The Town that Was

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Listening to Evo explain everything.

"Just picture the act of meeting someone and getting to know them, but in reverse. I hope to be there the day we meet him for the first time. It's not very often you meet someone for the first time after already knowing them for years."

Jinn nudges Calan and whispers "This is why time doesn't exsist"
"Ah. Yes something written would make more sense." She presses her fingertips to her eyelids. "I hate this time nonsense already," she mutters to herself.

She's standing a little straighter than she was a few minutes ago. "I'll check in with my people, get some help looking for those records." She appraises those in the room, a little more serious. "And thank you. All of you. I know this is going to be a team effort, good of the realm and all that... but I haven't forgotten this is my town you're helping." She smiles warmly at them and heads out into the Lux.
Calan gestures goodbye to Ellie. “Good luck”
Evo watches Elli depart with a bit of amusement. "You know," he says when she's out of earshot, "She'll make a fine commander some day."
After a few moments of silence pass Jinn eyes up his other student and coughs gently in his hand.

"Ahem... Don't you have some research to start Calan?"
Calan coughs into his own hand, “it’s already started, I’m already in a library reading an hour from now. You just can’t see it because you’re not there yet.”
Jinn's laugh echos through the office.

"Zorta you are not my friend, you exist in the here and now. The now meaning a library eyeballs deep in some history books."

Jinn then turns to Evo

"I've noticed a large increase of interest pertaining to duel casting, mainly from members of the sanctum. I wanted to float an idea with you before I go speak with the arch mage."
Evo chuckles a bit at Calan's response, and considers Jinn's observation. "I have my own thoughts on the matter; did you wish to discuss in private?"
"I think that would be prudent. No offense Calan, but I do believe we will have to take our leave for this discussion."

*convo taken to pm*
Evo nods and ushers Jinn into his office, closing the door after bidding Calan farewell.
Calan chuckles , “ no I didn’t claim to be zorta, but I am there and you can’t say I’m not. Because you arnt there yet.” Calans raises an eye at the mention of earth magic.
“I feel most sanctum members want to learn a small amount of magic because it’s the difference between life and death in a pinch. In other shards it’s common to duel cast. Had Rohnan been a duel caster neither of us would have circled.” Calan seemingly says to himself as the two vanish off. He feels a little annoyed that they left without letting him speak but such is life. Finding himself finally alone he smiled a dark smile, and left. To research.
Kai gets up, following Calan out of the sanctum. "Would you like help researching? I have some skill at that."
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Calan spoke softly. “It would be rather foolish to say no to a resource, two heads are better than one and all that. Any preference on which library to seed/research in first? I also either have to have a message relayed to Talon and Cameron, I ought to be able to do that from the library.”
"No preference on my part, just point me at the books." As they walk, she reaches into her shoulder bag and pulls out a small mesh bag of beef jerky. She pops a piece in her mouth before handing it over. "Behshides, shom on neeffs auh keef hew fed."
The two exit the sanctum, their voices trailing off.
The door to Evo's office opens and Jinn steps out, turning his head to say something.

"Let me know if you want my presence there when you speak with the arch mage."

Walking around the desk , Jinn looks over all the paperwork and books taking up the entirety of the surface.

"I don't know how he can spend so much time cooped up on that office." Jinn says quietly to himself, stopping for a moment as a realization comes over him. "Do I have an office here? Oh I hope not... it would be mighty dusty by now." His pace quickens as he heads to the main sanctum doors, smiling as the fresh air and sunshine washes over him.

"What trouble can we get up to today I wonder..."
A tired magus emerges from the office, his face clearly marked with the impression of the stack of paper he fell asleep on. "Coffee." He stumbles toward the tavern.
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