Waiting outside the Sanctum

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"Of course," Evo replies as he sets aside his mug. "If you wish privacy, then let's wait until any other business is concluded here; otherwise, you have my attention."
Jinn smiles warmly and nods towards Evo.

"Afternoon Magi, I can see that Rohnan requires your attention so i shall leave you to it. I may come by later to bend your ear about something I've been thinking about. For now I am going to show Elli around, if that is ok of course."

Jinn laughs to himself as he turns without waiting for an answer and motions to Elli towards the first shelf filled with books.
Rohnan listened to Jinn and now had no excuse to delay further. She nodded her head “I’ve been thinking long and hard about this decision. I want you to know that this not a spur of the moment decision but something that I wish to do because I feel that it’s the right decision for not only myself but also with the efforts of everyone else here in the Lux.”

Rohnan took a deep breath before continuing, “What I’m trying to say, is that I wish to become a full ranking member of the Sanctum again. I can’t remember why I originally wanted to join, but everything that has happen this past weekend I can definitely understand why I made that choice. I feel like this is the right path for me.” Rohnan absentmindedly rubbed the mark on her left forearm as she talked.
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Calan wonders to where he had left Jinn and Elli outside of the Sanctum. though nobody was in sight he was glad for the rain that was rolling down his face. it would be slightly harder for others to tell that he had just been crying. Part of him was relieved for having talked with Ruki it was a long time coming, even so, he still scarcely could believe that he had said what he had aloud. Calan tucked his spellbook into his shirt to keep it dry. they hadn't gone home he thought. on a whim, he entered the Sanctum if fortune favoured him he would find them and teach Elli as he said. if fortune didn't and their paths did not cross at the very least he could go look in the library for any information about his mark... and maybe his eyes too. Calan timidly climbs the steps of the building and enters.
"Rohnan, I respect that you've thought about this so deeply."

Evo pauses and considers. "First let me thank you, and welcome you back-- we need you, and I have in my mind roles I hope you will fill. But-- " and a tone of concern enters his voice: "Though I know only a very little about what you and Calan experienced, it is quite apparent that this is something that has changed you, deeply. Is this something that will cause you to hesitate when you need to act, or that will affect your commitment in our war against Al'Zoon? I don't doubt your motivations in the slightest, but I worry that you carry in your heart a great weight."

Evo moderates back to more kindness than concern. "Of course this won't matter greatly today or tomorrow, but if you rise in the Sanctum and your responsibilities increase, I want to make sure we do not place too heavy a burden upon you."
Rohnan’s shoulders slump and her eyes widen for a moment. This is not how she expected this conversation to go. She then straightens and takes a deep breath before responding. “Yes, my experiences have changed me. The problem is that I don’t know the person who I used to be. In many ways we are completely different people. Wouldn’t the same be said about almost anyone if they were being compared to a much younger version of themselves? Either way I can’t just keep chasing the person who I was before. I’m making the decision to rejoin the Sanctum because it’s what I feel is the right one to make for the current me.”

“I’m not running away from this fight. I realized that for myself when we were fighting the mechanical dragon. It would have been so easy to leave and run back to safety, but I couldn’t. And that’s a trait that I know I share with with my younger self.” A flash of a similar burning battle field came across Rohnan’s mind, fighting a different foe, and with Rohnan commanding part of the force, urging them onwards.

Quietly she continued “I don’t know how I might act when some hypothetical situation might come up that may impair my decision making. What I do know is I’ll do everything in my power to see us win this war. Weather or not you deem me worthy of a badge on my chest.” The last bit sounded more angry than Rohnan intended, but anger was so close to the surface for her that it seemed to leak into most of what she did.

With a deep calming breath she re-centred herself. “Until my spirit is too weak for me to continue, I’m not going to stop fighting. Weather it’s against Al’Zoon, or the next evil that takes his place.” With a smile she said, “you’re stuck with me.”
Evo puts on a smile more sad than he had intended, but his eyes are intense and unflinching. "Then I welcome back your passion, your experience, and your commitment, Initiate. Let's find out where the 'current you' will shine brightest."

Evo considers for a moment. "You are a trained ritualist, if i recall. It's less glorious than combat, but currently we need researchers and information gatherers to track down two old and rare rituals. 'Passwall' is used to step through solid objects, and 'Destruction' is a very dangerous ritual which combines the power of Destroy Magic with a very powerful explosion. I'm thinking you might go to the Arcane Sanctum in Calanhelm and speak to Ixit, the master of the library, and search the stacks. If that yields nothing, return to the Lux and I'll send you to the restored Library Annex here and we'll see what the ancients had."

Evo's brow furrows, as if willing the scrolls to appear might help. "Will you do this? What questions do you have for me, or for the sanctum? And importantly, please tell me if I am missing anything."
Elly is clearly trying very hard not to eavesdrop. She is also clearly failing miserably, her hand frozen mid-air reaching for a book that Jinn is handing her.

She tries to shake it off, adding the book to the growing pile in her arms. She whispers quietly to Jinn, "Has Master Evo always been so... so..." She gestures futilely at the Magus's veiled expression. "... so serious? Or is that the way you're supposed to be when you're the Magus?"
Rohnan inwardly grumbled at the term ‘initate’ but said nothing about it. She knew that it was fair and she was just happy to be apart of the Sanctum again. “I can look into those rituals for you. I know how important it is. I was also was hoping to have some time for some personal research but I feel that it’s less urgent. I assume that these are the rituals that we need to close off more of the dark reaches?” Rohnan asked.

She looked down at the mark on her left forearm. Identical to Calan’s, they got them the same way. Rohnan didn’t put too much thought into the mark until Calan had told her what Dam said to him. It was the first time she came concerned at the gift the Lady of Iron bestowed upon them.

Rohnan’s ears caught the whispers behind her and remembered that they weren’t alone.


Calan walks up quiet as a rogue behind all of his companions. He leans in towards Elly and whispers.
“ from what I recall yes and no when it comes to matters of war and anything to do with saving this shard he is serious as a...” calan looked off and upward, the words escaped his mind. “Serious as a hobbling about keeping their gold.”

Calan pulled his spell book out and shook it slightly. Still whispering he continued.

“I can show you more incantations.” With a question in his voice while looking towards Jinn “up to the second circle would probably be good enough. I’d be tempted to give you this spell book, it’s the one Jinn gave me when I was in your shoes, but I fear there are far too many spells in here for you yet. I’ll gladly pay for the inks to let you copy up to the second circle once you have had enough practice. That is if it’s okay.”

Calan glances at Rohnan feeling a little uneasy. Very few people have noticed the mark amongst his tattoos. He wasn’t sure how he felt about someone talking about it now even if it was Rohnan. Most people payed more attention to the tally marks he kept from his encounters with the memory monsters than the mark. He regretted telling anyone what Dam said that night in the reaches, but couldn’t shake the uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach. What if he wondered, what if what he said was true? Calan shook his head as if to clear his thoughts.

“What do you two say?” He asked in hushed tones.
Evo gives no indication of whether or not he hears the hushed voices in the outer room. "They are the keys for sealing off one realm-- that of Theopolee, the Fey Lord of Insects." Evo sighs, "And the sacrifices will keep coming." A wry grin softens his face: "Who knows-- perhaps you can find some answers for your personal research along the way? But we do need those rituals, and the wisdom to use them."

He nods, as if gaining some bit of clarity. "Thank you for taking this up. The work is made easier with more of us! If there's nothing else, please let Jinn know I'm available when he is."
Elly nearly drops her books in surprise. "He is quite serious, then," she chuckles.

She looks torn between the books in her arms and the book in Calan's hand. "Tell you what," she says, setting the books down on a nearby table. "This is all going to take just a few minutes to read. If you don't mind the bother, I'd love your help getting those spells copied before I disappear into these for a while. Unless there's a... I don't know, a special Spell Copy Room or a - a Super Secret Ink Repository, or..." she shrugs lamely.
Jinn has his usual sly smile on his face as he slowly pulls the book further from Elli's hand, as her eyes are locked on the conversation between Evo and Rohnan, though far enough away it is hard to hear. As Jinn watches Calan sneak up he drops a book at the same time as Calan speaks.

"Oh sorry... clumsy me" he says with a laugh. He picks up the book and places it on Elli's pile.

"I have to agree, Magi Evo is quite serious during tones of war or danger. Given the times we live in, he is always that way. At least he has been for the almost three years I have known him."

Jinn watches Rohnan leave the Magi's side, studying her face. She seems angry, but not. 'The talk must have went ok.' He then sees her look down at something, her face changes for a second, a flash of emotion. She looks at Calan, then quickly looks away. Jinn's eyes narrow and he then notices Calan look down as well.

'Interesting' Jinn thinks 'Those two came back with a deeper bond than I have realized. Dying will do that to you.'

Jinn gets up from the table, watching Rohnan from the corners of his eyes. He starts walking towards Magi Evo, speaking to Calan and Elli without looking at them.

"As easy as it would be for you to copy from your book Calan, we should respect the Sanctums rules and wait for Elinor to be assigned a teacher that can do that very thing for her. That way its official."

Jinn gives a nod to Rohnan as he passes her.

"Magi Evo how are you doing, boy you look fantastic today." Jinn says with a grin.


Arlyne briskly walks into the Sanctum and looks around ...'Sure has picked up around here...' she thought, as she manoeuvres around the bustling bodies, as she moves towards Evo's study. She enters the room and sees Rohnan, Calan, Jinn and Ellie all somewhat gathered around Evo's desk.

"Sorry, I should've knocked...am I interrupting?" she asks as she starts to make her back to the door.
Evo raises his head and smiles at the Marshal as she speaks. "I think this is a good time. We are just welcoming Rohnan back to the Sanctum. I have asked her to speak with Ixit in Calanhelm to find the Passwall and Destruction rituals." He stands to greet Arlyne. "There's much to coordinate, I'm afraid."
Rohnan look at Evo, “Thanks for everything. I’ll head to Calenhelm first thing in the morning to start that research.”

She turns to see the very full room behind her and watched as Jinn approached. She couldn’t help but snicker slightly at his remark to Evo.

She found herself being pleasantly surprised when Arylne entered. The two of them hadn’t really talked much after their long conversation about a month ago and Rohnan hoped that the human was doing better.


Calan nods at Jinns words. With a sly smile of his own responds.

“Fair enough, if it’s at all possible. I wouldn’t mind taking that responsibility. That is until she reaches my level. This would be something to talk with Evo about of course. But perhaps I could be her primary teacher for the basics. Then you could cover the advanced stuff. I know teaching and mentoring is something that I need to work on if I myself wish to move any further up in the ranks; which of corse I do. That being said I respect the will and wisdom of those above my own station. “

Calan looks Elly over, “ You really ought to put that sash on. We wouldn’t want you to be failing at rule one.”

Calan throws a smile back towards his mentor. Jinn was more than a mentor though he was more the protective older brother calan thought.


Arlyne lets go of the door handle and makes her way back to the group with a nod and smile.

"That's why I am here. Alot has happened last gathering we need all the help we can get."

She gazes on the small group, and nods to them as well and sees Ellie with a quite a hefty load of books resting on her arms.

"I see you have joined as well, Ellie?" She sees Jinns usual smirk and Arlyne shakes her head with a grin.

She nods to Calan, her grin still there, clutching a spellbook. "Make sure that's safe", she remarks, as she remembers how she lost first book. Silly mistake. Much coin to replace.

Her eyes then moves to Rohnan. She was happy to see her here. After their late night talk, Arlyne has taken her words to heart and and heeded some of her advise. Plus, she has great taste in wine.

"I am very pleased you have decided to come back to the Sanctum. I can help you with the research on those rituals back in Calenhelm; besides, I need to report to Az Caine, and I can assist you with manoeuvring around the libraries there; you won't be able to go far without someone with rank with you. Plus, Ixit is a rather.... interesting character. " She laughs softly to herself and sighs.

She clears her throat and turns her attention to Evo.

"Is there anything else you require while I am over in Calenhelm? Or anyone else?" She gestures to the group.
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Standing at Magi Evo's desk Jinn watches as Marshal Arlyn walks in.

"Greetings and good evening Marshal Arlyn" Jinn says with a nod. "If you require the Magi's attention I can wait. My subject is a but more secretive for now, as it were."

Jinn takes a step back to allow the Marshal to speak.
Elly laughs as she throws the purple sash around her neck with a dramatic flourish. "But of course, I am but a humble servant to the rules," and bows low. She gathers her books again and tries to maneuver out of the others' way. "Sorry to interrupt, Marshal, and yes hopefully I'll read enough of these bricks to earn a proper position here!" She makes her way towards a back room, albeit awkwardly. "Sorry... 'scuse me, pardon - oop, watch your toe... I'll catch you later, Calan, Jinn, Master Evo." She attempts a polite bow in his direction, too, but her burden allows only for the tiniest of head nods. With some visible relief, she reaches the doorway and disappears with her tottering pile of books.
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