wallace Prelogisted!
15. Dan McKiernan (Cyprus) Prelogisted!
16. Susie Lee Prelogisted!
17. Craig Fiske + year membership Prelogisted!
18. Danielle Wilson (Anna Rainwillow) + $10 food donation Prelogisted!
19. Jeremy Davis (Avian) + year membership Prelogisted!
20. David Balsome Prelogisted!
21. Henry Hart + year membership Prelogisted!
22. Robert Graves (Nathan Westwind) + year membership Prelogisted!
23. Michael Balsome
24. Dee Kondrk (Drifa)
25. Hau Tran (Gaara) Prelogisted!
26. Mike Strauss + year membership + $5 food donation Prelogisted!
27. Kate Drake + event membership Prelogisted!
28. Dominic Alioto + trial membership Prelogisted!
29. Nurah Ali + trial membership
30. Keith Powers (Event Credit)
31. William Duffy + year membership Prelogisted!
32. Adam Burr (Shay dea'Saryn) Prelogisted!
33. Brian Whitham (Garathon)
34. Dave Ehrhart (Khorwyn)
35. Nicole Angelo (Aikitza)
36. Sheila Haswell (Natalia)
37. Kevin Bertrand
38. Emily Desmarais (Caoimhe) Prelogisted!
30. Drew Resele (Rowan) Prelogisted!
40. Amy Resele (Larien) Prelogisted!
41. Matt Watkins (Auric)
42. Richard Hartzell + event membership Prelogisted!
43. Sean Bailey (Gareth) + event membership
44. Mandy Sevetsky + year membership
45. Sarah Heimbach + year membership Prelogisted!
46. Tonya Dawson + event membership + $20 food donation Prelogisted!
47. Jordan Krebs Event (Cyno) + year membership Prelogisted!
48. Meghan FitzPatrick + year membership Prelogisted!
49. Will Kinkaid + year membership Prelogisted!
50. Daniel Baillargeon + year membership
51. James "JP" Pocklington + event membership Prelogisted!
52. David Van Ness + event membership Prelogisted!
53. Michael Duetzmann (Poalo Oscarot) + event membership
54. Stephen Duetzmann (Riddick Dale) + event membership Prelogisted!
55. Aaron Bonito + owes $10 for late registration
56. Lisa P + owes $10 for late registration
57. Diana Nunnally
58. Austin Nunnally

1. Angel Belford
2. Dave D
3. Donna Hellmuth
4. Chris Szupillo
5. Tom Wilson
6. Sam Owens
7. Ken Swartz + $5 food donation
8. Jessica Cutter + year membership
9. Christina Shaw + trial membership
10. Kathleen O'Rourke + trial membership
11. Becca Robinson + trial membership
12. Carly Robinson + trial membership
13. Christopher Lo
14. Mei Kurakake
15. Jackie Blumenthal
16. Nancy Calvert-Warren + year membership

Fire: Craig Fiske
Water: Kelly Allard
Earth (no beds -- yet): Kelly Allard
Air (no door -- yet): Joe Siegel

Phoenix: Ash Forest
Gryphon: Gilded Claw
Dragon: Vanguard
Pegasus: Blythedale


I just sent in a pre-reg. Phoenix cabin is one of the ones up at the top right?

Joe S.
Resident jerk
I'll be taking a private room. Preferably one without a bunk actually as my queen air matrice wont fit.



I'll be thurr assuming I can find a ride. I don't think the rest of my Deadlands caravan can come.


HQ Staff
Re: Pre-registration fo May

Kyle playing grim


I will also be NPCing!


HQ Staff
Cole Angelo for NPCing


HQ Staff
Heya folks, mike just paid for susie to play alda and another person could we grab dragon cabin please?


My friend is my husband - Dustin Crewell, as usual.

Thanks -

aara said:
My friend is my husband - Dustin Crewell, as usual.

Thanks -


I never like to make assumptions, you never know!

Everyone: Please use the comments section if you are paying for someone else, and list your character too. Thanks! :thumbsup: