[.11] Remove required packet colors?


Ehhhh, I guess we interpret good sportsmanship differently, then. If I pull out two globes with the intention of tossing a Nausea, and I get Disarmed, I’m not going to pretend it was a Paranoia just because, mechanically, I can.
Most packets I throw are reactive. Even more so in 2.0 when I can throw elemental or poison packets. I have packets in my hand because I might have to throw "something", but I don't know which something it's going to be.


That’s reasonable.
The pc side of this is covered on pg 147.

Gas Globes: If you steal gas globes from
someone (or if those globes are destroyed some-
how), the owner of the globes must randomly
give up the appropriate amount of tags for the
globes. A marshal may be called to oversee this.