The Town that Was

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"Not in your wildest dreams Magus... the day I have to file paperwork will be the fastest self demotion the sanctum has ever seen!" Jinn says with a silly half grin. "Besides, I don't even have a grasp on what filing even is. Working indoors has never been a strong suit of mine."
Kai enters the sanctum and notices a crowd in the doorway to Evo's office. She takes off her cloak, folds it into a plush square, and sits on it on the floor. She leans against the wall, waiting and listening, and wonders if she should have a bench installed here. Or maybe one of those deli counter wheels that dispense numbered tickets.
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"True," Billin says as he carefully pick up a shard, "Reforging can be done after looking into the pieces, not so much the other way around."
"There is not much I can tell you here that you probably don't already know," Billin says putting the shard back down, "I would have to take a closer look in my workshop."
"You're good with loaning the sword to Billin, Elinor? You can't ask for a better smith."

Evo turns his attention to Calan, appraising him. With an air of sadness, he addresses the sylvanborn. "I'm sorry that the only comfort I can offer right now is the steady call of responsibility. But there's work to be done now. Are you ready?"
Looking around the room feeling out of place he turns with a nod
"You have business. But dey probly shouldn't be out of deir places right now"
He heads for the door but stops and leans over to Kai on his way
"Sorry if i got ale on you before"
"I'll be outside or the barracks vhen your able Evo"
Jinn gives Stig a nod as he starts to depart.

"Travel well"
Elly gently hands over the shards - probably more gently than called for, given their sorry state. "I'd be honoured to get your expert eyes on them, Mister Billin. It was when I first touched them that I gained some of the... abilities I have now. Perhaps there are traces of it left?"
Calan makes a quiet crack under his breath. “Pretty sure endless filing is what Jinns deepest nightmare looks like.” Calan looks to Evo “yes I am ready. Just tell me what you need done and consider it so.”
Evo nods. "Then it's time you prove your rank. Under Jinn's guidance, I'm transferring Elinor to your mentorship. You both will report to Jinn, and he will accompany you to Brighton. I'm of the opinion that time elementals, among whatever other forces, are involved here; that likely means Al Zoon's influence, at the least. I trust your judgement: if you can make sense of this problem, go as far as you think is prudent. Consider your risks carefully, and don't hesitate to withdraw to gain the advantage later. Elinor reported monsters fighting a force in blue-and-white. We can safely assume that is the Homeguard, at some time in the past or future. It might pay to research any legends of great battles in or around Brighton-- if it is a battle in the past, you might learn something useful.

"Calan, this is your first command. Jinn is there to advise, to evaluate both of you, and to pull you out if the water gets too deep. But the decisions are yours, and the responsibility is yours. Bring in others to your group as you see fit, and not just from the Sanctum. I know Rohnan will want to accompany you, and probably Elinor's companions as well-- but consider what skills you need, not just who you're most comfortable with. Please make regular reports as events unfold."

Evo takes in the assembled trio. "That really is a lot of spellswords." He cracks a smile. "Questions?"
Elly can't help but smile a little, too. "Oh, I don't know, it seems like the appropriate number of spellswords to me."

"I wonder whether you'd anticipate help or hinderance from the time elementals? I know my friends would probably come if I asked, but if you think we'll need to negotiate with an elemental..." She shrugs apologetically. "I'm not sure if an Oathsworn is the best man for that job."
The magus frowns. "I've found the elementals extremely dangerous and never anything but adversaries. My advice is to stay far away from them. They can stop time and slay you while you're helpless. There are very very few defences against that power."
Calan looks to Elli then Evo then Jinn. “I’d sooner die than let anyone else down sir, and to be frank I’m not really fond of dying again so that’s not really an option. I promise to do my best and no less.” Responsibilities indeed, he thought to himself. “The only question I have is do you need an account of what happened last night?”
"I will go and see what I can find out." Billin says bundling the shards back up. "Please call me Evo once the meeting with the Guardians has been set up. After talking to them, Stig and I will most likely head to Dwevdi to start researching the Armory of the Hunters."
"Good luck dealing with these time elementals, I was almost left in the past once, so be careful."
As Billin is heading out the door, he turns with a small bow, "Magus, Warmage, and forgive me, I do not know your twos titles, but good day, and again, good luck" he says with a smile
“Calan is just fine Master smith, good luck with your work.” Calan said Billin.
Evo nods to Billin as he leaves, and seems distracted. "I think I should like to hear what happened from your perspective. But-- "

He turns to Elli. "Golems. The other beings with marked foreheads are golems, constructs built from any material from quicksilver to... flesh. And often imbued with elemental power and resistances. And inhabited by the spirit of powerful wizards. I've done it. It's... disconcerting."
Elly thinks hard for a moment. "The vision I saw... with two forces at the ends of the pendulum... I had just assumed a Selunari to be part of it. I guess the question is which side the golems are on." She sighs a little. "I don't think it'd be too much to ask for a golem ally, I think we're due for some luck. Is there anyone in particular you're thinking of?"
At the mention of gollum’s Calan was reminded of a battle in another shard. They fought in the same side as his allies against the elemental beasts to defeat Cindra, this wasn’t the first time he’d thought of that army in the past few hours. It had occurred to him that a similar circumstance could turn the tide in Graznits reaches, but now was not the time for these thoughts.
"The only mage I know who regularly travels in a golem is Al Zoon. There's nothing inherently evil about the process, however. Anyone with the right ritual and enough power can do it. But it does draw a lot of attention, and there are consequences-- if we start employing golems, our enemies will too."
Elly's eyes widen, the gears visibly going around in her head. "Al'Zoon? But what would he want with..." She trails off, lost in thought. "A staging ground? The ability to return to a battle over and over until you achieve the outcome you want... Do you think that could be the connection?"
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