Waiting outside the Sanctum

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Elinor is fidgeting. She clutches a small, leather-bound book with both hands, fretting over its corners and its bolted bindings. Surprisingly, she's alone. Her newcomer compatriots aren't in sight.

As people wander by, she asks each quickly, "So sorry, have you seen Calan? No? Oh, well thank you. Seen Calan around? Right, no worries, thanks."

She hums a tune to herself, and snatches are heard occasionally. "... some say she's a three-master square rigger, five hundred tonnes or maybe bigger, with fire in every rope and spar and sail..."


Calan emerges out from the woods spotting Elinor fidgeting about he closes his sketchbook and approaches his new friend. a warm smile crosses his face before he speaks.

"Hello, Elli? isn't it?" Calan sees the leather-bound book in her hands. "what you got there? A collection of the secrets to life perhaps? Calan chuckles to himself. "Honestly though what can I do for you? you look like you are searching for something."
Elly visibly relaxes, grinning. "Finally! You have any idea how long I've been waiting for somebody with one of these to show up?" she asks, gesturing a little energetically with her book.

Suddenly abashed, she lowers the book sheepishly. "Sorry, not to say... I mean, you've got your own - I don't - I know you're busy," she finally gets out. "No secrets to the universe in this thing, yet, but I know if I'm going to move up within the Sanctum, I'm going to need more spells in my book." There's a glint in her eyes. "I saw you and Arlyne and Evo and Jinn during those fights earlier, doing... impossible things! If I'm going to protect my new friends, this place..." She gestures to the impressive building behind her. "... I'm going to need some help. And Evo, Arlyne - they're just so... important? Not to say you're not important! Well. If you're... not busy. I don't want to impose - " She suddenly tucks her book into her cloak. "You know, maybe I'd better go before I eat my entire leg."


Calan laughs a hearty laugh raising his hand up gesturing to stop. " no need to leave or eat your leg." Calan shudders having imagined the human woman ingesting her own leg. "Thanks for that mental image. your assessment was correct. the magi Evo and marshal Arlyne are likely to be busy with preparations for the months to come. I do have a thing or two to look into but nothing that can't wait just a little longer. I would be glad to help you."

Calan pauses and looks the human over. he pulls out his notebook from his satchel.

"how much magic if any do you know already?"
Her palm stops halfway to her forehead, her cheeks flushing a little. "Well. It's... it's not much." She holds open her book where just one page is filled. You recognize the incant for a disarming spell. "It was the only one that came to me. It certainly saved my life and I'm grateful for it, but I was rather hoping there would be other visions..." She shrugs. "Guess I'll have to learn the rest the old-fashioned way."


Calan looks the page over still smiling warmly. running his hand over his book he tosses it onto the ground. he whispers an incant scarcely loud enough for Elinor to hear flicking his hand toward the book he had just tossed. Mana passes out of his fingers toward the book like a shock wave. the pages explode into countless tiny pieces swirling around the pair like a small snowstorm.

" Your spellbook, just like any other weapon can be shattered unless it is enchanted with further magics you shouldn't keep it on you. That's one of the lessons Jinn first taught me when I was in your shoes. oddly enough, that's not the first rule to remember. I don't know that I would be the best person to be your mentor, but until the sanctum assigns you one I would be more than happy to teach you the first couple levels worth of spells. I know all too well what it's like to wish to protect those around you, it is one of the main reasons why I rejoined the guild."

Calan closes his eyes and his smile fades slightly for a quick moment, darkness and the smell of Rohnans flesh burning filled his mind. he quickly opened his eyes again Now forcing his smile to return.

"I will have to go back to Jinns house to retrieve my spellbook, I suggest you find a safe place for your book someplace only you know where it is. do you want to walk with me back there to retrieve it or would you rather meet someplace to begin practicing?"
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Jinn emerges from the Sanctum doors, looking tired. His face brightens seeing his friend speaking with the new human recruit.

"Calan, Elli, how are you two faring on this strangely calm day?"


Calan shakes his head at his mentor. “Are you trying to start some sort of calamity? I can’t speak for Elli, but I’m rather fine I was just reaching her the value of rule number 3? Or was it 4? I know rule 1 is always wear purple, 5 is to duck, whatever” calan gestures at the shattered book. “Don’t carry your spell book with you.”

Calan pauses. As he looks Down the way towards the banners hanging from their veranda.

“I was just about to go grab my spell book so that we could practice the first level or two of spells. “

Calan looks back at Elli with a smile.

“I’ve got a good feeling about this one she reminds me of someone I can’t recall. At any rate I figured you lot are busy and if I ever want to make rank three I should take an interest in those who are just starting.”

Calan claps Jinn on the shoulder.

“How about you Jinn, how are you today? Anything new to research?”
She gives Calan a searching glance, seeing the shadow that crosses his face, then sighs dramatically, gesturing at her black and white outfit. "Well if that's rule number one, I'm failing dismally already." She throws a hand over her forehead. "It's no use, you both should go on without me. What good is a mage if they can't even dress well?

"But honestly, though, what does keep you locked up in there all day, Jinn?"


Calan gave a light-hearted laugh. " as far as rules go, it's not one you really have to worry about if I didn't have a previous predisposition towards purple I likely wouldn't follow the first rule myself. don't be discouraged I think you will make a fine mage."

Calan looks at the mess he's made.

" Good thing there was nothing important in that book, except." Calan makes a clicking noise with his tongue
"I think Jinns rules were in that book. and a bunch of memories I jotted down that didn't belong to me. I'll tell you what wait right here with Jinn Ill return in a few minutes with my book and we can start you on your way to becoming a propper mage."

Calan pauses for a quick moment. and begins untying one of his sashes.

"here if it concerns you so, have this I have a hundred of them."

Calan tosses the purple scarf toward Elli before turning around and making his way toward Jinns house.
Rohnan came upon the group as Elli was asking her question to Jinn.

“Probably looking up information that is equally boring and extremely dangerous.” Rohnan said with a smile to Elli. “Speaking of boring and dangerous,” Rohnan turned to Jinn, “do you happen to know where Magi Evo is? There is something that I need to talk with him about.”
Jinn laughs at Calan's mention of his rules "So first of all, I made most of those up as the days worn on. I find my best teaching are in the spur of the moment, that way they are vital to what is happening right then and there. Or... I have no idea what I am doing and I am making it all up as I go along. But fear not my student, I shall make up another one hundred and five to fill a new book for you, I can see how the loss of my rules pains you so" Jinn waves Calan off. "Nothing new to research yet, but I will let you know if anything comes my way, now go get your book or a new scarf or whatever it was that you need to do."

Jinn turns to address Elli. "Meetings mostly, very boring affairs. That or it is research into whatever problem is assailing us at the time. Not really my kind of party but it is what is expected of one of my ranking. It usually involves a table and a group of short lived races arguing over stupid things"

Jinn sits on the steps leading up to the Sanctum building and pulls out a pipe. Wish a snap of his fingers the pipe is lit, and he puffs on it gently while eyeing up the new recruit.

"From what I hear you are interested in joining the Arcane Sanctum." Jinn pauses and strokes his goatee "You and your friends came at an interesting time, and you never once backed down or showed any fear in the face of most certain danger. I was told how you held your own in the shield wall against the orc encampment, and anyone new to town who ventures into the Dark Reaches to face a mechanical dragon is either very brave or very stupid." Jinn chuckles. "But I am pretty sure it was mainly bravery."

He lets out a thoughtful sigh and continues to smoke his pipe. "A scholar who carries a sword shield is strange, but I was a scholar once, and I can appreciate the safety a strong weapon gives you. The path of the Spellsword may be better suited for you, but only time... *Jinn makes a face like he finds his use of that word funny* will tell. But enough of my rambling! I have to say one thing. I am glad that you wish to join us at The Arcane Sanctum, and will welcome you with open arms. You showed my during the fight with Avantador the most important thing that anyone can ever do, and that is listen to the order to retreat. I myself have a hard time following or giving that order, but the ability to remove ones desires to be a hero, and know when it is time to pack up and go is one of the most important things on the battlefield. Following that order will allow you to live on, learn more, and come back and fight your enemies with renewed vigor and vision."

Jinn knocks his pipe out, stashing it in his bag, and climbs to his feet. He stretches his hand out of Elli. "Unofficially I can greet you, and should you have any quesions or teaching needs please seek me out." He points off to the small house with the purple banners hanging on each side of the door. "That is my abode, you can usually find me, Calan, Ruki, or Mal there. All memebers of the Sanctum, all willing to help!"
Jinn laughs at Rohnan's remark. "Nothing dangerous can be boring my friend, I have proved that time and time again. Magi Evo is just inside, one of the attendants should be able to guide you to him."
Elly nods sagely, a smile twitching at her lips. "Yes, well I'd heard that the Sanctum was rather fond of rules, so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. A hundred and five?" She tuts. "Surely a mage of your stature must have two hundred at least."

She gives her sword a quick swing. "I've become rather fond of the sword, that's true. Perhaps there is something to this spellsword business. Calan is one, isn't he? I do admit the idea of slinging spells through steel is quite attractive."

She peeks through the doorway behind Jinn. "Stars, I've never seen so many books..." Her face tightens a little. "Are there any books on... on dragons in there?"
Jinn smiles and eyes Elli. "I'm sure I have over 200 rules I am supposed to follow but I am willfully ignorant of those. The rules we were speaking of were created for Calan for him to become a better Spellsword. I have one rule for myself, and that it to be happy!"

Jinn smiles as he watches her swing her sword. "Yes he is, along with myself and Marshal Sarryn. Swords are my preferred method for spell delivery, plus I was never one to shy away from the front lines."

Jinn shoves the door open, motioning Elli to follow him inside. "There are more books in dragons then you could ever imagine. We have books about any subject you could ever hope to research, be it for business or pleasure."
Rohnan watched thin interaction and fallowed the two into the sanctum. It was nice to see Jinn in a bit of a good mood and with slightly less stress and worry in his stance than usual.
Elly has to consciously stop herself from rubbing her hands together. "I used to be a scribe's assistant, you know. We used to have a repository of over forty books. Forty! The pride of the hamlet. Never mind the songs and tales and ledgers and maps. But this... this is more knowledge than you could fill a lifetime with. Well, maybe my lifetime anyway." She does a quick scan of the street before following Jinn in. "And thank you, by the way. I certainly wasn't expecting to waltz into town and take on some fire giants, but here we are. I certainly would have been a lot less effective without help," she says, patting her scroll case.
Jinn chuckles. "Ten scrolls in the hands if one person are no where near as valuable as one scroll in every hand of a group of ten. I don't believe in hanging on to something in hopes to use it one day, when that day could be today and you could be the person to use it! Spread the power around and we all stay alive, horde it and you will be counting your treasures alone."
Wrapped in his cloak, gripping coffee and a book with equal affection, Evo observes from his comfortable chair. His eyebrows furrow for a moment. Is he perturbed? Bemused? Or simply annoyed at the interruption?

He waits patiently as the group files in- his eyes soften as he sees Jinn's grin. Evo studies Elly with a measured gaze, but the corners of his eyes crinkle slightly as he nods in her direction.

Finally Evo settles on Rohnan, his head tilting ever so slightly. He sets the book down and takes a long sip.
Rohnan separates herself from the others and heads towards the Magi.

“Magi Evo”, she greets him with a nod and a smile. I was wanting to have a conversation with you. If you have a few minutes to spare. If not I can come back later.” She said cheerfully with a slight nervous tone to her words. She wished that she brought her pole arm with her just for something to do with her hands.
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