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  1. SkollWolfrun

    SkollWolfrun Squire

    Morgan2Front.jpg MorganFront.jpg MorganSide.jpg

    My dwarf: Morgan
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  2. Sheakhan

    Sheakhan Adept Oregon Staff

    Sean, Mark(Dab) won't shut up about that helmet.
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  3. Durnic

    Durnic Fighter Owner Oregon Staff Marshal

    That helmet is like half of his armor.
  4. John

    John Artisan


    Ian 2014
    I got some new armor and stuff. Hope to get new pics soon.
    (Please excuse the sunglasses. After eye surgery a couple years back I developed a sensitivity to bright light. If anyone has a suggestion where I might find something that looks a bit less out of place, that would be great.)
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  5. Jayded

    Jayded Newbie

  6. Sheakhan

    Sheakhan Adept Oregon Staff

    Here's my costume, as worn by my little brother who looks like a stockier version of me:



  7. I don't get photos of me taken very often, so I have to show off :p
  8. Dûrion_Silme

    Dûrion_Silme Artisan Charlottesville Staff

    FB_IMG_1438158257956.jpg FB_IMG_1438158269519.jpg

    My new Gettysburg PC, played at HQ this past weekend!
  9. Krow

    Krow Newbie

    My Mystic Wood Elf fighter from the Calgary (Canada) Chapter.
    IMG_4246.JPG IMG_4247.JPG IMG_4244.JPG
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  10. avalon willowcrest, my celestial scholar.




    my wolfkin adept maggie

    maggie, now that she's lost her baby fur :p
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  11. Breten

    Breten Artisan

    Garridan during his brief time as a High Ogre.

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  12. Durnic

    Durnic Fighter Owner Oregon Staff Marshal

  13. Breten

    Breten Artisan

    Yeah trying to fix that.
  14. Durnic

    Durnic Fighter Owner Oregon Staff Marshal

    Looks fixed to me now.
  15. Fynwei

    Fynwei Squire

    My Dwarf Artisan, Lena. No lady is complete without some jewels!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  16. FunkMasterD11

    FunkMasterD11 Newbie

    Hello there, everyone. I'm pretty new to LARPing, but I've been working pretty hard on getting my costume just right. It's already gone through a couple versions.

    This is my character Phillip of House Gunderson, but you may call him Twig. The photo on the left is the first version of the costume I actually used in a short teaser for a film project, and the photo on the right is the final version. Just wanted to see what y'all think.

    Twig Costume change.jpg

    Here's a link to that teaser I mentioned. Check it out if you'd like:

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